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S.C.S Chapter 313: Great doctor Ian

Ian looked at the soldiers in silence! Can it be said that there are very few people coming to this island, otherwise, these guys can’t wait to rob him?

And even their routine was so familiar, the contraband they mentioned was nothing more than an excuse. If Ian lets them search, even if there are no illegal goods, they can plant them, and if he doesn’t want to be caught by them, he must bribe these soldiers to let him go…

Unfortunately, Ian was not interested in talking to these scumbags! He shook his head and said coldly, “if you don’t want to die, get out of my way!”

The Drum Island soldiers who surrounded Ian were stunned when they heard this, but looking at Ian who only had a sword hanging on his waist, while all of them had guns in their hands, then they suddenly became bold. Under the leadership of the bearded man, the soldiers laughed heartily until they were out of breath.

“Boy!” The bearded man gloomily said to Ian. “This is the Drum Kingdom. It is our territory. You dare to talk to me like this? You, brat, are for sure a pirate!? So, we have to catch you now!”

When he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and two soldiers put down their guns, took out ropes, and came over, trying to tie Ian, while the other soldiers pointed at Ian to prevent him from resisting.

Click! A slight noise came, Ian held the handle of his katana and opened the blade of the Senbonzakura with his thumb a bit.

These soldiers were just ordinary people. When Ian made his move, they didn’t even see what happened, a moment after that, their clothes collectively turned into countless pieces!

Not only their clothes, but even the guns and ropes in their hands have shattered!

The cold wind of Drum Island has been howling all the time. After losing their warm clothes, these soldiers found themselves exposed to the cold wind, and when they reacted, they immediately started trembling.

But Ian wasn’t done with them, he started kicking them one by one to the freezing sea!

“That’s for wasting my time!” Ian clicked with his thumb and pressed Senbonzakura back into its sheath, sneered at the soldiers struggling to climb ashore in the sea, turned, and left.

Walking all the way from the port deep into the island, it didn’t take long before Ian came to a village.

The drum island is quite large. After all, it is a kingdom. There are a lot of villages like this on the whole island. Ian doesn’t know where he exactly was. Just after entering the village, he saw that the houses are cylindrical and had unique conical shape roofs, everything was covered with ice and snow, even the chimney.

When Ian appeared in the village, he found that there were not many people walking on the street. He tried to knock on the door of a household, but there was no answer. He couldn’t help being a little strange.

After walking around the village, Ian discovered that the people in this village had gathered in the largest house in the village, looking worried.

When Ian knocked on the door, the people inside looked up at Ian in amazement.

“Who are you?” An old man with white hair asked Ian in surprise.

“Oh, I am a traveler who just got on the island!” Ian raised his hand and said hello to everyone, “I wanted to buy some food from the village, but I found no one, so I kept looking…”

The Old Man sighed: “Hey, young people, you have come to the wrong place. If you want to buy food, you may have to go to other villages. There is not much food in our village.”

Ian looked at the people around him and asked curiously, “Then you gathered here for a meeting to discuss food?”

“No!” The old man said: “The lack of food is because the people in our village have not been out fishing for a long time. The reason why we gather here is because of the epidemic disease in the village…”

“Village chief!” Before the old man finished his words, a middle-aged person interrupted him: “We shouldn’t discuss this with outsiders…”

“Oh, yes yes!” the Old Man turned out to be the village chief, and quickly changed his mind: “Young man, you don’t need to bother about these things, if you want to buy food, go to another village… We can’t help you here!”

But Ian had heard the word “epidemic”, so he couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t the Drum Kingdom a magnetic medical country? How can you get a disease in your village and not go see a doctor?”

Upon hearing Ian’s words, the people inside went silent.

The old man saw that no one spoke, so he had to say with a bitter smile: “A magnetic medical country? That’s what it was called earlier, now all the doctors in this kingdom work under King, and ordinary people like us cannot see a doctor at all…”

Ian understood this. It is estimated that the King Wapol of the Drum Island Kingdom has brought all the doctors in. Although Ian also knew something about the island, he didn’t expect to encounter such a thing as soon as he came to the island, so he asked: “If you want to see a doctor, you have to plead to your king? Then you need a lot of money?”

“That’s correct!” The head of the village sighed: “I didn’t expect the situation here to be known even by the travelers… Well. Now even when the residents go out to fish, and they will be taxed heavily every time they come back. We couldn’t collect any money at all. So now with this disease in the village, even if we ask the King to send a doctor, we won’t be able to pay for it…”

Ian thought for a moment and said: “There is no need for this to be so troublesome, I have a little special ability and may be able to help you cure the sickness, but in exchange, if I was able to help you, then you can prepare some food and vegetables for me?”

Upon hearing this, everyone present suddenly stood up. They first looked at Ian in disbelief, and then gathered around in surprise. The head of the village grabbed Ian’s hand and asked in a trembling voice: “Are you serious?!!”

Of course, what Ian said is true. He has a powerful healing ability of Orihime’s card. Although it is impossible to bring back the dead, he can easily treat a little bit of illness. He only needs to restore the patient to a healthy state. It is precisely because of this certainty that he dares to say this.

He can’t guarantee his capability for these people, just nodded his head: “I can try, but hopefully it would be effective.”

The people in this village were already at a loss. Now when they suddenly heard what Ian said, they can only place their hope on him. So the villagers took Ian out to see the infected patients

The sick villagers were placed together. Perhaps it is because the people in this country have some medical knowledge. They isolated all the infected people.

The place where the patients were placed was in a separate house in the village. Before entering, the villagers brought a mask to bring Ian.

Other people dared not enter, so only Ian walked in, as he entered, he found that the number of patients was not too large, only a dozen or so, but all these patients had white skin and were covered with large red spots, which looked terrible.

Such an infectious disease, if treated by a doctor, may take a long time. It is necessary to study the condition before it can be prescribed with the medicine, but Ian doesn’t care about these stapes. He walked to a sick little girl, bending down in front of her bed. After discovering that she was still breathing, he equipped Orihime’s card to treat her.

Under the light film of the Twin Sacred Return Shield, it can be clearly seen that the red spots on the little girl are gradually receding. Although this scene seems to be a regression of time, it was not the case.

When Ian treating the little girl, her body returned to a healthy state, so she soon woke up.

Looking at Ian wearing a mask standing in front of her bed, the little girl said to Ian in a cute voice: “Uncle, are you a doctor?”

Ian was about to be 20 years old, and he was called Uncle… However, Ian was not annoyed. He just said to her with a giggle, “You are fine now, but don’t stay in this room. Go out and find your family!”

The little girl felt shy, she immediately dressed up and jumped out of the hospital bed. When she ran out, she did not forget to say to Ian: “Thank you, Uncle!”

Ian waved at her and said nothing. After she ran out, the villagers waiting outside the house gave out a cry of exclamation, and then there was a woman crying in surprise, the little girl should find her mother.

Ian smiled and continued treating the others.

Orihime’s Ability was very easy to use and quite effective. The only downside is that it consumes a lot of Nen. According to Ian, almost two bottles of Mana can save one person, and then he has to wait for the full recovery before continuing.

But even so, Ian gradually cured several patients, including men and women, adults and children. When they woke up, they all thanked Ian excitedly, but soon after Ian warned them from staying, they went out.

There must be a lot of infectious viruses in such a room. Ian’s treatment doesn’t destroy the viruses in their bodies and gives them immunity. In other words, if they continue to stay around, these people still have the risk of getting sick again. Ian doesn’t want to treat them a second time.

It took about an hour or so for Ian to cure everyone. At this time, he was finally relieved and came out.

When his figure appeared outside, he was greeted with thunderous cheers!

“Wonderful! Great job young man!” The head of the village was so excited that tears filled his eyes, he took Ian’s hand and said: “Young man, I really don’t know how to thank you!”

Ian took off his mask, smiled, and said to him: “You’re welcome, don’t forget that I just did this to get some supplies from you!”

“No! Food is not that big of a deal, you are the benefactor of our small village!” The head of the village said excitedly: “From now on, you are the honorable guest of our village!”

Then he turned his head and said to the villagers: “Everyone, take out the best food you have, and we are having a banquet today to entertain our most distinguished guest!”

“Woo! You got it chief!!” The villagers surrounding them suddenly cheered again.

“Don’t forget to burn down this house!” Ian did not refuse the idea, laughing and saying to everyone: “In this case, at least some infectious pathogens can be extinguished!”

“Sure enough, our great doctor!” Hearing Ian’s suggestion, the villagers immediately sighed, and rushed with torches.

Then, Ian left with the rest of the crowd.

However, what he did not know was that after he left, a figure appeared in the corner of the village.

This person was the bearded Captain who was kicked into the ice-cold sea by Ian at the port!

After getting humiliated by Ian, he still didn’t realize the gap in strength between them. After climbing up from the sea, he followed Ian to the village.

“Haaaaatshuuww!!” After a big sneeze, the bearded man shuddered, covered his newly found cotton-padded jacket, rubbed his red cold nose, and looked at Ian’s back. “This guy turned out to be a doctor… That’s great… Dadadada… This news must be reported to his majesty Wapol.”

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