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S.C.S Chapter 318: Unexpected Devil Fruit

The fatal blow of “the Sword of the Darkness Flame” inserted in Wapol’s head couldn’t be saved even if the 20 doctors were there, let alone that they were left in the village when Wapol ran away… he didn’t bring them back with him.

Pulling the Senbonzakura and putting it back in the scabbard, Ian sighed slightly.

Although he has considered the subsequent impact of the assassination before, Ian did it without hesitation.

Because he has a plan for this island…!

It’s been a long time since he became Shichibukai and found a foothold on Travolta island, and the Whitebeard Pirates didn’t come after him. Moreover, according to the news from the outside, the Dragon Hunters and the whitebeard Pirates turned against each other because Ian had a conflict with one of Whitebeard’s sons. From the time he heard the news, Ian guessed that Teach may not be dead!

This actually made Ian very confused. His blade did pierce through Blackbeard’s heart, he was sure that he didn’t miss, but he didn’t know why, Teach didn’t die… What went wrong with his attempt of murdering that bastard!!??

It was because Teach was still alive that the Whitebeard Pirates didn’t declare war against the dragon hunters.

In this case, Ian guessed that there might be a great chance of a defection. After all, the Whitebeard Pirates is the largest group of the Four Emperors (Yonko). If the Dark-Dark Fruit appears, it will still be obtained by the Whitebeard Pirates.

Of course, Ian doesn’t know whether the butterfly effect he caused will affect this matter. If the Dark-Dark Fruit appears, and Thatch wasn’t the one who gets it, but instead Teach obtains it, then… no one will know what that guy would do.

In any case, Ian’s calculation is based on the worst possibilities, that is, if the story takes its normal course, then Teach will still come and visit the Drum island when he is running away from the hunt. Well, there seems to be another island that he went to, Jaya Island. These two places are the only islands Ian remembered Teach landed on.

Since Ian tried to assassinate Teach, their hatred has escalated. Whether it is Ian or Teach, they regard each other as a bone in the throat. Knowing that Teach is very dangerous, Ian still tends to kill this guy in the early stages.

So, maybe he can prepare an ambush for him here!? Wait for Teach to come to this island, while hiding in the bushes, hehe! Then, huuaa, Ian jumped out, shouting Demacia!!! While thrusting his blade into his skull… this guy would for sure be scared to death…

Since it is decided to return to this island again, then it is better to remove an obstacle like Wapol. If there is an idiot roaming around, then he may disturb his plan.

Of course, Ian didn’t know whether his idea is perfect or not. His thoughts were actually vague, so he could only do what he thinks is right…

Due to the harsh weather, Drum Island is sparsely populated, so there were not many troops under Wapol. After Ian killed him, the whole castle was completely empty… Maybe Kureha will live here after Ian leaves? However, he wasn’t sure if the people of this island will choose Dalton as King or not…

Ian thought about it, and then planned to go to the castle and search for Wapol’s treasures. Gold, silver, and jewelry were too heavy to carry around, the only thing that matters to Ian was Berries’ banknote.

However, just when Ian wanted to enter the castle, the System suddenly started talking, telling Ian: “Conflict source of energy is detected, do the host want to absorb its power?”

This sudden and inexplicable hint stunned Ian: What the hell!!??

The so-called conflict, Ian knows that it refers only to the Devil Fruits, but the question is, did Ian just stumble upon a Devil Fruit!?

“Hey System, is this a glitch or something!?” Ian couldn’t help but ask.

However, the System still insisted that conflict forces have been detected!

Ian searched his body and wanted to find out what’s going on. As a result, when he looked in his pocket, he got stunned!

He remembered that when he was in the village, Chopper, the little guy handed him an apple, could it be that the system is talking about it?

Thinking of this, Ian quickly took the apple out, and at first glance, he became dumbfounded!

When Chopper handed him the apple, Ian was so sure that it was a normal apple, red and had a smooth surface, but at this moment, the apple Ian took out from his pocket turned out to be a strange one with spiral lines on the surface!

And the spiral pattern on it, Ian knew at a glance that it was the unique texture of the Devil Fruits!

Ian looked at the devil fruit from his pocket and was really confused… How did this happen? How did this apple suddenly turn into a Devil Fruit!?

Staring at the apple-shaped Devil Fruit in his hand, then looking back and forth at Wapol’s lying corpse… at this moment, Ian had a possible thought.

Wapol is not the first Devil Fruit User killed by Ian, but he seemed to be the first Devil Fruit User to be killed when Ian was carrying a fruit!!!

Could it be said that after Wapol’s death, his originally owned Devil Fruit power was transferred to the apple he was carrying?

Ian was really confused, although he is skeptical, this is still incredible, because as he knows, the power of Devil Fruits will regenerate anywhere in the world after the death of its possessor. This is was he knows about the emergence of Devil Fruits.

However, he never thought that such a thing could be possible… or is this just a chance!

Ian took Devil Fruit in his hand and observed it carefully for a while. Just by looking at its appearance, he didn’t know whether this Devil Fruit was the Munch-Munch Fruit of Wapol. If it was, then Ian’s guess could be correct. When a Devil Fruit User dies, and if there is an object nearby (such as a similar fruit) that can be used to contain the power of Devil Fruit, then this power will be transferred to the corresponding carrier!

And Ian guessed that this carrier might not be limited to fruit. He still remembered the sword “Funkfreed” that Spandam carries. By some means this sword was regarded as a carrier, this elephant sword was formed by transferring the power of Elephant-Elephant Fruit to Spandam’s sword!!!

And thinking about it carefully, this idea could very likely be true. The devil fruits must have some kind of law. Otherwise, if it is generated randomly in any corner of the world, then how do the World scientists study the artificial devil fruits and let inanimate objects gain such power?

Throwing the apple-like Devil Fruit in the air, he originally wanted to let the System absorb its power and improve his basic attributes, but on second thought, he hesitated, thinking about whether he should find someone to eat it and verify his theory? If the person who eats it gains the Munch-Munch Fruit’s Ability, then Ian will start carrying a fruit with him when he is going to fight a Devil Fruit User, so that he can continuously collect Devil Fruits!?

Putting the apple-shaped Devil Fruit back into his pocket, Ian walked into the castle and began his research.

He didn’t expect that such a strange phenomenon would occur when he killed Wapol, the weird transformation of the apple handed by Chopper, inadvertently let Ian know a little about the secrets of the Devil Fruits… Is this the protagonist Aura or what?

After searching Wapol’s castle, Ian was depressed to find that there were not many treasures and even little money. Ian looked for a long time and found only a few million Berries.

Thinking of Wapol’s ability to eat anything, Ian felt agitated thinking that this fool has eaten most of it. Did this idiot treat gold, silver, and coins as snacks!?

How low is his IQ to do such a thing?

Ian, who didn’t have much to gain, could only walk out of the castle, find a ropeway connecting the ground, and get down…

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