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S.C.S Chapter 314: Kureha

In order to thank Ian for curing the sick people in the village, the residents opened a banquet to entertain him… however, Ian did not refuse because he had nothing better to do, so he sat down to eat and drink.

However, during the conversation with the village head, Ian learned that there was a lack of food in this village.

The Drum kingdom was now under the rule of King Wapol, but the problem is that the current king was a selfish bastard, and so cruel. He not only levied heavy taxes in his own country, but also issued an order to “hunt all doctors”, which brought all the famous doctors in the country under his hands. Without his order, these doctors were not allowed to give any treatment or medical advice.

Drum Island is originally a major medical country. The medical technology on the island was very advanced. However, Wapol relied on this means to wantonly seize the people’s money. As long as people get sick and do not want to die, they must seek his help. Only by offering a large amount of money can they get Wapol’s permission and let the doctors see the patients.

Most of the residents on the island are ordinary people, and in addition to living in winter climate all year round, how can they not get sick? At this time, families with patients should be prepared to lose their wealth.

Now the citizens of Drum Island were afraid to speak out against Wapol. He was the ruler of the Drum Kingdom who was also recognized by the World Government and a regular guest at the Levely (World Council)… He not only has a large number of troops, but also Wapol himself is a Devil Fruit User. In the absence of a strong leader, how could ordinary citizens have the will to stand against Wapol?

Therefore, the people who live on this island were praying every day, for one thing, that is, not to get sick…

“Apart from the doctors who have been captured by the King, are there no other doctors on the island?” Ian couldn’t help but ask.

“There are…!” The village chief sighed: “In fact, there is a doctor on the island known as the “Witch”. She possesses genius skills and immense medical knowledge as one of the finest doctors in the world, but the problem is that she has a strange personality and her bills are also very high. Because it is said that she lives on a Drum Mountain, she comes flying from the sky in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer every moonlight night…”

Ian knew what he was talking about immediately. The head of the village said that her name is Dr. Kureha. As for the reindeer pulling the sled, it is undoubtedly Tony Tony Chopper!

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help smiling. In fact, when he landed in the kingdom of the drum island, he thought about whether he would see Chopper, the blue-nosed reindeer. He didn’t expect to hear about him on his first stop.

The head of the village sighed: “In fact, if you didn’t show up, we were all wondering if we must ask for help from the witch… because, in fact, tonight is the night of the full moon, the witch will come down the mountain on a sleigh to visit the villages.”

Ian raised his head and looked at the sky. He found that the sky was covered by thick clouds. The snow and wind hadn’t stopped, and naturally there was no moon in sight. He couldn’t help but wonder: “Will she also appear in this weather?”

“Yes!” The head of the village nodded and said: “She has never missed a moon-night!”

Ian touched his chin and thought for a while, but without talking, he continued to eat and drink. It’s already evening, maybe he could wait here until Chopper and the witch arrive. After all, Kureha already knows about infectious diseases in this village.

Ian’s guess was right. When the time came to around midnight, there was a faintly discernible bell sound coming from the sky.

Not only Ian heard this sound, but the villagers also heard it, so they poured out of their houses and looked in the direction of Drum Mountain afar.

The bell sounds were getting closer and closer, and a vigorous reindeer appeared in the midair in the falling snow. The reindeer pulled a sled and galloped in the air.

“The Witch! It’s the witch!” The villagers yelled in panic.

Although many people know that Kureha is actually a doctor with high medical skills, the way she appears was wonderful, ordinary people have never seen a sled that can fly in the air, so they always suspect that Dr. Kureha is actually a witch who can do magic, so they feared her more than respected her.

Only Ian knows that the sleigh pulled by Chopper was actually sliding on an iron rope, which is a cableway connected to the island ground from the mountain where Dr. Kureha lives. It was because the iron rope was very thin and the island was so windy and snowy, that not many people saw it clearly, which led to people’s misunderstanding that the sled was flying down.

Not long after, Chopper came to the village with a sled, Ian saw him struggling, then jumping from the air and landing on the ground.

Dr. Kureha was wearing a fashionable short jacket, sunglasses were pushed upon her forehead, and the first thing she did after getting down from the sled was to enjoy taking a sip of plum wine. Then she happily wiped the wine stains on her lips said to the villagers who were staring at her: “I heard that there is an infectious disease here? Where are the patients?”

Although Kureha looked old, her spirit was comparable to that of a teenager, Ian has never seen an old Grandma dressed up as a fashion girl, so he couldn’t help but look at her while blinking repeatedly.

After landing, Chopper wearing his pink top hat didn’t say a word. He was in the form of a beast, so what people see was just a blue-nosed reindeer pulling a sled.

Kureha asked a serious question, but no one answered her, so she couldn’t help but feel annoyed. She yelled at them after putting her hands on her waist: “Bastards, haven’t you heard what I said?”

At this time, the head of the village finally came back to his senses, carefully approaching Kureha: “It true that we encountered an infectious disease, but… but now it has been cured!”

Kureha was taken aback and asked: “It’s cured? Did you beg the bastard king again? Shame… it is your actions that have fueled the arrogance of that guy!”

“No, that’s not what happened!” The head of the village waved his hands and said: “We didn’t ask for the King’s help, the infectious disease was cured by a young visitor!”

As he said, the village chief pointed to Ian.

Kureha looked at Ian a bit strangely. He was dressed light, but he doesn’t seem to be cold. She immediately believed what the village chief said and understood that Ian was an outsider!

However, her reaction was a little beyond Ian’s expectations. Kureha stepped forward and came to Ian’s face, she grabbed his collar and stared at him, then said in a bad tone: “Brat! Where did you come from, little doctor? How dare you robbing my business! “

Ian was speechless for a while, robbing her business!? This old woman actually takes treating patients and saving people as a business?

Of course, Ian also understood that this is probably her means of survival. After all, she and Chopper live on such a distant mountain, which is an inconvenient place to live in. Therefore, it is understandable to save people by treating illnesses in exchange for supplies to maintain life.

However, according to her frequency of appearing, once a month, Ian figured out why her bills were high. This old woman comes down once a month to work, and if she doesn’t find someone to treat, she won’t be able to buy supplies for the month!

“Hey, gorgeous!” Ian was still pulled by her, but he was not angry. He said with a smile: “I am not a doctor, don’t get me wrong!”

The chief and the villagers were shocked when they heard Ian’s address to Kureha. They always used to call her “witch”. Unexpectedly, the young man dared to call her “gorgeous”!?

The villagers were amazed, but it was obvious that Ian’s address was very useful. Upon hearing this, she immediately laughed heartily and patted Ian’s shoulder: “Haha, boy, you are very interesting! Ah, I like you!”

Ian smiled and didn’t talk. Since he met Dr. Kureha and Chopper, Ian was thinking about whether to get some of her medical notes and bring them back to Ranga? After all, Kureha is a doctor with high medical skills, and she is also the medical teacher of Chopper. The medical research of such a person should be priceless, right?

Dr. Kureha is an old woman. Ian’s flattery made her very pleased. However, she did not immediately forgive Ian for stealing her business. After laughing, she asked Ian: “You said that you are not a doctor, how do you cure those infected patients? I got the news that the infectious disease here is very similar to Five-Day Disease/zoonotic disease, which has a high mortality rate!”

“I have a little special Ability!” Ian did not respond to her question, but explained directly with this excuse.

Kureha wanted to ask something. But at this time, Chopper, who remained in the reindeer form, suddenly sniffed something, and then showed a panic expression on his face, came up, bit Kureha’s clothes, and started pulling her, and at the same time stomped his hooves vigorously.

It was clear that there was a smell that made him concern! But Chopper didn’t dare to reveal the fact that he could talk in front of people. He could only warn Kureha in this way.

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