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S.C.S Chapter 311: So what!?

Early the next morning, when the sun rose, the daylight spread all over the deck of the Big Top, and there was a golden halo on the deck.

Perhaps because the bright light irritated all eyeballs, Buggy slowly woke up, but then he couldn’t help make a dull hum and feel a splitting headache.

At this time, Buggy thought about what happened last night, but he felt a strong migraine due to the hangover. He only remembered drinking with Ian, and nothing else…

Opening his eyes, Buggy found that he seemed to be lying on the deck, so he struggled to sit up, but only then did he realize that he was tied up!

“Huh… what’s going on!?” Buggy looked at the ropes, feeling a little dazed. Could it be that an enemy invaded the ship when everyone was drunk last night?

“Who’s here… come out right now!” Buggy screamed and wanted to see what was going on.

But just then, a voice came from behind him, saying: “Don’t yell! I tied you up!”

Buggy turned his head and found Ian standing behind him with an unhappy face. He got confused again. He couldn’t understand why Ian, who was a drinking companion last night, would tie him up, so he couldn’t help shouting: “What are you doing!?”

Ian crouched down, buckled his thumb and middle finger, and snapped Buggy’s red nose!

Seeing Buggy’s tears streaming down of the pain, Ian said with an angry tone: “You bastard, you fooled me so hard last night!”

“Me!?… How did I fool you?” Buggy couldn’t remember what happened last night, so he only felt wronged when he heard Ian say so.

“You son of a biscuit!” Ian scolded: “I asked you a question last night about the truth of the Void Century, and you started a sentence and fell asleep! You did that on purpose, didn’t you? Or did you deliberately pretend to be drunk and don’t answer my question!?”

“You what!?… what truth are you talking about?” when Buggy heard these words, a cold sweat came down.

“Still pretending!” Ian took out the rubbing inscription of the Poneglyph and waved it in front of him. “Don’t tell me that you don’t remember this, too!”

Buggy stared at the paper for a while, as if he was recalling something in a vague impression… For a while, he kept on sweating harder and harder, he tried his best to keep remembering for fear that he had said something that shouldn’t be said.

After a while, he really couldn’t remember a thing, so he had to say, “Didn’t you say that we are old friends? Do you treat your friends like this!? Where is my crew!”

“I tied them all up!” Ian stayed squatting in front of him, and said with a smirk: “I threw them in the cabin. Now I’ll ask you once again, and if I’m not satisfied with the answer, then I’ll rethink our original ‘friendship’ and hand over your entire pirate group to the marines for your bounty… By the way, has your bounty increased by now?”

“No, absolutely not!” Buggy hurriedly said: “Believe me it’s not worth the troubles! You are a Shichibukai now… To you, a couple of millions should be just some pocket money, right?”

“That’s totaly right… but!” Ian stared at his eyes and said: “Right now, I don’t have even a penny in my pocket… so I have to collect some for the travel expenses! No matter how small the prey is, it stays a meat in the end of the day, don’t you know that?”

“You want travel expenses right, I have it on board!” Buggy hurriedly said, “Why bother?! Even for the sake of vice-captain Rayleigh, do you really have the heart to hand me over to Marines again? You know, I was lucky enough to escape last time… if they captured me again, they will directly handcuff me with Kairōseki (Seastone)!”

“Okay then, I won’t hand you over to the marines!” Ian touched his chin, and said: “But you still have to answer my question!!!”

Buggy said bitterly: “I’m aware of what you want to know, but I can’t say it!”

Ian was taken aback, and shouted, “Why?”

“Because this was the last command of the captain!” Buggy sighed: “It was the last order left by Captain Roger when he disbanded the pirate group!”

“What do you mean?” Ian wondered: “He forbidden you guys from talking about it and telling the truth about our history to others?”

“No, it’s not that I can’t speak about it, but not to others who weren’t on board with us!” Buggy said: “I can only tell you about the captain’s desire… He, Captain Roger, hopes that someone with the ‘D’ as his middle name inherits his legacy… He doesn’t want us to tell others about anything, including the truth of the Void Century and the One Piece!”

Ian was stunned when he heard Buggy’s words. He didn’t expect Buggy to say such things.

Someone with the letter ‘D’ as his middle name? Hmm… Maybe there is such a possibility… Roger himself was also a member of the D family. Perhaps after he discovered the truth, he understood the history and origin of this family… Therefore, he hopes that a person with the Will of D, one day, can set foot on Raftel, to understand and pass on the truth of history…

Even if this ‘D’ is a kind of bloodline inheritance, could the location of the so-called greatest treasure be like the secret room of the Celestial Dragons, which requires blood factor to open?

This is not impossible…

Ian couldn’t help thinking about why Red-haired shanks chose Luffy. To know that Shanks is also a Yonko and has a huge influence. If Roger really wants the world to know the truth, then Shanks can expose all of this with his own capability. At that time, with his influence, he can also cause a storm, right?

But Shanks didn’t do that. In Ian’s impression, what he did seemed to be picking the next Pirate King.

There is also the Whitebeard, Roger’s opponent, and best friend, he must know about the One Piece, but in the original story, he once said to Teach: “You are not worthy of being Roger’s successor!”

Why would he say this? There was also a ‘D’ in Blackbeard’s name, which meets the qualification of Roger’s will!

Ian and Buggy stared at each other. Then looking at the ground, Buggy pitifully said: “Don’t force me to say more, Captain Roger is the only person I respect in this world, I will not violate his orders!”

“Is that so?” Ian asked him.

“Yeah!” Buggy nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“Okay, you proved that you were useless, then at least be once in your life of a good use and feed the fish!” Ian pulled him up and walked over to the ship’s gunwale, threatening to throw him into the sea.

Although Buggy is the man who ate the Chop-Chop Fruit, and Ian’s rope can’t capture him, Buggy hasn’t escaped because he knows that even if he breaks free, he can’t defeat Ian… so he was unwilling to resist at all.

“I’ll give you a last chance, are you going to speak or not?” Ian asked.

However, to his surprise, Buggy closed his eyes facing his doom, he was ready for his end and didn’t even beg for mercy.

Seeing him like this, Ian understood that this guy won’t say a word even when facing death, so there is no meaning of entanglement, but he always thinks that Buggy is so annoying.

“Cya!” Ian said, then loosened his grip, letting Buggy fall into the sea with a splash.

Buggy, smashing the sea surface, was powerless and even tied up with a rope. He couldn’t even try to float… besides the fact that he can’t swim… After swallowing a few mouthfuls of water, Buggy’s consciousness gradually began to blur.

“Is the great Captain Buggy going to die here like this!?”


Just as Buggy thought about his end, suddenly a burst of force came, pulling the rope tied to him, and then lifted him up.

With a splash, Ian put the rope from the ship’s gunwale, lifting Buggy out of the water, and then brought him back. He didn’t really want to drown Buggy, just used this method to vent some of his anger.

After putting him on the deck, Ian untied Buggy and watched him lying on his back with a pool of water stains. Ian crouched down next to him and said, “Well, good, you seemed to have some balls! But I believe you!”

Buggy glared at Ian bitterly. If he could, he would have used a special Buggy shell at this moment to blow Ian into pieces for what he did to him, but he was helpless, he also knew that it was impossible to do so, so he just looked at him with a crying face…

“Since you were forbidden for telling others, then I won’t force you!” Ian laughed and said, “If I want to know what’s hidden, then I’ll rely on my own strength to find the truth, even if I am not a person with the will of the D!”

Ian also has his own pride and an arrogant mind. So what if I don’t have the D? So what if Roger wasn’t talking about someone like me? Although Ian was not interested in becoming the pirate king, being looked down upon made him feel very irritated. If Ian didn’t encounter a Poneglyph, things would have been fine! But now since he found one, he became eager to unravel the so-called Records of the Void Century!

When he heard Ian’s words, Buggy couldn’t help but sneer and said, “I admit that you are a very strong pirate, but how much do you know about captain Roger’s greatness?”

Ian was too lazy to argue with him, but smiled and said, “We will see!”

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