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S.C.S Chapter 40: Sea King

For the next two days, Ian was on board, testing his theories.

At the beginning, Ian found that it was no problem to chop out seven swings in an instant by using the Flash ability, because the number of chops depended only on the speed of Ian, but when Ian wanted to use the Sword of the Darkness Flame at the same time in a flash, he encountered frequent failures.

He had thought that the two skills could not be fused, but by the time he learned it carefully, he found that it was because of his Nen.

The flashes skills of Samanosuke Akechi’s card distribute the Nen on the legs, arms, and the sword’s blade. The purpose of providing the legs with the Nen is to move quickly in that instant, In order to swing the blade faster and more forcefully, the Nen runs on both arms, and enchanting the sword with the Nen increasing its destructive power. When using the flash alone, Ian can normally achieve this distribution effect.

However, when he wanted to use the Sword of the Darkness Flame in combination with the flash, it was different.

The skill of the Darkness Flame is to provide almost all the Nen to the blade. No, to be exact, it is encircling around the edge of the sword! There is still a silk distance from the blade.

The reason why this happens is that the Sword of the Darkness Flame has the intention of maintaining the flame, forming a high-temperature flame on the periphery of the blade. This high-temperature flame blade is sharper than the weapon itself. When cutting objects, it is totally melted and cut by high temperature. In other words, it is very like a flame cutter.

In this way, the two skills of the Sword of the Darkness Flame and the True Flash formed a kind of conflict because the Nen is used at the same moment to enchant the sword.

Ian wanted to try to get rid of the part of the flash skill that provides the blade with the Nen and maintains the Darkness Flame on the edge of the blade alone, but when he tried to do so, he found it quite difficult!

It’s not impossible, but it is very difficult to do. Ian could almost control the output value of the Nen freely. He could use it flexibly. But when he wanted to change these two skills a little, he found that the Nen worked very obscurely at this moment! This attempt to change has resulted in an unknown increase in the consumption of his own mental energy.

After only one experiment, Ian felt that his Nen was almost completely emptied, and his headache, which had not been seen for a long time, appeared again.

When Ian looked at his own attributes in his mind, he found that his Nen was consumed and he only has two points left!

‘What the f*ck! More than a hundred Nen was consumed at one time!?’ Ian himself was shocked.

Although the proficiency of intermediate Nen skills has also increased a little, Ian still feels that it is not worth it. After sitting down and thinking carefully, he comes to the conclusion that this kind of integration is not impossible to change skills, but limited by his own basic skills! Yes, it’s limited to his ability to practice skills.

Perhaps this consumption will be reduced by the time the practice of Nen’s skills rises to the advanced level? At that time, it is estimated that the use of Nen will be much less obscure.

Thinking of this, Ian can only temporarily put aside the intention of self-created skills, he now wants to try, he could only wait for the Nen to recover slowly.

From the food he bought, Ian took out an apple and bit it in his mouth, lay back on the boat, and looked at the system in his mind.

There are other limitations to this kind of skill that Ian tried to create. Otherwise, Ian can think of now that when Samanosuke Akechi’s card or Hiei’s card are discarded at will, the skills created by him may not work. After all, Ian’s so-called self-created skills are based on these two cards.

Replacing Hiei’s card with Yukina’s card, Ian tried to imitate the skill of the Sword of the Darkness Flame with the last two points. Indeed, his Nen could not form a flame reaction even if it was attached to the outside of the blade.

This was the reason why there is no bonus effect after removing the card. Ian wasn’t surprised. That’s what he expected.

Looking at the treatment skill of Yukina’s card, Ian had thought about whether he could use her treatment skill to treat Kuina when he first drew it, but then he remembered what Ivankov said, ordinary treatment is useless to Kuina’s case, because she has no injuries, her injuries were entirely in the field of consciousness.

Even if the equipment of Yukina’s Card can heal with the Nen, it can’t touch the realm of consciousness, can it?

What kind of stimulation does Kuina need to wake her up? Ian felt a little sad, and the more he thought about it, the more upset he was. He re-equipped the Hiei’s card, retreated from the system interface, got up and pulled out a book from the package, and then laid back.

This book was given to him by Koby when he was leaving. Because Koby perceived Ian’s lack of navigational knowledge, he gave it to him specially. The title of the book is very interesting. It’s called “Three Thousand Questions on Navigation.”

However, the contents of the book are very good. It lists a lot of common sense issues that should be paid attention to when navigating, such as why to wash the deck frequently, what signs are there when the sea storm is approaching, and so on. At the beginning of the book, Ian was enjoying reading it, but after all, he had not read such a textbook for so many years, and gradually began to feel sleepy.

Although the afternoon sun was hot, the sea breeze was blowing, and it was very comfortable. In this pleasant environment, Ian fell asleep quickly, the book covered his face, and every time he snores, the book trembled slightly.

If Koby was there, he’d admire Ian: If a man dares to sail so carelessly that he sleeps without anchoring, he won’t be afraid of the wind changing, and will he get lost again?

Maybe Ian should be unlucky. Shortly after sleeping, a huge dark shadow appeared under him in the sea.

The size of the shadow was as large as that of a naval warship, which can be said to be dozens of times larger than Ian’s boat. The shadow drifts downstream, disappears, and reappears. If experienced people see this scene, they will immediately understand that it is a sign that the fierce predatory sea beast in the sea is preparing to hunt.

As for the target of hunting, of course, it is Ian’s boat above the sea. This kind of sea beast that attacked human beings is quite clear. The small boat usually has someone on it, and it’s a good kind of food.

Ian, who was still sleeping soundly, had no idea what was happening under him.

When the beast beneath began to advance toward Ian’s boat, the rapid movement triggered waves on the sea, and Ian awoke from the vibration.

But before he understood what had happened, he saw the sea suddenly bulge, and then a huge, toothed mouth burst out of the water and bit the bow of the ship!

With a bang, the boat, which was still a solid boat, suddenly turned into flying sawdust under this bite.

Ian just woke up and saw this scene. He couldn’t help but be shocked, he was so confused and did not know what was going on.

It wasn’t until the beast that attacked Ian’s boat came out of the water that Ian saw what it really looked like. It was a hundred-meter-long creature that looked like a sea snake or an electric eel, but its head looked like a crocodile, a big mouth full of sharp teeth, a long fin on its back, and its body was bigger than Ian’s boat.

This turned out to be a sea beast called the king!

Yeah, the same variety as the Sea king who bit off Shanks’ arm, this huge sea beast with a crocodile-like head and a sea snake-like body is famous for its ferocity in the East Blue. They were perched in the offshore area of the island, attacking fishermen and traveler boats. Once ordinary people encounter them, they won’t have another way but to wait for their death.

On the book that Koby gave to Ian, there was an introduction to the king. It is worth noting that such a fierce sea king is only classified as a sea beast, not a sea king…

Even if it wasn’t from the sea king category, there are extraordinary, large, and giant. Ian came to this world for a long time, it is really the first time that he saw such a large sea beast, he didn’t know how big the real Sea King will be.

A bite broke the bow of the boat but did not get its prey. The body of the sea beast, with a huge splash of water in the air, made an arc and fell back into the sea.

It misjudged thinking that it was a fishing boat. Generally, fishermen cast nets at the bow or stern of the boat when fishing. It attacked the vessel many times. So this time, according to past experience, it did not attack the hull directly. But who thought that Ian, who was laying on the fishing boat this time, was sleeping in the middle of the hull, so the beast didn’t get him from the first attack.

After processing for a couple of seconds, Ian burst in fear.

Then there was anger because he saw his boat begun to enter the water! The sea King has broken his bow, which meant that the boat had been scrapped. Even Ian knew what does a scrapped boat means on the vast sea.

Ian saw his boat sinking, so he picked up the food package and rescued a bucket of rum on his shoulder.

At the same time, the sea beast has once again emerged from the water. The sea serpent’s body twisted into several circles. A carnivorous creature stared at Ian on the ship with fierce vertical pupils. The next second time, the beast opened its big mouth and rushed toward Ian.

Ian stepped on the boat, gnashing his teeth, and jumped in the air to avoid the attack of the sea beast. Its big mouth directly bit the boat of Ian and turned it into a pile of debris.

“You bloody beast! you thought I was your meal!?”

Ian felt that his lungs were all inflated. At the same time as the fall, his wrist turned over and pulled out the long sword behind him. With a cold light flash, he severely chopped off the neck of the sea beast.


A terrible roar came out from the mouth of the Sea King and rang through the nearby waters. It never expected that the predator would encounter stubble this time.

A fine cutting mark appeared on its neck, which penetrated the entire neck. With its roar, the sword mark burst into blood all around and rushed out for a long time. By the time, the body of the sea King crashed into the sea, its head and body had been completely separated.

Even if he didn’t use his skills, Ian killed it with a single blow!

Turning from the midair, Ian stood on the body of the beast, the boat has sunk, and this was the only place where he could land.

The beast that was killed didn’t sink, and Ian didn’t know why. It was estimated that Ian killed him so fast that there was air left in his alveoli or sputum. Nearly 100 meters of a beast’s body became a temporary floating island.

Ian felt that he was going to die. What can he do now?