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S.C.S Chapter 39: Gotta catch them

Next, Ian intended to leave Shells town and go to Loguetown to collect his reward.

When he heard that Ian was leaving, Koby was a bit sad and said to Ian: “Can’t you stay for a few more days?”

When he saw Ian shaking his head, Koby gritted his teeth and suddenly said, “Brother Ian, why don’t you take me with you? I will be a pirate hunter!”

“No!” Ian laughed and said, “You’re too young. I don’t want to take you as a liability. Besides, don’t you want to be a marine?”

In the end, Ian did not agree to let Koby follow him.

Although Koby was indeed a good partner if he goes with him to the sea, this kid has mastered a lot of sailing knowledge in order to be a marine in the future. He is a qualified navigator. If he went with him, Ian’s navigation would be a bit guaranteed. But as Ian said, Koby is too young, and he couldn’t even defend himself. It wasn’t a good idea to take him.

In the end, Koby had to stop arguing and help Ian prepare some stuff for his voyage to Loguetown.

It seems that Morgan has announced the news of capturing the Buggy Pirates. The residents of Shells town were gradually returning to their normal lives, but most of the houses in the city have been destroyed by special Buggy shells, so many people were busy rebuilding their homes.

People in this world seem to have been accustomed to this kind of situation being attacked by pirates. The advent of the new great era sounds quite sensational. But in fact, the victims are still the civilians. Perhaps many of the pirates who emerge may really pursue their desire for freedom, but more just went out for looting. From this point of view, the existence of the marine is meaningful.

Led by Koby, Ian found a restaurant whose place was still in good condition. He took the remaining 20,000 Berries, went to the owner to buy some food, rum, and beer, and then purchased a small amount of medicine. In just a few minutes, he spent all his money.

According to Koby, the type of drinks that Ian ordered can’t be kept on the ship for a long time, maybe in a few days it would spoil, but the Sake (wine) is different and can be kept for a long time. It’s a necessary thing for a long voyage. Although for Ian, the taste of these rums and beer is quite bad, who used to drinking liquor in his previous life, it’s cheaper and more plentiful.

“Brother Ian, this is my favorite fishing rod. I am giving it to you!” Finally, Koby took a fishing rod and handed it to Ian. “At the sea, a fishing rod can play a very important role.” (TL.N: Believe me, Koby, he knows that very well!! XD)

Ian did not refuse. He took the fishing rod and put it in his back. Suddenly, he was stunned. He slapped his head repeatedly and said, “Right, where’s the ship of Buggy?”

He just completely forgot that when Buggy brought the money to redeem Cabaji, he ordered his men to get it from the ship. That is to say, Buggy’s wealth might have been placed on his boat. Now all the members of the Buggy Pirate Regiment who landed on the shore have been captured. The pirates remained on the ship might not receive the news. If it were still there, Buggy’s treasures would be his own!

So Ian rushed to the dock. Koby didn’t understand him, so he followed him.

When they arrived at the shore, they found that the Big Top had disappeared. It was estimated that the remaining pirates on board had left when they got the news and fled, which made Ian stamp his feet with regret: “Come on! My money! It’s all gone! “

He has completely regarded the treasures of Buggy’s ship as his own…

“Damn it! I’m going to see if I can catch up with that boat!” Ian could only comfort himself by throwing his purchases into his boat, jumping on and waving to Koby, “Goodbye!”

After that, he straightly paddled and left Shells town. This style of talking and moving was simply chic and confusing that Koby didn’t even come back to his senses. He had already drawn out a long way….


Ian left. What he didn’t know was that the impact he had caused in Shells town had not yet been eliminated.

The attack on the 153rd branch by the Buggy Pirates was reported by Morgan and Rokkaku. While waiting for the future handover of Buggy, the marines there must only keep the Buggy Pirates in prison at the base.

However, it was unexpected that two days later, the Buggy Pirates escaped from prison easily because, without the Sea Stone handcuffs, an ordinary rope can’t hold Buggy. He is a Devil Fruit user, his Bara Bara fruit helped him a lot in escaping the prison, casually breaking out and being free, not only untying his own ropes, but it also enabled him to steal the keys quietly. Then the pirates on the fleeing ship Big Top answered and arrived, and Buggy escaped without much effort.

When Ian handed Buggy over to Morgan, he guessed that Buggy might escape from prison, but he didn’t expect him to move so fast.

In fact, Buggy was just worried about Garp’s arrival, they won’t be able to escape then…

This time, without Ian’s help, no one in the entire base could stop them. Colonel Rokkaku fainted again. The old man’s blood pressure was high, and he could not stand a stimulation of this kind. There were too many wounded soldiers in the base and not enough marines to stop them. So the superiors were informed about the story after the incident and did not blame them. Instead, they promoted Morgan to Base Commander. It was a blessing in disguise and an unexpected pleasure.

At present, in the 153rd branch, besides Rokkaku, he has the highest rank, but he still has some regrets. The Buggy Pirates were caught by a pirate hunter, he only assisted. Morgan didn’t dare to lie on this point. Truthfully, if he had made a deal with Ian at that time, and had the merit of capturing the Buggy Pirates monopolized to himself, maybe this time he would have been able to directly promoted to a Captain.

Now, he still needs a few years of qualifications to be able to take over Captain Rokkaku…

In view of the attack on Shells Town and the escape, the marine headquarters raised its threat assessment of the Buggy Pirates and redefined Buggy’s bounty, which rose to 15 million Berries, becoming one of the few big pirates in the East Blue who had more than ten million bounties.

Due to the absence of support from the 16th branch, the Captain of the branch who had gone to the sea restaurant for a vacation was demoted and transferred, and Nezumi became the head of the 16th branch.

At the same time, the marine headquarters also realized that it was not possible for the ordinary marines in the East blue to have no master. Although Garp was in there, he was a vice admiral and could not stay in such a small place at the East Blue all the time. So the marine headquarters made a decision to send Commodore the White Hunter Smoker, who is directly affiliated to the marine headquarters, to the marine base in Loguetown to stay in the East Blue to deter pirates…

In this incident, Ian, the pirate hunter, also entered the marines’ sight. Because Morgan’s report did not include a picture of Ian, the marine headquarters did not know what that pirate Hunter looked like. It was only heard that his fists and his long sword were blazing with flames. So Ian, the pirate hunter, had a formal title and code name in the marine headquarters.

Fire Blade Ian!

For pirate hunters, the marines were supportive and considered them a complement to the marines’ righteous forces. Although for those who believe in absolute justice, such as “Red Dog” Sakazuki (Aka Akainu), pirate hunters and bounty hunters are the same, they are hyenas chasing bounty, which is disdainful, it does not hinder the Marines’ overall attitude.

Of course, the current Ian can’t enter the sight of the marine headquarters. They just made a filing of Ian in the intelligence department, and then left it aside.

The same was true for the people of Shells Town, but the version they heard was somewhat different. With the help of a pirate hunter named Fire Blade Ian, Commander Morgan captured the vicious Buggy pirates, who escaped from prison because of a shortage of soldiers, and this did not prevent the people of Shells Town from admiring Morgan.

Unlike the report to his superiors, when talking to the inhabitants of Shells Town, Morgan cleverly adjusted the story and his relationship with Ian, making him look like he was his subordinate…

Only Koby was the one, who knows the truth and tries to argue for Ian, but he has always been coward and timid, and he was destined to say that not many people really listen to him. In this countless worship, the prestige of Morgan soared, and his authority on the marine base increases day by day…

These are all later remarks. Ian, who has re-entered the sea, has been searching for the ship of Buggy’s Pirates in the offshore area for some time. After that, he has to confirm with regret that the ship really escaped.

Ian regretted that he had wasted the opportunity of getting Buggy’s treasure and grabbed his hair so hard. If he had thought of coming earlier, he might have succeeded.

It’s no use regretting now. Ian drifted on the sea and headed toward Loguetown’s location. He let the sea breeze blow his sails away while he continued to practice his swordsmanship on the boat.

After the routine exercise was completed, Ian calmed down and began to think about new tactics.

Now with Hiei’s card, and seeing the high-speed bonus, Ian had some new ideas.

Can he combine a flash skill with a swift strike to achieve an attack of seven chops flash?

Or, can he use the Sword of the Darkness Flame and one of the flashes at the same time? In that case, the destructive power would be much higher, wouldn’t it?

Even when he thought about it, Ian felt that it was possible to combine even three skills, a Flash, seven quick chops and the Sword of the Darkness Flame in one attack!

If he could do this, Ian can be called a mighty swordsman.

After all, these cards’ skills were given by the system, and what Ian wants now was to turn these skills into his own! He still doesn’t know if he can do it, but he always has to try it before he confirms!



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