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S.C.S Chapter 42: Old man with off the line character

Garp, who appeared in front of Ian, put his hands on his trouser pockets and a marine coat was fluttering behind his back. It seems that this officer of the marine headquarters with high rank likes to wear the coat as a cape. When the sea breeze blows, the hanging clothes and sleeves flutter with the wind, which was very sensational.

Garp wears his iconic dog’s mask on his head, under which a few strands of messy grey-white hair appeared. There was a scar in the corner of his left eyebrow, but the whole man did not look vicious. He grinned, and his teeth sparkled. Although he was standing in front of Ian, his eyes looked at the sea beast in the water not far away. He said, “This seems to be a sea beast that only appears in the East Blue, I don’t know how it tastes?”

Having said that, he suddenly punched his left palm with his right fist and said to Ian, “Shall we have a barbecue party?”

“…” Ian was still shocked by his appearance. Suddenly, when he heard this sentence, he didn’t know how to react.

Colonel Bogard next to him also had a helpless face: “Vice Admiral Garp, please be decent!”

“Wahahahaha, it’s a joke, it’s a joke!” Garp touched his head and laughed loudly. “It looks like this guy has no meat to eat…”

‘No! That wasn’t a joke!’ Ian silently thought.

Garp then asked Ian with a serious expression, “Kid, who are you? What’s your name?”

“I’m Ian, a pirate hunter!” Ian said, “Thank you for saving me!”

Now he knows why he only heard the sound of cannonballs flying before but didn’t hear the sound of cannons firing. It was definitely because of this old man, the monster Garp. His way of throwing cannonballs by hand was not a thing that anyone can do except him.

“You went out to the sea alone?” Garp asked curiously, “How did you meet this guy?”

This guy naturally refers to the sea beast. Ian felt helpless after listening to it. He didn’t want to, so he had to tell Garp what had happened.

As a result, when the old man listened, he burst into laughter and tears came out of his eyes.

Colonel Bogard covered his forehead: “Vice Admiral Garp, please be decent!”

After Garp had laughed enough, he patted Ian on the shoulder and said, “Boy, you look down on the sea too much. The East Blue is difficult enough. If you go to the Grand Line, you will find there worse creatures, the sea is very harsh to mankind!”

“So…” Garp said to Ian, “Come and be a marine!”

“…” Ian did not know how to complain, ‘the sea was very harsh to humans.’ How is that related to joining the marines?!!

It’s a tough way to poach someone?!

Colonel Bogard continued to cover his face beside him: “Vice Admiral Garp, please be decent!”

“Puff! What does a man do when he goes to sea improperly besides of being a marine?” Garp glared at Bogard.

“Yes, yes!” Bogard reluctantly gave up and argued with him.

Ian was able to see Garp’s character. As it is rumored, it is difficult for normal people to keep up with his thinking.

Shaking his head, Ian said, “I need money, so I can only be a pirate hunter for the time being!”

“What do you want money for, boy?” Garp asked curiously, “Being a marine also give you a salary!”

“I need billions of Berries at least. Can a marine soldier earn that in a few years?” Ian asked back with his hands stretched out.

Garp’s eyes almost came out: “Why do you want so much money?”

“Save people, buy Devil Fruits!” Ian thought about it and said half the truth. In fact, he also knew that it was unreasonable to buy Devil Fruits on the black market, but this excuse was very good. After all, his system consumed a lot of money and could be covered up by this excuse.

When Garp heard this, he asked Bogard, “Do pirate hunters make a lot of money?”

“If they have the strength, they can!” Bogard nodded. “But the risks are great, too. and it would be dangerous to be targeted by a big pirate.”

After thinking for a long time, Garp suddenly thumped his hand and said, “Ah! Since it’s like that, let’s be a pirate hunter. I’m not afraid of being targeted by big pirates!” (That would be great XD)

It wasn’t just Bogard at this moment. All the marine soldiers standing on the boat listening to him screamed in unison and said, “Vice Admiral Garp! Please don’t make such a joke!”

It seems that Garp’s off the line personality has hurt his soldiers deeply…

“If you don’t want to do it, why do you shout at me?” Depressed, Garp plugged his ear with his little finger, turned to Ian and said, “From the moment you got on the ship, I thought your hat was familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere!”

He sat on the deck, cross-legged, touched his chin, and said, “Well, where did I see it? Let me think about it! “

After that, he ignored Ian, frowned, and thought there.

A ship full of people quietly waited for him to recall, Ian turned around and looked, he did not know how to describe this weird picture.

After a while, Garp suddenly slammed his palm. Just when Ian and all the marine soldiers thought that he had found it, they listened to him saying, “Ah! I really can’t remember it! Forget it, don’t think about it, kid, would you like some tea?”

Ian fell headlong on the deck!

When he looked up, he saw that Garp wondered where to find a set of tea and that he had begun to make tea in a leisurely way.

He’s actually doing it!

Turning his head, Ian looked sympathetically at Colonel Bogard: With such a supervisor on the stand, do you think it’s usually that hard?

Bogard nodded helplessly: Does that have to be said?

While the two completed their communication with their eyes, Garp touched a dish of pancakes and asked Ian, “Right, do you eat pancakes? I like pancakes the most! “

Looking at Garp’s face, eager to be accompanied by someone to drink tea and eat pancakes, Ian really did not know how to refuse, so he had to sit down and drink tea with him.

In Frost Moon Village, Ian often drinks tea with Master Koshiro. However, Master Koshiro was more traditional. His tea ceremony sometimes has more rules. Unlike Garp, Ian just picks up a cup and drinks Garp’s tea. But he didn’t know why, he feels more comfortable drinking Garp’s tea instead.

This is not because Garp’s tea was good, even if his character is off the line, Ian still feels that this old man was very kind. Although he was a vice admiral in the marines, he has no intention of maintaining the dignity of a high-ranked marine in front of him, but rather like an old man in a neighborhood, which make Ian doesn’t feel constrained.

In other words, that is how close he is to the people! Yes, this may be the unique style of Garp.

While drinking tea, Ian saw that Garp began to contemplate again with his arms crossed. He did not know what he was thinking about, nor did he ask. He could only continue drinking silently. After spending half a day at sea, he was really thirsty.

Then after a while, Garp opened his mouth, touched his chin, and asked Ian, “Boy, did you just say you were a pirate hunter?”

Ian nodded and said, “Yeah, didn’t I just say that?”

“You should be good enough to kill such a big beast?” Garp said this, suddenly pointing to Ian, turned to Bogard and said, “Beat him!”

“Whoosh!” Ian just took a sip of tea and sprayed it on Garp’s face. He was surprised and said, “What are you talking about?!”

However, before Ian recovered from his surprise, Bogard, on the other side, had rushed to him. He kicked him sideways, and his fast foot was directly on Ian’s face!

Boom! Ian was kicked out directly by this foot and hit the bulkhead of the warship, causing many cracks. It shows how powerful this foot was!

When Ian got up, he felt numbness in his left side of his face and a bloody smell in his mouth, which might be bleeding.

He looked at Bogard gloomily, totally unexpected that Bogard would start fighting with what he just said.

Don’t look at the soldiers under Garp’s hand who often argue the off the line character of Garp. They actually respect him a lot. When he heard Garp’s order, even though Ian was still drinking tea with Garp as a guest, Bogard started obeying his order without hesitation. He saw that Ian climbed up, Bogard rushed to Ian again.

Ian took out his long sword behind him and went up against Bogard. Although he didn’t know why Garp ordered Bogard to beat him, it’s not Ian’s style that he doesn’t fight back.

In the passive exploration of the Evil Eye Expert’s skill, Garp’s aura emitted a strong crimson, which he knew from the first glance that he could not win against him. Although Bogard was also red, his aura was much lighter. Ian also wanted to try what kind of enemy was this threatening him, so he broke out at his own maximum speed.

Just for an instant, both of them rushed to a close distance where they could clash. Ian waved his blade violently and stroke seven cuts at Bogard instantly!

Bogard suddenly saw the strength of Ian’s move. He suddenly stopped, clenched his fists, and stood at the same pace.

“Tekkai!!” (Iron Body)

With a roar from Bogard, Ian’s strikes fell on him. After all, he was on a marine ship. If Ian kills Bogard, he won’t be able to walk away. So Ian attacked him with his blade, but he didn’t aim at Bogard’s vital organs.

However, after his blade fell on Bogard, there was a jingling sound, accompanied by a shocking force, and there was no sense of cutting the human body.

Turning around, Ian found that Bogard wasn’t injured, he has just torn off his clothes.

“Bwahahahaha!” Garp wiped the tea sprayed on his face and laughed again. “Don’t underestimate Bogard, boy. He’s my direct intelligence officer! Colonel from Cipher pol, you’d better be careful when dealing with him! “

Iron Body? Rokushiki techniques? Ian looked at Bogard with some surprise. The metal-clashing sound just now… Can the Tekkai from the six styles really make the body become like steel?