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S.C.S Chapter 316: Similarities

“You, what did you just do?” Wapol asked Ian stupidly: “Aren’t you… Aren’t you a doctor?”

Come on, Wapol, shouldn’t you asked people who they are before ordering your soldiers to arrest them!? So, Ian was very helpless, and said: “Who told you that I am a doctor? I am a Pirate!”

Upon hearing this, Wapol was stunned.!.?

And when Chopper, who was fighting with Kuromarimo, heard this, he stopped and looked at Ian in surprise.

Since he was a child, he has always been rejected by the reindeer herd. When the young reindeer ate the Hito Hito no Mi, his herd ostracized him and he struck out on his own. Unfortunately for Chopper, his attempts at communicating with the humans on Drum Island proved disastrous, and the villagers mistook him for a Yeti and shot him.

However, Dr. Hiriluk took him in and treated him as a child, and the doctor himself was a pirate admirer. Hiriluk became Chopper’s role-model, and he taught him his philosophy on life and his strong faith in the Jolly Roger as a symbol of strength against all odds…

At this point in time, Ian could be said to be the first real pirate Chopper encountered, so immediately looked at Ian with brilliance in his eyes and carefully observed him.

Ian also noticed his sight, took out his bear ear cap and put it on his head, then smiled and said hello to Chopper.

Chopper was surprised and immediately went back to his little pet form, hiding behind Kureha. However, the little guy hid in a strange way. Others hid their bodies and only reveal a part of their heads, but he hid an eye, and exposed most of his body…

This was the first time Ian really saw Chopper’s hiding method, and couldn’t help but giggle.

“A pirate? You are a Pirate!?” Wapol came back to his senses at this time, and said in a rage: “Get rid of him! Since he is not a doctor, there is no need to catch him!”

When Chess heard Wapol’s words, he immediately raised his bow and shot at Ian.

However, Ian, who had his En field opened, tilted his slightly, and avoided the arrow!

Kuromarimo also ran toward Ian and punched him continuously… but he failed to land a punch.

The two joined forces to attack Ian, but for scums like them, Ian didn’t even feel like attacking back. He yawned and dodged all their strikes. But after a while, he got a little annoyed by the two, suddenly disappeared in place, and when he reappeared behind them, whether it was Kuromarimo or Chess, a lot of blood suddenly gushed out of their chests…

“OOHH… Sugoiiii… so amazing!” Chopper hid behind Kureha. After seeing this scene, he couldn’t help screaming out in surprise. He looked up and asked Kureha: “Doctor, is he really a pirate?”

Kureha smiled and held her sunglasses on her forehead and said, “Yes, and he is a very powerful one!”

At the moment Ian put on the bear ear hat, she finally recognized Ian, and she did not expect that he, the new Shichibukai, would appear here.

On the contrary, Wapol, a spoiled guy with a low IQ, didn’t pay attention to the major events happening in this world, so he didn’t recognize Ian at all. However, Ian not only killed his 100 soldiers in an instant, but even Kuromarimo and Chess were slashed by him.

He didn’t know whether they were alive or dead, which made Wapol realize that the guy who claimed to be a pirate was quite powerful!

“You… how dare you attacking my carders, Kuromarimo and Chess!” Wapol gritted his teeth and looked at Ian: “I must arrest you and teach you a lesson!”

Ian didn’t bother talking back. He was thinking now about how to deal with Wapol.

To be honest, Ian didn’t expect his appearance. Although he came to the Drum Island, Ian didn’t think too much about it. He just thought about buying food and getting the medical book, and then leave. As for Wapol or Chopper, Ian didn’t think much about them, but unexpectedly, both appeared around at the same time.

Let’s put Chopper aside for now… this guy, Wapol, thinks he is a doctor, so he wants to catch him. Since he made the first move, Ian naturally has to put him in his place.

However, Ian hasn’t considered whether to beat him up or kill this guy directly. The main reason is that Wapol was indeed a king recognized by World Government. If Ian, the newly joined Shichibukai, kills him… what impact will it have!?

During the time he was thinking, Wapol suddenly yelled: “Doctor-20!”

A group of doctors in white coats and white gloves suddenly appeared from nowhere. As soon as they came forward, they gave first aid to Kuromarimo and Chess.

“Stop the bleeding!”



In Ian’s stunned gaze, these doctors actually performed surgery on both carders with a swift speed. The serious injuries caused by Ian’s blade were quickly treated by these doctors!

The most outrageous thing is that the two guys were able to stand up when the surgery was completed. Although they seemed a little weaker, they did stand up.

“Chomp Chomp Factory!” Wapol began to use his Devil Fruit Ability. His Munch-Munch Fruit was able to turn the junk he had eaten that day into a part of his body or merge it into something new.

When he used this ability, he turned into a huge tank! The lower part had four wheels, and the upper body had a cannon sticking out of his mouth.

In other words, this guy not only ate a lot of Metal parts today, but also ate at least a few tires and a cannon, otherwise he wouldn’t turn to this!

After Kuromarimo and Chess stood up, they were munched by Wapol’s big mouth.

In the end, Wapol… How to say it… he transformed into a hairy tank! Ian felt sick after seeing this!

“Muuuuhahaha!” Wapol felt very proud… how is he laughing with a cannon sticking out of his mouth!?

“Boom!” At this close range, Wapol fired at Ian, and Chess, who emerged above his head, was holding his bow and arrow, was ready to shoot Ian when he escapes the shell.

However, what they didn’t think of was that at the moment the shell approached, Ian directly cut the shell in half!

He didn’t bother flashing or jumping up!

Chess didn’t let go of the arrow, he was waiting for Ian’s movement, but Ian didn’t try to dodge it as he thought. Immediately after slicing the shell, with a dash, he came to the front of Wapol.

The snowy blade light, on this snowy night, was so eye-catching! Ian’s upper body made a whole rotation while holding his sword with both hands, slamming his blade on Wapol’s stomach, and then picked him up and threw him high with the Senbonzakura!

A bunch of flower cards suddenly appeared on Wapol high in the air…

Ian jumped up, reached Wapol midair, and started slashing him violently! Each chop will bring a ray of cherry red light, and an illusion of a large card been cut kept on emerging. The power of these slashes locked Wapol in place…

After four consecutive slashes, Ian made a flip in the air, and with a final chop, he slammed Wapol toward the ground!

This was the ultimate skill of Genjuro Kibagami: Five Flash Rip! Ian saw that Wapol’s iron body was strong enough, so he couldn’t help experimenting on him.

With a loud bang, Wapol hit the ground hard and made the snowflakes fly everywhere. Ian’s attack caused a lot of damage to Wapol, and if it weren’t for his Munch-Munch Fruit’s Ability, hardening his body with some metals, he would be torn apart.

Chopper and Kureha stared at the tragic situation of Wapol with their mouths wide open. They couldn’t imagine that King Wapol, who has been dictating this kingdom for a long time, would have such a day.

At this time, Wapol was not dead. He was panting and lying on the ground, and after a moment, he shouted again: “Doctor 20!”

The group of doctors wearing white gloves rushed up immediately, holding iron sheets, hammers, and nails in their hands, and knocking on Wapol’s body. Soon, the scars left by Ian’s ultimate were covered up by the iron sheets!

“You…” Ian couldn’t help but look at Kureha dumbfounded, and said: “What do you guys study exactly on this Island, is it medicine or maintenance?”

… Fck no, this can only be Black Magic, so it can save this fat monster?

When Wapol was rescued, he became so afraid of his enemy. If the 20 doctors weren’t so skills and came in time, he would’ve died just because of a small delay!

“Quickly, run!” After getting up, Wapol immediately jumped on the silly hippo and ran away.

Watching him trying to escape, Ian didn’t chase him immediately, but crouched down and frowned contemplatively.

Because of the escape behavior of Wapol, he suddenly remembered one thing: If I go after him, would Wapol be forced to escape to the sea and become a pirate because he couldn’t beat me?

Well, with Wapol’s personality, this is very likely, that is to say, he will abandon his people at any time and escape by himself.

And this immediately made Ian think of something, according to the original story, his escape was caused by the appearance of the Blackbeard on this island.

If I go after him, make him leave the island, and become a pirate, doesn’t it mean that I have the same effect as the Blackbeard?

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