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S.C.S Chapter 41: Rescued

Ian once suspected that he was cursed because he did not worship God when he went to the sea.

As soon as he went out to the sea, he encountered a storm, and then encountered pirates who had stolen his stuff when he was fishing in the sea. Now he was sleeping on the boat, and a sea beast attacked him and sunk his boat. Is there anyone in this world who is More unlucky than him?

Sighing, looking at the dead body of the sea beast at his feet, the blood flowing from the corpse has dyed a large area of the nearby sea a bloody red. The strong smell of blood has attracted many swimming sharks, but it may be because of the power brought by the size of the sea beast. These sharks didn’t dare to approach.

But this was only a temporary matter. When they find out that the sea beast has died, the sharks who were no longer afraid will go in a flock to bite its flesh.

Looking at the sharks that were not far away, Ian knew that time was running out. If the sea beast were eaten by the sharks and leaves only the skeleton, he would lose his only floating place. Once it fell into the sea, then he definitely has to fight with these sharks.

But then again, is the body of a sea beast so big?

Nearly 100 meters was just an estimated number, it may not be so long, but looking at it, there were certainly dozens of meters, this guy won’t be a variant, right?

Shaking his head, Ian didn’t want that to happen. He stood up and looked around the sea, expecting to see a ship or something to save him.

‘You don’t say’ When he looked, he actually discovered a thing! He saw a mast on the sea level far ahead.

Since the planet is round, it is common to see the approaching vessel on the surface of the sea, first witnessing the mast, and then the hull. Looking at this situation, it means that the other side was still far away, the distance between them has already appeared.

But seeing a ship was a good thing. Ian quickly rummaged through his package. He remembered that when Koby purchased it for him, he seemed to have bought several signal flares.

In this world, the occurrence of a shipwreck is a normal thing, so people who go out to sea will prepare a few flares for the rescue so that when they are in danger, they can mark their location and let people come to rescue them. Signal flares are a form of basic necessities.

Of course, these signal flares are actually a kind of fireworks, which was also made with gunpowder. Once it gets wet, it can’t be used. At that time, the victims can only think of other ways to ask for rescue, such as raising a campfire and making rescue smoke.

Ian turned to find the signal flares and found that it was not wet. He could not help holding it and kissing it. He thought that Koby was fascinating, thanks to him for assisting Ian by thinking and preparing these things for him.

The signal flares do not require a special ignition tool, just pull out the lid and the gunpowder inside will be ignited.

There were muffled sound and a force coming. The signal flares flew into the sky, leaving a straight red smoke in the air. Even if it was blown by the wind, it would not disperse for a long time.

Thank goodness! Thanks to this world and technology!

After sending out the signal, Ian could only hope that the ship could see it and come to rescue him, but when Ian looked again, he found that there was not only one ship in the distance but three in all. The other two seemed to be lagging behind, so he did not see them just now.

Far away, Ian could not see what the three ships looked like, let alone their flag was on the mast, so he did not know what kind of ships they were. If they were merchant ships, they would usually rescue him when they saw the distress signal. He was somewhat worried about encountering another pirate ship.

It’s not that Ian was afraid of meeting pirates. In fact, it would be great if he met pirates. The reason why he was worried about was that he was afraid that the pirates would not save him and that they would terribly ignore his signals.

While looking ahead, Ian suddenly heard the sound of waves coming from around him. Looking down, he found that the sharks had begun tearing up around the body of the sea beast. Besides sharks, there were other fierce predators, who were fighting desperately for the meat of the beast, stirring up a wave rolling over the surface of the sea.

If this goes on, even if the body of the sea beast is twice as big, it will soon be eaten. So Ian can only save himself. He knelt down and tried to get close to the sea. When he saw a shark coming to bite him, he cut it down and killed it. In a few minutes, he has killed several sharks.

Although this amount has dropped many of the attacking sharks, it can also slow down the speed at which the corpse of the sea beast is being eaten. Ian now only hopes that the three ships will see the distress signals as soon as possible.

He didn’t know how long it would take them. Even Ian himself didn’t know how many sharks he had already killed. To his surprise, the blood from the killed sharks made the sea more bloody. More and more carnivorous creatures were also increasingly coming. The body of the sea beast would soon be eaten away.

During this period, he was too busy to look up and see the three ships again, but Ian could not have the time to pay attention to it. He could not let these predatory fish eat any of the meat. He could only kill as many fish as he can to gain more time.

Losing a lot of flesh and blood, the sea beast’s body has sunk a little. Ian could reach the surface without kneeling down now. Maybe in a few minutes, he will have to accept the fact that he would fall into the sea.

At that moment, however, Ian suddenly heard several whoosh noises.

The sound was familiar to Ian, knowing that it was the whistling sound of the shell flying through the air.

But it seems that there was no sound of cannon firing!

He just raised his head in confusion, and several shells landed on the sea near him and exploded. As soon as the huge waves struck, the original frenzied sharks under the sea were immediately frightened, and with a wag of their tails, they dived.

These shells landed fairly precisely where the most densely packed areas of sharks were, so the effect was astonishing, and the number of prey in the sea soon dropped by more than half.

Then, Ian saw the three ships that had arrived not far away… the big ship!

It’s really a big ship. It’s quite big! And not only the big ship, the blue-and-white painting, but also the seagull pattern on the bulging sail, all of which means that these ships are three high-level warships from the marines!

Ian was somewhat dismayed. He thought that the three ships were merchant ships, cruise ships and possibly pirate ships, but he didn’t think that they were marines’ warships.

So he watched with amazement as one of the warships approached him, A man standing on the side of the ship, wearing a white coat and a tiger’s hat, look at him with a cannonball in his hand.

Another marine in a coat, holding a sword and wearing a hat, dressed like a secret agent, appeared on the side of the ship and asked Ian coldly, “Did you just send a distress signal?”

“Oh, yes!” Ian responded. “Who else do you see here besides me?”

“Who are you?” A pirate?” The Spy-like marine looked at Ian’s costume and saw that he held a long sword in one hand and a package in his other hand, and there was a barrel of wine under his arm. He did not look like an ordinary traveler or fisherman at all, so the spy marine could not help but consciously clenched the weapons in his hand, and draw his sword.

“No!” Ian shook his head, not to mention that he was not a pirate. Even if he was, he would not be foolish enough to admit that he was a pirate in front of the marines.

So he quickly identified himself and said, “I’m a pirate hunter!”

It can be seen that the marine soldiers relaxed their vigilance when they heard the words “pirate hunter,” but the gun in their hands still pointed at him, and at first glance, he knew that they were well-trained elite marines.

Looking at the size of the marine ships, Ian knew that the origin of this group of marines was not simple. If there were such a group of soldiers in the 153rd branch of Shells town, how could Buggy fight inside the base?

The spy marine still had doubts about Ian’s answer. He also knew that no one in the marines dared to admit that he was a pirate, but before he could say anything, a burst of bold laughter came from the ship behind.

“Bwahahahaha! Don’t be so nervous, Bogard. Even if he was a real pirate, would you still be afraid? Let him come aboard!”

Colonel Bogard did not say anything when he heard this voice. With a wave of his hand, a small boat was lowered on the marine ship. Several marine soldiers rowed oars, and their guns were locked at Ian’s position. Ian sighed relieved. When the boat approached, he jumped into the boat with great strength under his feet.

Several soldiers with guns stared at him closely, and the boat sailed toward the warship. When it reached the side of the ship, Ian climbed up the rope ladder.

As soon as Ian got on the deck, he could not help sitting on the deck.

The feeling of being down-to-earth was so good. When he was on the corpse of the sea beast, the sense of floating up and down made him faint.

“Bwahahahaha! What a big beast, boy! Did you kill it?”

The previous voice sounded again, and then a figure fell in front of Ian!

Ian looked up and almost bit his tongue the next second because the man who jumped from the boat behind and landed in front of him was none other than Garp! Luffy’s grandfather!

Vice Admiral of the marines, Iron Fist Garp!!

So Ian suddenly remembered that at the base of the 153rd branch, Morgan had said that Garp would come!

At that time, Ian thought he was just trying to frighten Buggy, but it was true!

Ian was heading to Loguetown, but Garp was coming from Loguetown. It’s not surprising that they will meet as long as they don’t deviate from the route.