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S.C.S Chapter 317: You’re Still Going To Die!

In this way, Ian’s behavior could cause a similar impact to when the Blackbeard landed on the Drum Island.

Now, Ian doesn’t know whether Teach will still get the Dark-Dark Fruit even after his appearance, and then betray the Whitebeard Pirates. After a thoughtful assumption, he’s afraid it is still very possible, and if Teach renegade the Whitebeard Pirates, then he will run away, and there is a great chance that he will land on this island.

Well, let’s follow logical reasoning to see what such a chain effect will bring…

If it were the original story, Blackbeard should land on the kingdom of Drum Island, Wapol will be scared to death and flee the island after getting his a$$ kicked. Then Teach would certainly loot his palace and continue on his journey, because he knew that Ace was tailing him. So he had to leave soon.

But what if Ian got ahead of him and drove Wapol out of the Island? First of all, when he escapes, the people in this country will definitely elect a new King. It is estimated that it will be Dalton, the Chief Royal Guard. Then when Blackbeard arrives, the new King will definitely choose to protect his people, and fight back!

In any case, these people are certainly not the opponents of Blackbeard, but they will continue to fight.

Such a battle will lead to a lot of unnecessary sacrifices!

Of course, this is the most likely inference that Ian feels will occur. But still, there may be exceptions… For example, if the Blackbeard didn’t feel like landing on the island or was in a hurry, then all of this won’t happen.

Ian can’t predict the future precisely, because as he moves around this world, the scope of the butterfly effect will expand… He can’t figure out what will happen to this island, so he must consider some subsequent impacts when he acts now.

If Wapol doesn’t flee the island and become a pirate, then things may not change much, however, letting this tyrant continue being the King feels wrong. After all, if Ian leaves things like this, then it is very likely that Wapol would retaliate against the villagers who stood in his way. With Wapol’s cruel personality, it would be a massacre.

And if this goes, like the Blackbeard, driving Wapol out and becoming a pirate, it is also a problem, because he might find his way back…

Just when Ian was diving in thoughts, suddenly a hand stretched out to him from the side… no, it’s a hoof, handing him an apple!

Ian turned his head and found that it was Chopper.

For him, Ian is a stranger, which made him a little afraid, so he stood next to Ian with an attitude of running away at any second. But still, He still handed the apple to Ian with both fear and hope in his eyes!

Is this Chopper’s kindness? Ian smiled, slowly took the apple, and didn’t eat it. He took it and said to Chopper: “Thank you!”

“You… Aren’t you afraid of me?” Chopper asked Ian curiously.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Ian asked him.

“I… people always call me a monster!” Chopper bowed his head, with grievances and frustration.

Ian was very fond of this little guy, so he comforted him: “From what I’ve seen, you are just a reindeer who ate a Devil Fruit, you are not a monster. On the Grand Line, there are a lot of Devil Fruit Users, so there is nothing to be afraid of!”

“Really… Really§?” When Chopper heard this, his eyes suddenly widened, and then asked Ian with embarrassment: “I heard mother say that you are a pirate, is that true? A Great Pirate!”

Ian looked at Kureha, smiled, and said to Chopper. “Well, that’s right, I am one of the Shichibukai!”

“What is Shichibukai?” Chopper asked innocently.

Ian laughed and didn’t explain it to him. He just reached out and patted his hat, saying: “This is a very nice hat, it looks nice on you!”

Perhaps because Ian used to be the Eldest Brother in Frostmoon Village, he actually has a big brother-like temperament. When facing a younger person, he always unconsciously treats them as a younger brother or sister, and it is clear that Ian’s complement has touched Chopper’s feelings!


“Shut up you bastard! Even if you say so, I… I won’t be happy!”

With that said, Chopper being praised by Ian made him act weird and cute at the same time, his body started doing the “Dirty Old Man” dance, twisting his arms like noodles and trembling, his big eyes were narrowed and he kept on laughing as his buttocks twisted around…

Looking at him like this, Ian couldn’t help laughing heartily, got up, put Chopper’s apple in his pocket, wiped the snow on the hat, held the handle on the waist, and walked forward step by step.

“Wher… Where are you going?” Chopper couldn’t help but ask him…

Ian waved to him without looking back and said, “To get rid of Wapol, the existence of this person is just a waste of oxygen!”

Hearing this, Chopper and Kureha were stunned! After a moment, she shouted: “Hey, boy! Did you think it over? That’s the ruler of this kingdom!”

As a result, Ian kept on moving, and said: “Don’t worry, you will have a new King!”

With the sound of his bell, Ian’s figure gradually disappeared in the stormy weather.

Chopper raised his head, and asked Kureha: “Doctorine, what does he mean?”

Kureha didn’t explain to him, just smiled at Chopper and said: “Chopper, you have to remember what Hiriluk said… A true pirate should be like this person!”

“Ah… really?” Chopper stared in the direction of Ian’s departure, and his eyes started flashing like stars…

Freedom, adventure, strong spirit, no fear of any authority, that’s what Kureha meant by true pirate, and this is the image of a pirate in Hiriluk’s eyes, but today’s Chopper, can’t understand this…


After leaving, Ian traced the footsteps of Wapol’s hippo, but because of the strong storm, these footprints were quickly covered up.

But it doesn’t matter, Ian knows that Wapol’s palace is above the highest Drum Mountain, as long as he keeps walking in its direction, he will reach his destination eventually.

On his way to the mountain, Ian encountered the unique animal of Drum Island, the Hiking bear. The bear walking upright with a crutch made Ian feel very cordial. Ian looked at it, bowed while removing his hat, then he went on his way.

As for the other ferocious rabbits on the snowy mountain, the Lapahns, Ian didn’t run into them, but even if he did, these fierce carnivorous rabbits won’t dare to approach Ian.

By the time Ian climbed the Drum Mountain and stood in front of the palace gate, it was not long before Wapol has returned.

At this moment, he was panting and cursing at Chess and Kuromarimo. As a result, Ian kicked down the palace gate, and the sound spread on the whole mountain.

“This is bad, your majesty!” Chess hid behind a window and saw Ian’s figure. He couldn’t help shivering and reported to Wapol. “The Pirate, he is here!”

“Hurry up! Let’s run!” Wapol panicked. He didn’t expect that Ian would chase him to his palace, so he was scared, and the first thing he thought of was to run away.

On the drum mountain, there are ropeways that reach the bottom of the mountain. Wapol could escape through these cables, but the problem is that Ian was also aware of this… He pulled out the Senbonzakura and held it in his hand!

“Scatter (chire), Senbonzakura!”

After using the Shikai, Senbonzakura’s blade turned into countless Cherry Blossoms petals. Under his control, the petals immediately shrouded the top of the whole mountain, forming a huge rotating ring…

Wapol, who had just run out of the back door, was immediately blocked by the cherry petals all over the sky!

Kuromarimo and Chess tried to break out, but when they came into contact with the petals, they were instantly sliced, and countless wounds appeared on them.

The petals of Senbonzakura were like countless small blades. Although these blades have no effect on an Admiral like Kizaru, things are different when it comes to the guys like Kuromarimo and Chess. Wapol didn’t dare to rush, when he saw them retreat with wounds all over their bodies.

In this case, Ian easily blocked their way out.

And at the same time, the petals of Cherry Blossoms reflect the pink shimmer in the moonlight, and these gleams are superimposed together, making the entire peak of the drum mountain bloom out with gorgeous scenery.

Just like a blooming Sakura tree!

Chopper, who was far below the mountain, suddenly cried when he saw this scene!

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!” Chopper cried sadly, remembering his father, doctor Hiriluk.

“That brat!” Kureha couldn’t help stopping her eyes from being wet, she looked up and drunk a mouthful of wine, whispering: “I didn’t expect him to be this amazing!”

The beautiful Cherry Blossoms cloud was actually an unintentional move by Ian, and it happened to be seen by Chopper. However, compared with the healing Cherry Blossoms cloud, this one was quite deadly.

Kuromarimo and Chess were killed at first sight by Ian. For the two carders of Wapol, the 20 doctors can only save them once, not the second time.

“You… don’t come over!” Wapol sat on the ground in horror, crawling backward.

However, Ian ignored him and his figure instantly disappeared in place. When he appeared again, he was standing behind Wapol.

The Cherry Blossoms cloud that bloomed on the drum mountain disappeared and re-converged into the blade of Senbonzakura in Ian’s hand. At the moment of condensation, the black Flame lit up on the edge of the blade, and Ian’s hand gently pressed down, piercing Wapol’s head!

Wapol’s big iron mouth was opened wide and his eyes bulged, but this time, he won’t be able to close his mouth anymore…

Wapol was motionless, he’s now officially dead. For Ian, since the storyline has already changed, then it won’t be a big deal to change a bit more. People like Wapol are essentially no different from the Celestial Dragons, although they seem stupid, the more such people are around, the greater the harm caused by their deeds… Although on the surface he is a Shichibukai, his real identity is an active member of the Revolutionary Army. Isn’t the job of the Revolutionary Army to overthrow every tyranny!?

Anyway! Why is the sakura tree so beautiful?… That’s because many bones were buried under them…

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