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S.C.S Chapter 310: Tell me more

In fact, Ian thought of the rubbing inscription he was carrying when he discovered that the pirate ship he boarded was the Big Top…

Buggy was staying low in the East Blue, but for Ian who knows his true background, this guy is like a hidden boss.

Ian knows very well that Buggy has been an intern on the Pirate King’s ship… It was not until Roger died that he parted ways with the red-haired Shanks, they went their ways and formed their pirate groups.

In other words, before this, Buggy had followed Roger all the way to the end, and he was likely to be there when they got to Laugh Tale.

Sure enough, when Ian took out the rubbing of the Poneglyph, Buggy recognized it immediately, which shows that he must have seen similar ones with Roger.

Of course, this guy doesn’t know how to read the Ancient Script on the Poneglyph. Only the scholars of O’Hara who have been studying history can interpret these ancient characters. Now there is only Nico Robin left in this world. If he really wants to figure out what the contents of these Poneglyphs are, Ian has to find her.

However, even so, Ian was sure that Buggy might be one of those who know the true history of this world. Although Roger wasn’t knowledgeable enough to understand the Ancient text, Uncle Rayleigh said that he can hear them, due to the “voice of all things”.

As the captain, his discovery will certainly be told to his crew, Uncle Rayleigh knows the truth, then Buggy and Red-Hair Shanks probably know it too!

Since finding the Poneglyph at the Ballon terminal, Ian suddenly became interested in this historical truth. Before, he didn’t get why all this fuss about them, but now, he understood why everyone would be curious about what is recorded on the Poneglyph!

Therefore, it’s rare to meet Buggy, so Ian thought about making him slip and tells him what he knows.

Of course, even if Buggy knows what was hidden from the world, it is estimated that if Ian asks directly, he won’t tell him a thing. He and Ian have a hostile relationship. Well, how can he tell Ian?

That’s why Ian came up with such a trick. He made friends with Buggy, forced him to drink a lot, and then asked him indirectly.

At this time, Buggy had drunk so much that his tongue started getting loose, and his red nose had a shining sensation. Under the influence of the alcohol, Ian took out the rubbing inscription and asked casually.

“Come on, let’s drink!” Ian poured him another big glass, collided with his glass, and watched him drink it all up, but Ian leaned back and poured the wine over his head to the ground.

“Burp!! OOHH!!” Buggy burped for a long time…

Ian smiled and began to pour the wine again, and told Buggy: “Sure enough, you really deserve to be the favorite intern of Uncle Rayleigh, you even knew that this is of the Poneglyph?”

“Gyahahahaha!” Buggy burst into laughter and said, “Of course…! I am… the great Captain Buggy! I’ve seen… such things… a lot of times !”

“That’s awesome!” Ian gave him a thumbs-up and praised him. Then he asked, “Do you know what these Poneglyphs contain? Also, does the One Piece treasure really exist?”

“Hu… nonsense!” Buggy was dizzy at the moment. After hearing Ian, he couldn’t help but slam the glass to the table. He turned his red face, looked at Ian with hazy eyes, and said, “Where… is… the one piece!? Nowhere… Roger…Captain Roger…he lied!”

As soon as he heard this, Ian got confused, what does this mean!? Is the biggest treasure of this world a lie?

This is impossible!!? According to the original story, the Whitebeard once said to the world that “The One Piece exists!” before he died. He said that he was Roger’s opponent and friend, Roger once told him about the existence of the biggest treasure. What he said must be true!

With such a doubt, Ian asked again: “How is this possible? You are not bluffing, are you?”

Buggy was very angry when he heard this question. He has drunk so much that he couldn’t even figure out who the man in front of him was… Driven by the drunkenness, he couldn’t tolerate Ian questioning him, so he dared to grab Ian’s collar, and said fiercely: “Are you… burp!! Are you… questioning the great… Captain Buggy?”

The pungent drunken scent made Ian frown, he wondered if he had forced this guy to drink too much?

However, before Ian could speak, Buggy had already let go of Ian, stood staggeringly on the chair, stepping on the table with one foot, opened his arms, and shouted: “What… What is a treasure!! A treasure can… can only be called… a treasure… if it had a large sum of gold, silver, and jewelry…! The One Piece… has no gold and silver, how could it be called … called the greatest treasure!?”

The members of Buggy pirates, because they feared Ian, didn’t dare to come close! They just watched from a distance. At this time, seeing Buggy shout about the One Piece, all the crewmembers were a little dumbfounded.

“Captain Buggy, is he drunk?” They guessed.

After hearing Buggy’s words, Ian almost slammed his head on the table!

He didn’t expect that Buggy’s explanation would be like this!?

However, on second thought, he was telling the truth. Buggy followed Roger all the way to Laugh tale. If Roger really buried all the treasures he had robbed with the One Piece, how could Buggy not know about that?

But with Buggy’s greedy personality, if he knew where such treasures were buried. How can he dodge an opportunity of stealing these treasures? Instead, he ran all the way back to the East Blue, looking for clues to find Captain John’s treasure? This really doesn’t make sense.

Of course, maybe it is also possible that Buggy is a loyal man who respects his captain Roger and is unwilling to touch the treasure left by him. This is indeed a possibility, but Ian thinks it’s unlikely to be the case. Roger said nothing to Rayleigh and the others near the end.

And why would he leave his treasure on an island instead of giving it to his companions, or even telling them about it…

If he left such a last word, how could Buggy not be tempted after a long time of 20 years?

Well, maybe there is only one good explanation. The so-called greatest treasure may indeed exist, but it is not all the wealth collected by the Pirate King Roger, as the world imagines, there is a big chance that the One Piece doesn’t include money at all. Otherwise, Buggy won’t say this.

Ian guessed that maybe Roger left the knowledge he acquired all the years from his researches about the Poneglyphs, because in a sense, knowing the true history of this world is a huge asset for all mankind, culturally and spiritually!

Relying on this alone, perhaps no one will be interested in what Roger left, so he tricked the world with his last words. At the moment of his death, he said that sentence, covering this so-called biggest treasure with a golden halo, the temptation of wealth has driven the world to embark on the road of finding the One Piece…

Ian was a bit curious when he thought about it. He couldn’t help but ask Buggy: “Then what is the so-called historical truth?”

“The… The captain once… said…” Who thought that after drunkenly saying such a sentence, then suddenly hiccupped, and finally couldn’t help but fall from the table. He fell off, landed on his face, and then he didn’t even get up!

Ian crouched down and found that this guy was flushed and had gone to sleep!

“The…!!” the words got stuck in Ian’s throat and he didn’t know how to spit it out!

Do you want to be so dramatic!? Just when you got to the point, you fell asleep!? Are you Fking kidding me!?

Can’t you say a few more words before going to sleep? For the love of god…

Ian was depressed that he couldn’t help smashing Buggy’s head on the ground. As a result, the guy slept in his place without making any reaction at all.

Ian turned to look at the people on Buggy’s boat. Most of them had drunk too much, and they are dizzy, making trouble faintly, maybe it won’t take a long time before they sleep like Buggy.

“Damn it, why not!” What just happened made him unhappy, so he had to do something to feel better…!

Ian turned his eyes and saw ropes stacked on the deck. He immediately took action…

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