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S.C.S Chapter 320: Is this a sign?

“Ca… Captain! We… we gonna die!”

In the corner of the deck, in a hiding place behind piles of wooden barrels, two figures were hiding there. One of the crew members with a broken hand was crying and whispering to a man wearing a captain’s hat: “Why… Why didn’t we surrender?”

The captain was holding a pistol in his hand, but at this moment, he held his head and said in horror: “It’s not… it’s not that simple! Even if we did surrender, the Whitebeard Pirates won’t let us go! “

“I knew that we shouldn’t rob that merchant ship…” The sailor cried: “Fck! I… I don’t want to die!”

Just as the sailor finished this sentence, he suddenly heard a voice: “If you don’t want to die, then kill your captain… if you do so, you will live!”

When this voice came, the sailor and the captain were shocked. They quickly turned and looked back, only to find that the battle on the ship was over.

Those who resisted have been killed, and all the people who surrendered have been captured. The Whitebeard Pirates have already occupied the ship, and the one standing in front of them is a man dressed in a white posh uniform, with calf-long pants and a black belt around his waist, and had brown hair…

“Tha… Captain Thatch! Please let me go!” The captain immediately knelt down and begged.

Thatch pulled out a comb and leisurely brushed his brown pompadour hair, casually saying: “You are the captain of the Scar group… Tsk! I’ve heard of more than a dozen pirate gangs with such violent names… but only yours was bold enough…! You knew that the merchant ship was sheltered by the Whitebeard Pirates. And you still dared to ransack it? Plus you killed all the people on the ship. Did you think we can’t find out who did it?”

The captain’s mouth was moving, but he didn’t utter a word, then he desperately slammed his head on the deck, again and again… He didn’t even stop when his forehead got hurt and started bleeding.

“Since you dared to go against the Whitebeard Pirates, you should be aware of the consequences!” Thatch put away his comb and looked at the sailor with a broken-armed and said, “What I told you before is true!”

Upon hearing the promise of Thatch, the sailor behind the captain suddenly changed his expression and became unusually fierce. Without the slightest hesitation, he used his remaining arm, raised his sword, and stabbed his captain’s chest from the back!

“You Bas…Bastard!” The captain’s eyes narrowed, slowly turned around with his last amount of strength, looking at the crew member. The betrayal of his man didn’t surprise him, he just said: “You… you think, you… you can survive?”

After saying this, the captain fell to the ground and died.

The sailor breathed heavily, his eyes were so bloody, and his face was ferocious. He didn’t care about his captain. All he was thinking about now is just how he could survive.

Watching this scene, Thatch couldn’t help shaking his head, and said to the crew members gathered behind him: “Empty the ship!”

“Yes! Captain Thatch!” The Whitebeard Pirates laughed heartily and started to execute…

This time, only the Fourth Division were sent out. The so-called scar Pirate Group daringly attacked a merchant ship under the banner of Whitebeard Pirates and killed every living soul on it. When the news reached the Whitebeard Pirates, the old man was furious!

How long has it has been since the Whitebeard Pirates encountered such a serious provocation?

With the order of Oyaji, Thatch’s Fourth Division went out and hunted the scar pirates…

However, they didn’t waste much effort to annihilate this group. Under the leadership of Thatch, the Fourth Division completed their task perfectly.

Everyone must payback, after crossing the limits… especially when you are a pirate, even if you don’t have the needed amount of strength or fame, the most important thing that you should have is great eyesight! The scar Pirates provoked the Whitebeard pirates without considering the consequences, so it’s easy to imagine their outcomes…

All the loot on their ship was taken away as booty, including all the things in the two warehouses.

Thatch was originally sitting on the side of the ship, brushing his hair. At this time, a crew member ran over breathlessly and said: “Captain Thatch! Come with me, we found something in the storeroom that you should see!”

“Oh?” Thatch raised his eyebrows, and told a sailor nearby: “Keep an eye at this guy!” Then he followed the guy who came looking for him into the cabin.

The pirate with the broken arm, who had assassinated his captain, did not dare to move a muscle when the whitebeard Pirates were watching him like a tiger watching his prey…

Thatch followed his crewmate downstairs, then he understood why he said that they had found something good.

Besides the broken boxes, a purple Devil Fruit was laying on the ground, which looked so prominent.

“Haaa!” When Thatch saw this Devil Fruit, he burst into laughter and walked over to pick it up. After observing it carefully, he said, “This Scar Pirate group is not that frivolous after all. I didn’t expect them to hide such an amazing thing!”

With this Devil Fruit, Thatch returned to the deck and asked the sailor with the broken arm: “Where did you get this?”

The sailor looked at the Devil Fruit in Thatch’s hand cluelessly and shook his head: “I… I have no idea!”

In fact, he really didn’t know how this Devil Fruit appeared. What happened to it or where did it come from was a mystery… Actually, no one in this group has seen it before, as if it suddenly popped up from nowhere…

After asking some other questions, Thatch didn’t obtain anything useful, so he just moved on and didn’t care much.

However, the members of the Fourth Division were sincerely happy for Thatch. Although their Captain was already very powerful, he is not a Devil Fruit User. Now he unexpectedly obtained a Devil Fruit because of this mission, which means that the strength of the Fourth Division will certainly rise.

All the crew members know that there is a general rule on-board Whitebeard’s ship is that any commander who happens to find a Devil Fruit is free to consume it! Unless the person who found it is originally a Devil Fruit User, then it will be handed over to the old man.

The pirate who came bearing the news said excitedly: “Captain Thatch, I don’t know what type of Devil Fruit is this. But if it is a Logia, just like the fruit of Captain Ace, you will be so powerful!”

When he heard Ace’s name, Thatch couldn’t help but smile.

Although because of Ian’s betrayal, Ace was scolded by the old man when Teach woke up, he was still worthy of being a son of the Whitebeard, one of his favorite… In recent months, Ace has made a lot of great contributions to the Whitebeard Pirate Group. After his redemption, Oyaji asked Thatch and the other commanders for their opinions, and made Ace the captain of the Second Division…

In fact, Thatch knew in his heart that if Ian was willing to join the Whitebeard Pirates, maybe Oayji would ask Ian to fill this position, but helpless, Ian did something unforgivable, which caused a conflict between the two sides.

They heard that Ian, after becoming a Shichibukai, occupied an island in the New World. They don’t know how he is now… It’s been a few months since Teach’s incident, and maybe Oyaji’s rage has decreased or disappeared by now. Maybe Ace will take a vacation to secretly go visit Ian!?

Having that said, Teach was actually doing fine. Although he almost died in his spar with Ian, however, unexpectedly he didn’t hold any grudges to Ace. He went back to his original self, talking and laughing with everyone, even Ace. When Oyaji selected Ace to become the captain of the second division, he even took the initiative to support this decision, and didn’t ask to be the commander instead! No one knew what Ian was thinking at the time, and why did he do such a thing to Teach…

Thinking of this, Thatch shook his head, temporarily put aside the idea, holding the Devil Fruit, and order his crew to get ready and sail back.

After all the members of the Fourth Division boarded the ship, someone curiously asked Thatch: “Captain, what about the guy with the broken arm? Are you really letting him go?” (T/N: I totally forgot about this guy! xD)

Thatch coldly snorted, said: “I just said that I won’t kill him! But even If I let him live, the rudder of their ship has been blasted, and everything on board, including food, has been taken away. So, I want to see how he can survive in this condition!”

The pirates of the Fourth Division couldn’t help but follow Thatch’s words, and then they murmured. “Well, if that guy did not starve to death, I’m sure that he will go crazy after a short period?”

“If he was a bit tougher and resisted until the end, maybe I will consider saving him!” Thatch said: “But from the moment he stabbed his captain without the slightest hesitation, his fate has already decided! Those who betray their companions and their captain will always have the same cruel end! This is the rule of the Whitebeard Pirates!”

Everyone listened and nodded, so they stopped talking and set sail to get back to the residence of the Whitebeard Pirates. (Huh!!!???)

On the boundless sea, a ragged pirate ship floated on the surface, with a broken mast and a wailing sailor…

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