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S.C.S Chapter 38: Morgan’s Proposal

“What are you stunned about? Hurry up and give me the money!” Ian urged.

“Oh!” Morgan came to his senses and tried to go through the formalities for Ian.

But at that moment, Morgan suddenly thought of something, stopped and leaned over to Ian and whispered, “Oh! Right, li… little brother, do you know the process of getting a bounty?”

“I don’t know!” Ian shook his head and said, “But isn’t it all handed over to the Marines?

“That’s what it says, but you may not know that the ordinary Branch can’t give such a reward! Our base funding is limited.” Morgan whispered, “Usually when a Pirate Hunter hands over pirates to his nearest marine base, he would only get a seizure certificate, which would indicate who the pirate was and how much his bounty. Then you have to take the proof from a local marine base, and after things are ready, you only need to hold these Certificates and go to the larger marine base to get the bounty.”

“Does it mean that the money of the civilians should be taken from another marine base, I should find a large marine base with sufficient funds?” Ian asked.

“That’s what it means!” Morgan nodded and said, “We have a large base in the East Blue. The nearest one is the marine base in Loguetown. In addition to this, there is a marine base on Mirror Ball Island. But it’s far away. If you want the bounty, you’d better go to Loguetown!”

“Tut!” Ian couldn’t help but grin, this was beyond his expectation. He thought he could get the reward at any marine base.

He knows Loguetown, but where’s this Mirror Ball Island?

To be honest, after a storm of severe tests, Ian found that sailing is really a good thing to do. There are too many experiences at sea. Climate was reason one, food supply, sickness, and so on. And even sea monsters. Don’t forget, there are sea kings in this world. Although most of the sea kings are only in the Calm Belt near the Grand Line, but no one can tell if there will be a sea king swimming In the East Blue. If Ian encountered one, what would he do?

He now understands why there are many isolated islands in this world, because it is too challenging to sail in this world.

Now he heard that he have to sail to Loguetown to receive the bounty, which means that Ian has to go out to the sea again. He couldn’t help but frown.

Morgan saw the complicated look on his face and lowered his voice again. “I have a proposal here. Do you want to hear it?”

“Huh, I’m listening?” Ian looked at him in some surprise.

Ian can’t say that he likes Morgan, but likewise, he doesn’t have any malice toward him. At least in his opinion, this fellow has lead soldiers to resist Buggy’s attack. So he was still a qualified marine. Ian generally does not make any evaluation of the likes and dislikes on qualified people.

As long as he doesn’t violate his own interests.

“Hand me the Buggy Pirates, and I’ll give you the prize directly, without giving you any seizure certificate. Do you accept that?” Morgan asked in a low voice.

Ian immediately understood what he meant. This guy wanted to take the credit for catching Buggy for himself!

Without proof, it means that the arrest of the Buggy Pirates was not caused by a pirate hunter. Ian didn’t stay in the marine base all the time. He had left. But now the marine soldiers in the base were heavily injured or killed, and none of them saw this scene. Morgan can fully say that this pirate group was knocked down and caught by him.

If Ian agrees to the deal, Morgan can use all the remaining funds in the base to pay Ian the reward.

As for the fact that somebody will notice that the funds have disappeared, Morgan could blame that on Buggy’s pirates and say that the pirates have taken the money in disordered time, to even report the loss of the funds directly to the superiors, and then for the operation of the base, the superiors will re-approve the funds to them.

This guy had a good idea to play. Is that all he can do to get a promotion?

Ian could imagine that if he hadn’t shown his incredible abilities when he was “fighting” Buggy and frightened him, Morgan might even have been greedy for his own merits and would not have given himself any money.

At the thought of this, Ian could not help narrowing his eyes, lowering his head and pretending to think about it, so that Morgan could not find the killing intent in his eyes.

He hates this kind of people because he feels like he’s being used.

But on second thought, what was the reason for catching Buggy? Isn’t it just for money?

Although the first ten consecutive draws have been completed, what was Ian’s purpose in going out to sea? He wanted to find a way to cure Kuina and to find a Devil Fruit for her to make up for her loss of strength over the years of coma.

But how would he get a Devil Fruit? Apart from getting it by luck on the Grand Line, he could only buy one that he won’t know its effect. The price of one on the black market is 100 million Berries, and that’s the price of when red-haired Shanks was on Roger’s boat at that time, that’s almost 20 years ago. He was afraid it’s more than that now.

So Ian needs a lot of money. That’s why he decided to be a pirate hunter when he went out to sea. Ian still thinks that pirate hunters are more reliable than when pirates rob everywhere.

Of course, there was another way, that is, the World Government, it seems that there are more and more pirates with the power of Devil Fruits, so now even the World Government and Marines are consciously controlling and collecting the Devil Fruits. They certainly have it in their hands. As long as Ian can join the Marines and make great contributions, maybe he can ask for a Devil fruit as a reward?

There are many ways, but it has to be done step by step.

Thinking of this, Ian made a decision, raised a finger to Morgan and said, “Ten million! Buggy’s bounty is seven million Berries. If you add three million to make up ten million Berries for me, then we’ll have a deal, and you’ll get the credit. Less than that, the deal is denied! “

In fact, Ian wants to get 15 million Berries, which is the bounty of Buggy in his impression. But he estimates that the 153rd Branch doesn’t have that much money, so he shouted 10 million! If Morgan accepts that, then everyone will be thrilled. Not only he would have 3 million Berries more, but he also doesn’t have to go to Loguetown.

However, Morgan was in a dilemma. The reason why he thought about making a private deal with Ian was that he remembered that there were just seven million Berries left in the base, which was the fund of the base for the second half of the year. He had already suppressed the fear in his heart to venture out a deal with Ian. How could he think that Ian would add three million when he opened his mouth? He really had no choice.

“I can’t get it!” Morgan was frustrated.

“There is no deal then! You’d better prove the certificate to me!” It doesn’t matter what Ian’s reputation is. But if he can only get the same price, then Ian will surely have to choose to take both the fame and the money. The merits of capturing Buggy Pirates could make his reputation as a pirate Hunter rise faster and threaten some small pirates. There are still some benefits.

As for selling Buggy to Morgan, Ian never thought about it, a young marine lieutenant in an ordinary branch of the East Blue, even if he had ambitions to be in power, but what of it for Ian?

Having got the certificate, Ian looked at the amount on it and hid the paper. He waved his hand to Morgan and said, “Okay, these guys are handed over to you. I’m leaving!”

After that, Ian walked out of the base, Morgan looked at his back, and his eyes were full of haze. The failure of this transaction made him aware of the importance of power, if he was the Captain of the base, why would he bother secretly sneaking and discussing with Ian? Let’s just say that, 10 million would be alright to him, as long as it doesn’t exceed the one-year funding of the 153rd base, he can get as much money as he can…


As he walked through the door, Ian saw Koby, who had been hiding, and waved to him.

At this time, Koby’s face was so excited. Although he did not follow Ian inside because of fear, he was lying at the window watching the scene of Ian’s majesty. So when he saw Ian, he immediately rushed to Ian with excitement, holding his fists and his eyes were glowing wide open. “Brother Ian, you…You… You’re too powerful!”

He said incoherently, “Just now you pointed with that flaming sword, and those ferocious pirates tied themselves up obediently! God, when can I be like you, just by opening my mouth, I can deter those pirates! “

Koby’s eyes were full of adoration for Ian. He had completely replaced himself with Ian’s role and fantasized that he could do it once and that he would be too imposing.

Ian smiled, touched the little man’s pink hair and said, (TL.N: You used to hate that Ian, now you are doing it to others)(E.N: What can he do? it’s a basic instinct to do that to a kid) “That’s nothing. Don’t you want to be a marine in the future? As long as you can be an Admiral in the marines, you can do the same.”

“Really? I… I can be a Marine Admiral!?” Koby asked incredulously.

“One day, as long as you don’t give up!” Ian smiled and said: “But if one day you really become a marine, then remember to be an upright marine, don’t be like that fellow inside…”

‘Who was the guy inside?’ Koby didn’t know. He couldn’t hear the conversation between Ian and Morgan, so he nodded his head as if he understands.

Ian said this to Koby because after talking with Morgan, he thought it would be easier for him to be respected as an upright man. There were good men in the pirates. Similarly, there would be scums in the marines. Morgan was not a principled man, so Ian did not respect him at all, even if he was a lieutenant. People will not easily respect him, knowing that he wanted to get his credit for a promotion, so Ian didn’t want to help him even if he had to travel along way to get the bounty of Buggy.

On the other hand, Koby, although he was timid and weak, but he was kind-hearted, Ian didn’t want to see him lose this nature in the future, so he gave him a piece of advice, hoping that he would become a respected person in the future.



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