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S.C.S Chapter 322: the emergence of the Blackbeard

In the cabin, in Thatch’s room, it was already dark…

Looking at Thatch who was lying on the table, Teach couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, he has been drinking with Thatch since this afternoon, but finally, he made Thatch faint.

Teach has great resistance and capacity for drinking alcohol, and when they were drinking, he was always pretending and drinking as little as possible, so even though he was a little drunk, Teach was still sober. After hearing Thatch’s snoring, Teach immediately took action.

He began to rummage in the room, and very easily, he found the Devil Fruit.

Holding the fruit, the simplicity and honesty that Teach had been pretending to have finally disappeared. He looked at this Devil Fruit and laughed: “Ziahahha, the Dark-Dark Fruit! I finally got you!”

After staying with the Whitebeard Pirates for more than 20 years, his desire of getting this fruit has finally come true.

Looking back at Thatch, Teach couldn’t help but reveal a mocking smile: “This fool got the best Devil Fruit, and didn’t eat it right away… It seems that there is a God looking after me! Zihahahaa!!”

After laughing at Thatch’s greatest mistake, he took the Devil Fruit, and munched it straight away!

There was an indescribable disgusting taste in his mouth, which made Teach frown, but he insisted on chewing the bite of the fruit twice and swallowed it, then threw away the rest of the devil fruit.

He knows very well that taking one bite would be enough to gain the Devil Fruit’s powers. It’s not a necessity to eat the whole fruit, and that won’t change anything. Ace was fooled and ate the entire Flame-Flame Fruit. This matter made many people in the group laugh heavily at him, and Teach didn’t want to be like the idiot Ace.

“Zihahaha!” Teach looked at his clenched fist, revealed his toothless gums, and laughed: “Power! Strength! I can feel them soaring up! This is amazing!”

Under the excitement, Teach didn’t think much. Instead, he directly went to test his newly acquired strength in the same room.

Stretching his fingers, a black hole was formed in his palm, everything in Thatch’s room started shaking, and then a brush and some other object started getting pulled, moving towards Teach’s palms.

“So strong! This is a very powerful ability!” Teach laughed heartily, his eyes were glowing with excitement.

He was so excited that he totally forgot that there was another person in the room! Thatch had already passed out, but Teach went all out testing his ability in his companion’s room and sucked away the table he was lying on, which made Thatch slam his head on the ground.

After hitting his head, Thatch opened his eyes slowly, drunkenly seeing the room was a mess, then he woke up, sat on the ground and saw Teach laughing on the side.

“Teach! waa… what are you doing?” Thatch didn’t understand what was going on, and couldn’t help asking.

When he heard this voice, Teach was stunned and turned around, and at the same time, something rolled past Thatch. It was nothing else that the Devil Fruit bitten by Teach!

At this moment, Thatch and Teach looked at each other with a stunned expression.

“Wha… what’s going on?” Thatch was still a bit confused.

However, Teach reacted instantly. His expression became ferocious. He pulled out his sharp claw weapon and wore it on his fist. Then he bent down and slammed his fist on Thatch’s back!

This punch came so suddenly, and Thatch never thought that as a companion, Teach would consider hurting him! So he was unprepared, and he was directly pierced by Teach’s sharp claw!

He didn’t even have time to use his armored Haki…

Poof! Thatch spewed a mouthful of blood, turned his head and looked at Teach in disbelief.

At this time, Teach’s eyes were filled with hatred that he had never seen before… What kind of eyes are there!? Crazy, ferocious, hideous, full of ambition and desire! Is this Teach who I’ve known for so many years? Why does he look like a completely different person!?

With the slashing sound, Teach slowly pulled out his sharp claw, and a lot of blood began to gush out of Thatch’s wound. Finally, after a moment of silence, a pool of blood circled the poor guy on the ground… Thatch looked at Teach with angry eyes, but his body gradually became cold, and he eventually lost consciousness.

In fact, if someone finds him in time and starts rescuing Thatch, then he may survive… However, after striking his friend, Teach adjusted his breath, walked out of the cabin, and closed the door, then after reaching the deck, he said to the pirates of the Fourth Division: “Captain Thatch has drunk too much, and he is resting right now, so don’t bother him.”

Teach used to drink with Thatch regularly, so the pirates under his command did not suspect a thing, they just nodded.

Teach left the ship of the Fourth Division on a small boat. Others thought he was going back to Moby Dick, but Teach took advantage of the dim night, and quietly drove away from the port, getting farther and farther away from Moby Dick.

“Zihahaahaha! I can finally leave this damned group!” After rowing away, Teach finally burst into laughter.

Teach has been a son of the Whitebeard for more than 20 years. Other team leaders have long regarded him as a family member or a brother, but what they didn’t know was that Teach never considered them as even his friends. Teach never thought of staying with them longer than he needed.

The so-called wolf ambition refers to a person like Teach. Although he endured his stay and adapted to their style of life, once he got what he truly desire, and his ambition hidden under the thick layer of simplicity and honestly suddenly broke free.

Not only did he forget all the good memories with the Whitebeard Pirates, he mercilessly attacked and betrayed his closest friend, Thatch!

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for waking up at the wrong time!” This was Teach’s last words to Thatch.

After getting the power of the Dark-Dark Fruit, Teach didn’t have any reason to stay with the Whitebeard Pirates. He knew that under the Whitebeard’s aura, he would never achieve his dreams.

“From now on, I will be called the Blackbeard!” Teach laughed arrogantly and nicknamed himself, which indirectly exposed his ambition to reach and surpass Whitebeard’s reputation.


The crewmembers of the Fourth Division didn’t notice anything strange about Thatch until the following day, when a few pirates knocked on his door and wanted to call Thatch up for breakfast, they found something wrong…

There was no response to their knock, and there was a faint scent of blood. They were alerted, and ran into the room immediately.

As soon as they opened the door, they found Thatch’s body lying on the ground, and it was ice-cold.

Captain Thatch was dead! The people of the Fourth Division were so horrified that they quickly called the ship doctor and sent someone to Moby Dick to inform Oyaji about this!

In just a few minutes, the entire Whitebeard Pirates were alarmed, and all of the Team commanders immediately rushed to the Fourth Division’s ship, and the Whitebeard came later.

“What the hell is going on?”

Looking at Thatch’s body, Oyaji was so angry that his whole body started trembling, his powerful Haoshoku Haki accompanied by his mighty spirit, venting an unbearable aura, shocked the whole sky.

In the deck of the Fourth Division, the Whitebeard and the other Captains gradually learned about the whole story, and soon identified the suspect, Teach!

“Call for Teach, summon him right now, he must come and see me!” The old man roared, slamming his gigantic naginata on the deck, causing most of the hull to sink into the sea, which aroused huge waves when it bounced up.

Oyaji was furious, he didn’t expect that in a couple of months, two of his sons would get attacked like this…

First, Teach was seriously injured by Ian in their duel. Fortunately, Teach had a unique constitution, so he survived, but what Oyaji didn’t think of was that this son, who almost died, turned around and assassinated his other son!

At this moment, if Teach was in front of him, he would absolutely be killed after receiving one blow.

When Ian seriously injured Teach in their fight, Oyaji attacked him with all his might and baldy hurt him, then he said that if Teach dies, he will move all his troops to eliminate the Dragon Hunters.

Killing a companion is an unforgivable sin. Teach made such a mistake this time by killing Thatch directly!

The result of scanning the corpse soon came out. Thatch was attacked without any precautions or resistance, and then died of excessive blood loss. According to the situation described by the Fourth Division, Teach is definitely the murderer!

After committing such an unexplainable crime, the Whitebeard must go after the killer and punish Teach.

However, the news that followed surprised the Whitebeard and the commanders, no one could find Teach, he disappeared! He didn’t go back to Moby Dick last night, he fled!

Hearing this, the Whitebeard got so mad, he tried to move, but he suddenly stumbled, and almost fell.

Marco and Vista saw this and quickly supported him before he fell.

“That bastard! He betrayed his family, killing a brother is an unforgivable sin, and then he fled!” the Whitebeard’s health condition was already bad, and it was stimulated by the deeds of his son. He only felt that his heartbeat was getting stronger and stronger.

“Oyaji, don’t worry!” Marco said: “We will find Teach, then we will understand what happened.”

These were just empty words, Marco and the others know that it’s difficult to catch Teach. Teach escaped late at night. No one knew where he was heading! Moreover, Teach is alone now, it won’t be that easy to locate his whereabouts especially if he finds a place to hide.

Everyone was trying to calm down Oyaji! Ace was the only one standing beside him with a gloomy expression.

Teach killed Thatch and fled. Although this was a surprise to Ace, he thought of what Ian had told him before.

“Teach is a very dangerous person…”

It is precisely out of his trust in Ian that Ace didn’t really have a deep connection with Teach, just a superficial relationship, so for Teach’s betrayal, Ace didn’t feel anything losing fellow like him, but he and Thatch were good friends, which agitated him the most…

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