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S.C.S Chapter 321: leading the wolf into the room

“The Fourth Division is back! Captain Thatch is back!”

In the harbor where the Whitebeard Pirates were stationed, on the flagship Moby Dick, a loud voice was shouting, and the whole ship was boiling.

The Fourth Division successfully completed their task and returned, and the people who stayed on the Moby Dick naturally came to greet him.

In fact, it doesn’t deserve much attention or effort to exterminate a worthless group such as the Scar Pirates. With the Strength of Whitebeard Pirates, any commander can easily take them down. However, the reason why the arrival of Thatch this time caused a stir, is that before he returned, everyone had already heard that Thatch had obtained a Devil Fruit from the enemy ship.

Among the Whitebeard Pirates, there are still many people with devil fruit power, and this group had a wide variety of abilities. It’s not an unusual thing for a commander to obtain a Devil Fruit, but the exciting part of this is to find out what kind of Devil Fruit Thatch got… so when he returned, many people gathered around to see at least its appearance.

When Thatch jumped on the Moby Dick, he was treated like a Hero, and his companions cheered him up.

Thatch is not an ostentatious person. Facing this welcome, he waved his hand awkwardly.

Today, most of the commanders were on the flagship, Ace was also there, he was holding a big meat bone in his hand, eating it cheerfully, when he saw Thatch, he walked over, placed his hand around his neck, and asked: “Thatch, have you eaten the devil fruit you got?”

“Not yet! I haven’t decided whether to eat it or not!” Thatch answered.

“Oh!? Then take it out and show it to everybody!” Flower Sword, Vista tilted his beard and said with a smile: “Let’s have a look at it. If we recognize what fruit it is, that would be great!”

“Yeah, that’s right!” The other commanders agreed with him.

Among the crowd, Teach, although he was eating food at the table, he kept watching Thatch, he was very curious about this matter, and he didn’t know what Devil Fruit Thatch got.

And the Whitebeard was also on board, holding a wine barrel with one hand, drinking it while looking at his sons, he was in a happy mood.

This kind of joyful atmosphere was the favorite of the Whitebeard.

At the request of the public, Thatch was hopeless, he had to take out the small box containing the Devil Fruit, open it, and hold it in his hands for everyone to see.

“Oh, a purple one?” Everyone observed the Devil Fruit with glowing eyes: “I have never seen a Devil Fruit in this color and shape!”

Although they said that they wanted to help Thatch identify his fruit, in fact, most of the present people haven’t seen more than one Devil Fruit, they were just fooling around, and Ace was one of them.

“The Mera Mera no Mi that I had eaten was red!” Ace snorted and raised his hand while chewing.

“The one I ate was blue!” Another person raised his hand.

People who have eaten a Devil Fruit have started talking and describing their color and appearance…

However, there was only one person who stared at the Devil Fruit in Thatch’s hand, and his eyes showed an inexplicable ferocity.

This person is Marshall D. Teach!

When he saw the Devil Fruit in Thatch’s hand, Teach’s mind was flashed with a blue bolt!

A crazy voice roared in his mind: “That’s it! That’s it! This is the fruit!”

How many years? How many years have I been waiting on this ship!? It finally appeared!?

But… why!? Why do you get it, not me… Thatch, you fking bastard!!!

If I had known this, I would’ve gone with Thatch on this mission!

Teach lowered his head, for fear that his eyes would be seen by others. After pressing down his crazy desire a bit, he dared to raise his head again and look at Thatch.

At this moment, Teach was actually desperate. His original judgment was indeed correct. This fruit was really obtained by the Whitebeard Pirates, but after a huge gamble of its appearance, he wasn’t the person who had his hands on it!

For a time, Teach was a little disheartened, thinking about whether he should stay in Whitebeard Pirates for a lifetime…

However, at this time, Ace and the others around Thatch, after talking about it for half a day, no one could recognize the fruit, so they squatted and asked Thatch to eat the devil fruit, and see what kind of fruit it was…

As a result, Thatch was a bit embarrassed by this request, so scratching his head, he said: “But… I haven’t decided whether to eat it or not, I don’t want to lose my ability to swim!”

Except for those who don’t know and mistakenly eat a Devil Fruit, many people will hesitate when they face such a decision. Especially that Thatch has witnessed the transformation of many family members who ate a Devil Fruit, so he has a clear idea!

First of all, this fruit is unpalatable, and everyone said it has a disgusting taste! Ace also described the taste of the Flame-Flame Fruit to Ian when the latter tricked him into eating it… his exact words were “barbecued stool”.

Secondly, because of the side effect of the devil fruit, the consumer will become a “land duck”, and he will also be affected by the Kairoseki. As a pirate who has been surfing the sea for a long time, it is quite a sensitive matter to lose the ability to swim.

As for the last problem, that’s the fruit’s ability. Since they weren’t able to identify this devil fruit, then it will be risky to consume it. Because it may be the Rat-Rat fruit or the chicken-chicken fruit… Such examples are not uncommon…

So that’s why Thatch was hesitating now…

As soon as they heard Thatch say no, Ace and the rest suddenly collapsed, slamming their faces on the ground. After a second, everyone stood up unwillingly, and with a dissatisfied expression, they all wanted to see something new…

In the back, only Teach, after hearing this sentence, looked revived!

Ace was a little unwilling and said to Thatch: “Just eat it! What’s the big deal!? As you can see, I am also a Devil Fruit user, we can be the same!”

Listening to Ace’s persuasion, Teach was shocked… he was afraid that because of his words, Thatch would change his mind and eat the devil fruit on the spot, so he turned his eyes, opened his ugly mouth, and laughed: “Captain Ace, this fruit belongs to Thatch, after all, don’t force him to do something he doesn’t want, let him think about it freely, then he will decide to consume it or not!”

Ace was a little confused: “Teach, don’t you wonder what powers it carries?”

“Huh, curious! Why would I be!?” Teach took a bite of his food and said: “Isn’t it that obvious? There are just three options… if it is Logia, it will not be stronger than your Flame-Flame Fruit. If it is Paramecia, it certainly can’t be compared with the old man’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit, but if it is Zoan, you should consider the possibilities, what if it turns out to be a mouse fruit, we will call him ‘Thatch mouse’ in the future!”

As he spoke, Teach pretended to make himself laugh, held his belly, smiled, and bent over.

He forced the joke, and said these words to make Thatch think twice before acting, but no one felt that he was making it awkward or being impolite, because Teach after all has been with Oyaji for more than 20 years, and all the commanders know that he’s a part of this family! It’s common for them to joke about everything.

Therefore, not only did they not doubt his words, but they also laughed with him.

Moreover, everyone thought that what Teach said was reasonable. In the Whitebeard Pirate group, Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit is the top fruit of its department, and in case it was Paramecia, Oyaji’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit is considered the strongest in the world. Who dares to claims that he has a fruit from this department that can surpass his? Being misled by Teach, the sailors around suddenly felt that this fruit was not powerful.

Only the Whitebeard looked at Teach a little strangely, he felt that there was something wrong with Teach’s words.

However, when everyone called his Tremor-Tremor Fruit the strongest Paramecia fruit, the old man’s mind was somewhat distorted. He suddenly thought of Ian’s powers, after his departure, the name of his fruit has gradually spread out. Of what department is his Cryptocurrency fruit!? Obviously, it should be Paramecia, but he can use Thunder and fire just like Logia users. This made the Whitebeard think that the strongest Paramecia ability may not be his Tremor-Tremor Fruit, but Ian’s Cryptocurrency……?

It was because of this distraction that he stopped wondering about Teach’s behavior…

After confusing the crowd, no one urged Thatch to eat his Devil Fruit anymore. They got together and laughed for a while. After they had a lot of fun with Thatch, they dispersed.

Thatch just came back from his mission, and naturally, he needed a rest. When everyone dispersed, he planned to go back to his ship and take a break. However, what he didn’t expect was that soon after he entered his room, someone came knocking on his door.

Opening the door, Thatch found a fellow standing outside the door with a harmless face and a simple grin, it was the one and only Teach, carrying a big barrel in his hand!

“Thatch! My brother, I came to have a drink with you!” Teach raised his hand and said, “In any case, the Devil Fruit you got is at least worth a lot of money, this is worth celebrating!”

After listening to Teach, Thatch laughed and said: “You are totally right… Come in!”

Thatch got out of the way and let Teach in, but what he didn’t know was that he was “leading the wolf into the room”…

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