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S.C.S Chapter 312: Winter Island

Finding that Buggy was worthless as usual. Ian didn’t intend to stay any longer and had to set off.

Ian didn’t have the time to bother with this guy, even though he is now a Shichibukai, just like when he was a Pirate hunter, he can receive bounties with ease, Ian feels that whether he catches pirates or not depends on his mood! He wasn’t obligated to do so for the world Government. Moreover, once he catches a pirate and takes the bounty, that means he has to annihilate the whole group, and according to the agreement, part of his seized goods must be handed to World Government… Ian will only do that when he became a fool!

He can take Buggy’s treasure directly. As long as he doesn’t catch Buggy, his money won’t be counted as seized goods.

In fact, Ian did the same thing not long ago, now he needs money to pay for the expenses of his journey, and he finally encountered an “old friend”. Of course, he has to “borrow” some from Buggy!

After Ian set off, Buggy watched him leave on the Big Top, gritting his teeth with hatred, but there was nothing he could do. Ian took all their money this time. There were some millions, leaving him only some pocket money that couldn’t take them far, but Buggy likes money, and has been gathering for a while. However, after his ship got searched by Ian, he went back to the starting point, with no treasures…

Mohji and the Lion Richie were still waving handkerchiefs for Ian’s departure, praying that they would never meet this man again, and this was one of the rare times that Buggy agrees with them.

After leaving the Big Top, Ian continued to move in the direction of the Reverse Mountain. At first, he wanted to take a ride in Buggy’s ship and making him escort him to the Reverse Mountain, but then he thought it was too much bullying him, after all, he took most of his money, and almost drowned him… he really needs to find someone else to bully!

Therefore, Ian went alone on his road. Fortunately, in the next few days, the climate in the East Blue was good. It was calm, and Ian has successfully reached the Reverse Mountain again.

This is his third time taking the Reverse Mountain. He considered going to the Grand Line through the Calm Belt. After all, the Calm Belt of the East Blue takes directly to the first half of the Grand Line, but the Calm Belt is still a dangerous area. Although Ian has the strength to enter and exit it anytime, he’s not M-a-s-o-c-h-i-s-t. He doesn’t like being chased by Sea Kings!

Under his control, the boat rushed up the current, then down! Ian had thought that he might encounter the whale Laboon, but he didn’t find him…!

Not only that, but the overseer of the Twin Cape Lighthouse, Crocus, was not there!

What happened here? Ian couldn’t help scratching his head. He seemed to have no chance of meeting this whale. This is his second time passing by…

Crocus wasn’t around. It is estimated that he is in Laboon’s body, treating it. Ian wanted to get a Log Pose from him, but after waiting for more than an hour in the lighthouse, Crocus didn’t come back.

During the waiting period, a merchant fleet from the West Blue came down from the Mountain. They probably took the opportunity to climb the reverse mountain when they couldn’t hear Laboon’s cry.

Since Crocus didn’t come back, Ian wasn’t planning to wait any longer. After the merchant ships reached the surface, Ian bought a Log Pose from them, then he took the small boat and went in his way. Needless to say, his behavior made merchants’ eyes pop out. One person, one boat, challenging the whole Grand Line. This guy is too bold!

Although Ian has an Eternal Pose to Alabasta in his hand, this compass only points to the direction of Alabasta, which means that it refers to the shortest direction between two compasses.

However, even with this Eternal Pose, it will take days to reach Alabasta from his location. Ian brought enough food from Buggy’s ship, but he has no means to preserve it, so it won’t take long for it to rot. Therefore, Ian still has to find some islands for replenishment. That’s the purpose of buying a Log Pose.

In fact, having the Log Pose does not mean that Ian must land on every island to be able to reset and lock on to the next source of magnetism. He has Alabasta’s Eternal Pose, after replenishment, he can leave immediately and follow the Eternal Pose… There will always be islands on the way, which can store magnetism, in other words, he can jump between the islands in this way!

Ian is now a veteran when it comes to the Grand Line, so the danger of the Grand Line has faded a lot from him.

In this way, after the boat sailed on the sea for about a week, Ian found that the temperature on the sea got low.

Such an obvious temperature change meant that Ian was about to approach an island, and when Ian found that snowflakes were falling down from the sky, he understood that he might be close to a winter-type island.

This was really good news. Four days after entering the Grand Line, Ian’s supplies were almost consumed, leaving only some pickled food that can be preserved for a long time… However, in order to have supplement nutrition, Ian had to rely on fishing to obtain fresh fish these days. If there is an island close, whether it was winter type or summer Type Island, he needs to replenish food and vegetables.

After picking up the wine bottle and taking a sip, Ian rowed forward.

Booze is a good thing to have while sailing. Relying on these wine bottles, Ian can prevent himself from lacking vitamins. Similarly, drinking a sip of wine will make his body warm, even if he is going to land on Winter Type Island, he won’t feel cold.

However, when approaching the island, Ian felt that something was wrong, because he found that there were some towering cylindrical mountains on the island…

Because it is a winter island, the island is covered in snow all year round. These cylindrical mountains had a layer of snow on top, which made them look like white chocolate cake.

Not only the mountains, but the entire island was colored with white and dim blue.

“Isn’t this the Drum Island?” Ian looked ahead with some doubts.

Alabasta must have been on the route Luffy had taken. Ian didn’t doubt this, but since Ian followed the direction of the Eternal Pose, he must have missed some islands… however, he didn’t expect that he would come across the Drum Island.

Fortunately, this Drum Island is a famous medical kingdom. There are many famous doctors in this country. Maybe some good medical books can be found here, because when he was leaving Travolta, the ship doctor, Ranga, told him to bring some if he can. As a ship doctor, he can’t fight and doesn’t like drinking, he usually stays idle for long times, so he hoped to have some books to kill time with and gain more knowledge…

When Ian’s boat approached the island, an army was guarding the harbor.

The so-called army is actually seven or eight soldiers, but it seems that they were wearing a uniform. These soldiers were wearing thick winter clothes and holding guns at the entrance. When they see Ian coming alone in a small boat, a surprised expression was drawn on their faces.

Especially when they saw that Ian was wearing only a sleeveless windbreaker as a jacket and nothing else, they were shocked!

Is this guy crazy or what… coming to Drum Island wearing these clothes!? Isn’t he afraid of freezing to death!?

How could they know that Ian’s physical talent has already reached the Expert level… So in terms of his physical strength, he was very resistant to the cold! Moreover, due to the sealed black dragon on his arm, Ian’s right hand is emitting heat all the time, even with the special bandages.

Ian started wearing sleeveless clothes because the sleeve of his right arm always gets burned… so under such circumstances, how could Ian feel cold?

And since he was sailing on a small boat, Ian didn’t bother hanging his Jolly Roger. Therefore, the soldiers didn’t know who he was, but they raised their guns and aimed at him.

A bearded soldier seemed to be the Captain. He loudly shouted to Ian: “Stop where you are! Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

“A traveler!” Ian looked at the guy and said, “I am here for replenishment!”

“Oh? Is that so… Then you have money?” The captain’s eyes rolled and he suddenly laughed.

Upon hearing this, the other soldiers also laughed happily, winking to their companions, which obviously refer to having an ill intention.

Ian noticed their wicked eyes, but he curled his lips in disdain.

He could easily figure out what these soldiers are thinking. It’s nothing more than seeing him alone with money to replenish supplies. They thought he was a fat sheep coming to their door! Is this the easiest robbery of their life?

Unfortunately, who’s going to rob who is still undetermined…

Ian felt a bit strange, seeing that these soldiers dared to go against

a single traveler, it shows that they are not good people. Fish begins to stink at the head… Can it be said that Wapol, the King of the Drum Island Kingdom is still in power!?

If the drum island is still under the rule of Wapol, then it is not surprising that the soldiers under his command will do such a thing…

Ian decided to look at the situation first, so that regardless of the soldiers’ intention, he controlled the boat and found a place to dock at the port.

As soon as Ian’s feet stepped ashore, the soldiers surrounded him. They smirked and gathered around him, asking: “Is it the first time coming to the Drum Island Kingdom? According to the rules, we have to check your boat and your belongings, otherwise, if you bring any contraband to our island, that would be bad…”

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