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S.C.S Chapter 43: Garp’s Condition

The so-called Six Styles (Rokushiki) are a special physical skill spread in the marines. They are Tekkai (Iron Body), Kami-e (Paper Art), Geppo (Moonwalk), Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), Shigan (finger gun) and Soru (Shave). After a certain level of practice, they can surpass the human body’s limit and exert their incredible fighting power.

To be precise, these six techniques should be regarded as a substitute, mainly for those high rank officers in the marines who can’t awaken their Haki, or for the agents from CP0 to CP9, while marines officers above Vice Admiral rank almost always use the Haki, which these six styles are not very practical for them.

And what Colonel Bogard used just now is the “iron Body” one of the Six Styles! It is really a powerful defensive technique, which can make the body as hard as steel by controlling the muscles of the whole body. It is difficult for bullets or swords to break through this defensive technique.

Although Ian’s seven cuts were blocked, he was not too surprised, because he had not used any of his Nen on strengthening the blow that he had just made.

Before, because of the integration of experimental skills, Ian consumed all his Nen, but after sleeping on the boat for more than an hour, he has refilled some. Although not much, he could still use a flash skill or the Sword of the Darkness Flame.

“Good speed!” Bogard looked at his cut-out clothes and praised him. “But not enough strength, you’re kinda weak to be able to deal with me.”

Ian did not speak but faced him holding his sword. He planned to wait for Bogard to attack him.


The next second, Bogard’s figure disappeared from where it was!

The principle of this trick is to kick off the ground at least ten times at a very fast rate, in exchange for explosive speed with a strong reaction force, so that Bogard looks as if he has disappeared.

Ian was slightly shocked. Fortunately, his reaction was fast enough to sense Bogard’s moving position and cross his sword to the rear of his side!

Bogard appeared there, pointing to Ian: “Shigan!”

This finger was pointed at Ian’s sword, and a powerful force erupted at his fingertips. Ian felt that a tremendous force came to the blade, which made his hands numb.

However, Ian gritted his teeth, pushed the blade upward, unloaded the force, and then through the success of the defense opportunity, launched the Bullet-Flash directly against Bogard.

With a swing, Ian’s long sword swayed with a cold glow and cut at Bogard’s waist.

The speed of the flash was breakneck, but Bogard still saw it clearly. He wanted to defend himself with the Tekkai, but at that moment, Garp suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Move!!!”

Bogard was stunned for a moment, and it was because of this moment of distraction that he could not tolerate any further reaction. Watching Ian’s blade coming, he could only withstand it with Tekkai.

The clash made a slight noise, but this time there was no sound of metals collision. Ian’s blade crossed Bogard, bringing out fluttering blood.

Bogard stared at the wound on his waist. Although the wound was not deep, his proud iron body defense was broken so easily!?

Garp, on the other side, spoke loudly, “Idiot, can’t you see the boy’s trick? This time you should’ve used Kami-e to avoid it! Why using the Tekkai!?”

Bogard bowed slightly to Garp and said, “I’m sorry, vice-admiral Garp, I was careless!”

“How many times have I said that the Rokushiki are not invincible!” Garp said angrily, “Being overconfident with your moves, one day that will kill you!”

Bogard kept silent and bowed his head.

After scolding for a while, Garp turned his head, looked at Ian, and said, “Kid, with that skill, you had actually used Haki on your sword. Do you really want to cut Bogard?”

Ian shook his head and said, “No! I know that Colonel Bogard didn’t go all-in against me!”

Touching his cheek, it still hurt, so Ian said another depressed sentence: “Besides kicking me in the face!”

Bogard didn’t use all of his power fighting Ian, because what Garp just said was “beat him!” Not “kill him!” The difference between the two was, of course, audible to Ian.

In addition, people in this world seem to have formed a habit. Because of the power of Haki, when confronted with a power that causes a change of aura, the first thing they think of is Haki, without guessing if it was another “spiritual power.” Although Ian’s idea was different from the Haki, in the final analysis, they all come from the fluctuation of the life force of the human body itself. So when Garp perceived Ian’s Nen attached to his sword, he mistook it for the Haki, just like Ivankov.

Haki requires long-term exercise to form, and then a certain amount of talent and luck to be truly awakened. Some people get it very easily, and others don’t. Bogard was the latter, he has not yet succeeded in awakening the Haki, so he has been practicing the Rokushiki, when he heard that Ian’s sword had just used Haki, He strangely looked at Ian.

He finally knew why vice-admiral Garp asked him to dodge the attack, and why his iron body technique could not resist against Ian’s blade, because the boy had just used Haki on his blow!

Ian seems so young that he can use Haki so skillfully at that age, which was almost unthinkable to Bogard.

However, at this moment, Garp laughed and said, “He kicked you, you cut his waist, even if it’s a tie! Boy, I was surprised that you could use the Haki, but looking at your attack just now, it seems that your Haki’s training is not enough, and it can’t be materialized!! “

Ian nodded. That’s true, his current practice Nen skills was not high enough, but he can also roughly guess The development direction of his Nen.

Substantialization of Nen is one of them. According to Ian’s speculation, after the substance Nen is entangled in the weapon or body, that should be able to achieve the same effect as Armed Haki, enhance the destructive power of weapons and reinforce their own defensive capabilities. Another development direction of Nen is diffusion! Spreading the Nen into the surrounding air to form a circular “Nen Field.” Anything that can disturb and influence the Nen field can be perceived. It can achieve the same effect as the Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) and accurately foresee and avoid the danger.

These development directions are the reason why they are similar to Haki, and they can achieve the same purpose.

As for the differences, it may be that Haki, Ian felt that his Nen may not be able to achieve that kind of deterrence or even fainting an enemy… Haoshoku Haki is more inclined to some sort of a more powerful spiritual force field!

However, he will not explain these differences with others, whether it was Ivankov or Garp, since they think of his Nen as Haki, then it is Haki!

“Well, the test has been done!” Ian retracted his sword, sat down on the deck again, and asked Garp, “Let’s talk, Oyaji (old man), what on earth do you want me to do?”

In fact, he was very angry with Garp at this time. Although he knew that Garp’s order for Bogard to beat him might just be to test his strength, but without announcing the start of the battle, he would be beaten. This way of thinking can’t be accepted by Ian. If he were weaker, then the unexpected kick might make him faint easily.

Therefore, under this gloomy temperature, Ian blurted out and called Garp as the old man.

“Bwahahahaha, old man? This name is really nostalgic!” Garp laughed, and after a while, he converged and asked Ian, “Well, to be honest, Lieutenant Morgan of the 153rd Branch reported that the man who caught the Buggy Pirates was a pirate hunter with a long flame sword and a bear’s ear hat. That’s you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah!” Ian nodded and did not deny it. ‘It seemed that Morgan has already reported the matter.’

“Your sword was not flaming?” Garp asked curiously.

“You care so much!?” An old man asked him like a three-year-old boy, Ian who was getting busy becoming really drunk,
said fiercely, “What the hell is going on? Tell me quickly!”

Bogard, who was bandaging his wounds, helplessly said, “Vice Admiral Garp, please be decent…”

“Cough! Cough!” Garp coughed twice and said to Ian, “We had received a call for help from the Shells Marine Base, but on the way, because Lieutenant Morgan reported that the Buggy Pirates were captured, our purpose changed a bit. We were going to receive the Buggy Pirates, but just a few hours before we met you, the purpose of this trip changed again. Well, Lieutenant Morgan reported that they had escaped from prison! Oh… So troublesome! Our purpose has changed so many times, I don’t want to go anymore.”

“We have to go, Vice Admiral Garp!” said Bogard. “The escape of the Buggy Pirates is still unclear. We have to check whether the 153rd Branch has lied about the military situation or not!”

Ian was surprised: “Buggy escaped from prison? So fast?”

It was only two days after he caught Buggy…

“No matter what, we need to go to Shells town this time!” Garp said, “But since you’re coming from Shells town, you probably don’t want to go back?”

Ian nodded. Of course, although he was rescued by Garp’s group, would his two-day voyage be wasted if he followed them back to Shells Town?

“So I can give you a boat and let you go!” Garp raised a finger and said, “But you have to do something for me.”

“Oh? You will give me a boat?” Ian was somewhat surprised: “What do you want me to do?”

“Aren’t you a pirate hunter?” Garp laughed, revealing his shining teeth and an evil grin: “Then help me catch someone, catch a pirate!”

“Oh, that’s no problem!” Ian didn’t think much about it at this time. He nodded and answered, “Tell me, what’s the name of that pirate?”

The next moment, however, he heard Garp say, “That pirate’s name is Ace, my grandson!”