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S.C.S Chapter 315: Chopper’s Rage!

Kureha and Chopper have been together for a long time, and naturally, they understand each other with ease, so she immediately shouted, “Who is it?”

In the village, from the dim forest, many shadows emerged between the trees. When they approached, Ian saw clearly that it was a large number of drum island soldiers!

Ian looked at the soldiers who appeared, and there was a familiar man, it was the Bearded Captain who was thrown to the icy sea, and he could not help but be amazed.

Is he this stupid? Can’t he see how big the gap between his soldiers and me? Before, I was too lazy to kill him, but he dared to bring more people to fight me?

How many donkeys have to stump his brain to be this stupid?

Seeing the bearded guy, Ian immediately thought it was this guy who brought his friends for revenge. However, to Ian’s surprise, after these soldiers appeared to surround the village, no one spoke, but they gave up a path.

A tall and fat figure appeared, it turned out to be the king of Drum Island, Wapol!

He wore a thick fur coat and rode on the back of a Hippo with a stupid face. He walked out so leisurely, and next to him was a guy with black afros hair wearing boxing gloves, and on the other side, there is an eccentric man wielding a large bow with quivers.

These two people were Wapol’s confidants, Kuromarimo and Chess.

As soon as Wapol appeared, the villagers immediately panicked. Some people rushed back to their homes and only dared to peek from the windows, leaving only the village head and a few courageous people standing outside.

The stupid-looking hairy hippopotamus walked very slowly, Wapol sat on his back for a long time before he moved to the front. At this moment, he was holding a mechanical item that he did not know where it came from. He was opening his big iron mouth and biting it, bit by bit, just as if he was eating candy cane, everyone could hear the creaking sound when he chews.

“HMM… HMM…” Wapol chewed, looked at Ian, and said lazily: “You are the foreign doctor?”

Ian didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, just frowned and watched this guy chewing metal!! This guy can really eat anything due to his Munch-Munch Fruit!

However, Ian did not speak, but Wapol still did not let him go. He slanted his eyes and said: “Since you come to this country, you must abide by the laws of this country… Well, the laws I set say that if you are a doctor, you are not allowed to practice medicine in my country!”

As soon as Ian heard this, he couldn’t help laughing: “Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this!”

Yes, Wapol is indeed the King of the Drum Island, and this Kingdom is also a member of the affiliated nation’s recognition by the World Government, but the problem is that Ian can’t endure that such a stupid guy with a silly face was the ruler. His face reminded Ian of the stupid son of the Celestial Dragon he killed, which made him wonder why these idiots were classified as superior people and world nobles.

What’s wrong with this world?

Since he doesn’t recognize Wapol as King at all, how can Ian be polite to him? So this sentence immediately angered Wapol. With a Pooh, he spat out the metal part he had just eaten, and then angrily said: “I am King! In this country, I have the final say!”

“Yes, this is the country under his Majesty, king Wapol (T/N: long may he reign XD)!” The boxer, Kuromarimo, and Chess said in unity and flattered their boss.

Ugh! Ian has the urge to slam his face. He always feels that communicating with fools makes him lose IQ!

At this time, Kureha held her sunglasses and said to Wapol: “It is because of a king like you that this country is now terminally ill! Wapol, your law is of no use to the outsiders, you’d better take your soldiers and leave!”

“It’s you, old witch!” Wapol looked at Kureha with an unhappy expression: “You are here too, that’s just right! Go on, catch them all!”

Wapol collected all the famous doctors across the country and formed a team of the most 20 skilled doctors to serve him. At the same time, he took advantage of them to plunder the wealth of his people, but Kureha, a great doctor who has slipped through the net. Wapol failed to catch her, so that she continued to practice medicine for a long time.

Wapol felt that she had earned a lot of his money, so he naturally hated her, and this time he was informed by his soldiers that a foreign doctor had arrived to the island and had cured an infectious disease in one of his villages. Wapol immediately took his army to catch the outsider. Unexpectedly, with such great luck, even Kureha was caught in the action.

“Maaahahaha!” Wapol opened his mouth and said with a laugh. “From now on, the doctors on the entire island are under my command!”

With his laughter, the soldiers armed with guns viciously rushed towards Kureha, trying to arrest her. However, Ian and the others were ready to resist the siege…

Kureha directly smashed the bottle of wine on the head of a soldier who rushed up to her, but she was caught by the rest of the soldiers. Although she looked fierce, she was still an ordinary old lady after all, and she wasn’t capable of resisting an entire army.

At this time, the blue-nosed reindeer suddenly rushed in from the side, and his antlers directly knocked the soldiers who caught Kureha!

In order to protect Kureha, Chopper took action immediately. After throwing away the soldiers, he gritted his teeth and lowered his head, then went straight to attack Wapol with his antlers!

At this time, Chopper’s face showed an expression of incomparable hatred, because Wapol wave is his major enemy. It was the spoiled king who insulted and was the main cause of the death of Chopper’s surrogate father and first friend, Dr. Hiriluk…

It would be fine if he didn’t see Wapol, but now that Wapol was standing in front of him… How could Chopper give up such an opportunity for revenge?

However, Chopper’s actions were still a bit reckless and sloppy, because there were too many soldiers around Wapol. As soon as they saw Chopper running over, the soldiers immediately raised their guns and shot Chopper!

“Chopper!!” Kureha got so anxious that she couldn’t help shouting.

At this moment, Chopper’s figure suddenly shrank and turned into the little guy we all love. With this sudden change, all the bullets that were shot at him missed the target!

Wapol had too many soldiers under his command, which made Kureha worry about Chopper… that he may get injured, so she quickly said to him: “Come back, Chopper!”

However, at this time, Chopper had only Wapol’s figured locked in his eyes. After avoiding the bullets, he transformed back.

“Oouhh!!” Chopper’s body suddenly grew bigger and became as strong as a gorilla. Then he moved his shoulders furiously and slammed his large hands toward the hippo under the king!

The hairy hippo was heavy enough, but it was knocked over by Chopper’s smash. Wapol, who was riding the hippo, was immediately overturned. The hairy hippo fell down on Wapol and crushed him, which made the spoiled king scream out loud.

Kuromarimo and Chess hurried up to help Wapol, but Chopper, who was raging, rushed again towards Wapol, so Kuromarimo had to face Chopper and stop him, and Chess went to rescue Wapol.

“Move away!” Chopper punched Kuromarimo, but Kuromarimo avoided it flexibly, and launched a counterattack blow.

Wapol stood up with Chess’ support. Looking ahead, he shouted angrily: “I remember this guy! This guy is the Monster from back then!”

It wasn’t Chopper’s first time to face Wapol. When Dr. Hiriluk died, Chopper got irritated by his comments and attacked Wapol, but he was stopped by Dalton. With Dalton’s crying request, Chopper stopped, but that time, Wapol remembered the blue-nosed Monster.

“Kill him! We must kill him this time!” Wapol opened his mouth wide and said, “Soldiers! What are you waiting for! Shoot him!”

However, at this moment, a playful voice came, saying: “What soldiers are you talking about, these pieces of garbage?”

Hearing this sound, Wapol, Kureha, and the rest couldn’t help turning their heads and looking back. As a result, they didn’t know when it happened… All the soldiers, who had surrounded the villagers before, fell to the ground, forming a circle and whining…

The only person standing in the field was the foreign “doctor”! At this time, he was slowly inserting his sword back into its scabbard. As his hand moved, a crispy bell sound came from his wrist…

Wapol and Kureha were stunned. The more than one hundred soldiers were killed quietly by the young man!?

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