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S.C.S Chapter 319: The appearance of another fruit

When Ian came down from the mountain and returned to the village, Kureha and Chopper were still waiting there.

“Where’s Wapol? Did you kill him?” Kureha asked Ian as soon as she saw him.

The head of the village and a group of villagers were also looking forward to hearing good news from Ian.

The people of this country have already had enough of Wapol’s Tyranny, he’s just a stupid and cruel King, but unfortunately, they couldn’t stand against him, so the only hope they had was for a Hero to come visit and free them from his cruelty. Ian looked at the eyes of these people, and from nowhere a sudden thought came to his mind: Justice Pao!

Well, there are some violations, but it roughly means that no matter which world he was in, the people stay all the same. It is precisely because ordinary people are unable to stand for themselves and take justice with their hands, so they all look forward to the arrival of a hero who can give them justice…

So in the face of these people, Ian had to nod and say: “Don’t worry, you will never see his stupid face again, you can rebuild a peaceful country.”

“That’s greeaaat!” The villagers suddenly burst with loud cheers, and some others started crying.

This village is a lucky one. It is said that in other villages, many people died because of the damn hunt of the island’s doctors. They got sick and couldn’t get effective treatment… Therefore, when they heard that Wapol died, their first reaction was to take a long sigh of relief.

Ian looked at the cheering and celebrating people and didn’t want to bother them, he just turned to Kureha and said: “That bastard Wapol… he ate all the books in his castle, the problem is that even after consuming all this knowledge he didn’t get any smarter, not even a bit… Damn it! I couldn’t find any medical books, Dr. Kureha, it seems that I must seek your help!”

“Really!?” Kureha placed her hands on her waist and said with a smile: “Huh! You want to know my secrets, how am I staying this young, right?”

“No…! Can I get some of your medical notes!” Ian said. “The doctor in my pirate group asked me to bring back some medical-related stuff.”

Kureha smiled and said: “That’s no problem! Come with me! Chopper let’s go!”

“Yes!” Chopper answered happily and turned into a reindeer form. Kureha took Ian on a sled and ran toward her residence, while the village chief brought the residents to see Ian off.

After galloping all the way to Kureha’s residence, she began to look for books that Ian could take away, and Ian sat on a chair waiting.

Chopper hid behind the door, revealing the majority of his body, peeking at Ian, he wanted to come up and talk to Ian, but he was shy and a bit scared.

Seeing this, Ian waved to him and said: “Chopper, what are you doing?”

Chopper had to walk out coyly, came to Ian, looked up, and asked: “I… can I know your name?”

Ian smiled and said, “Didn’t Dr. Kureha tell you?”

Chopper shook his head: “Doctorine didn’t answer me!”

Ian reached out and said to Chopper: “My name is Ian, and I’m a pirate, what about you!?”

Chopper happily stretched out his hoof and said, “I am Tony Tony Chopper! I am now studying medicine with Doctorine.”

Ian took Chopper’s hoof and shook it twice. He felt that Chopper’s hoof was warm and cozy.

“You are Pirate from the outside… what’s the outside world like?” After shaking his hand, Chopper glared at Ian with his big cute eyes and asked curiously.

“If you want to know this bad, why don’t you just go out and have a look?” Ian said with a smile.

“Oohh!? Can I go out, too?” Chopper was a little surprised.

“Of course… isn’t it okay for you to be a pirate?” Ian said: “One day, you will meet a companion you can get along with. Then you better leave this island with him and have a look at the outside world!”

At this time, Kureha walked in with a pile of books and said to Ian: “Boy, I thought you were going to abduct this little bastard from me!”

Ian lightly smiled, and shook his head… he wasn’t thinking about taking him!

In fact, up to now, Ian has met several of Luffy’s companions. At the beginning, he wanted to take Nami as his sailor, but later, he discovered that Luffy’s partners may not be suitable for him… this goes for Nami, and Sanji! Ian’s character was so different from Luffy’s, so he can’t motivate them and make them eager to join his team, so even if he encountered Chopper now, Ian didn’t consider taking him in.

The Dragon Hunters aren’t lacking doctors. Ian himself has a card with a powerful healing ability, so Chopper’s medical skills are superfluous to him.

From another point of view, Luffy’s companions are the same as Zoro’s, and as his older brother, Ian is always worried about Zoro, he knows that he may suffer a lot of injuries in the future, so with Chopper in their team, Zoro’s safety should be guaranteed.

However, Ian didn’t know if with the fuss he made on Drum Island, will Chopper still go with Luffy in the future?

Ian can’t control these things, so he doesn’t want to think too much about them… Now that his job was done here, Ian started planning his departure. He has to go to Alabasta, but he has a faint feeling of anxiety. In Hawkins’ divination, the so-called danger has not yet been fulfilled, so Ian wants to finish his work and go back early.

Kureha put the medical books she found in a small box and handed it to Ian. Ian took the box and found it very heavy, so he told her, “Thank you!”

“With my pleasure!” Kureha said: “But boy, I liked you more when you called me, Beauty!”

“haha!” Ian smirked, and said, “Okay, Beautiful, do you want me to introduce you to a nice man? I have a great mature man in my crew!”

Ian was naturally talking about uncle Fujitora… Given Fujitora’s age, he still deserves the term “mature”!?

“F#ck off!” Kureha took a sip from the wine bottle on the table and said, “The men who seek my approval can line up from here to the bottom of the mountain. Why would I ever need someone to introduce me to another guy!?”

Ian laughed, put the bear ear cap on his head, picked up the box, and said: “Goodbye!” Then he walked out of her house.

With the crisp bell sound on Ian’s wrist, his figure gradually disappeared into the snowy weather. Kureha and Chopper stood at the door, and after listening to the fainting bell sound, Chopper suddenly opened his mouth, enviously: “Doctorine, Dr. Hiriluk was right, Pirates are really the most romantic people in the world!”

As a result, Kureha gave Chopper a punch on the head and said: “Fool! Do you even know what romance is? If you don’t go back now and study well, I will reconsider taking you in, and by then everyone will think that you are a slow learner!”

With a smile, Chopper reached out to fix his hat, but he was not depressed. He look to the horizon and said: “Doctor Ian is right. One day, I will find a great companion and we will go out to the sea together as pirates!”

In such a short period, Ian left a deep impression in Chopper’s mind. He will never forget the cherry blossoms blooming on the top of the mountain and the crisp bell sound when he moved, plus he even called him, doctor Ian!

Because in Chopper’s philosophy, doctors are the most amazing people, just like Dr. Hiriluk, and Doctorine. On this day, Ian has become another person who makes Chopper embarrassed with his kindness…..

When Ian returned to the port, he found that his boat had been filled with bags of food. Needless to say, it must have been placed in by the villagers to thank him, and such a deed made Ian very happy.

Therefore, he once again raised the sail and went on his way, moving in the direction indicated by the Eternal Pose, towards Alabasta.

However, what Ian didn’t know was that when he killed Wapol and the apple in his pocket turned into a Devil Fruit, another crucial Devil Fruit appeared in the New World!

This is the food warehouse at the bottom of a pirate ship, in which piles of wooden crates are stacked.

Generally speaking, the warehouse at the bottom of the ship is usually divided into two types, one is the ammunition warehouse, and the other is the food bank for storing alcohol and food. For those who sail on the sea all year round, the vitamins and proteins needed to maintain a healthy body generally come from wine and food, especially fresh fruit, but this supply is the most difficult to preserve.

Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of fresh fruit is about a week, and it should be placed in the refrigerator to stay fresh a little longer. According to this situation, it is better to choose canned food for long-term navigation.

However, many ships usually bring a few boxes of fresh fruit when replenishing, because most of the time, they eat canned food, so they get tired of it quickly. Therefore, every time they set sail after replenishment, the people on board eat fresh fruit first, and then canned food.

At this time, a violent sway shook the hull, and the stacked boxes started vibrating and two boxes fell. Due to the high altitude, the top box was smashed when it fell.

The things inside the box sent out a strong scent of fruit at the moment when they fell out. This box was filled with pineapples. Since they were stored together, these pineapples have changed from the first green color to golden, emitting an attractive taste.

However, in this layer of golden fruits, a purple quirky fruit was strangely mixed within!

This purple fruit was made up of many small teardrop-shaped components with swirl patterns.

If someone sees this purple fruit among the pineapples in the food store, it will immediately attract his attention, but at this moment, no one on this Pirate Ship would care to check the situation in the warehouse!

Another violent shock struck again, and the entire pirate Ship was swaying, and there were bursts of shouting and screams on the deck.

Obviously, this pirate ship was under attack by a strong enemy!

On the deck, a large number of pirates have been cut and laying on the ground, and the smell of blood permeated the whole deck. All the pirates that fall to the ground have the same tattoos, which means that they are members of the same pirate group, and their death means that this pirate group has been destroyed.

Their opponent’s ships surrounded them all around, a total of four ships.

These four ships, all under a unified flag, were a symbol of horror in the new world.

They were the Whitebeard Pirates!

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