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S.C.S Chapter 323: Manifestation of influence

With the escape of Teach, and under such crisis, the Whitebeard Pirates ignored one thing, that is, the Devil Fruit that originally belonged to Thatch has disappeared!

The Dark-Dark Fruit, after taking a bite and throwing the rest in the room, was sucked into the black hole when Teach tested his ability, so no one thought of it at this time, and Teach had become Devil Fruit User, but everyone’s impression of Teach remained the same.

So, after Whitebeard’s treatment was just completed and his mood calmed down a bit, several commanders stood up and volunteered to hunt Teach down.

At this time, Ace stood up, said to his father: “Oyaji, let me go after Teach! After all, he is a member of my team, so I have an obligation to catch and bring him back for what he did!”

The impact of Ian’s influence finally came out at this time. Ace, as in the original story, asked the Whitebeard to hunt down Teach, but his emotions didn’t reach the reckless stage as they should be…

This was because his relationship with Teach was not that strong, so Teach’s behavior did not make him feel as bad as a close friend’s betrayal. He just wanted to get justice for his pal, Thatch.

When people are calm, they will consider things more comprehensively.

After hearing Ace’s request, the Whitebeard went silent for a moment, then said: “Forget it, Ace… I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about this…” (T/N: Woow, interesting!)

A bad hunch on the one hand, and more importantly, the Whitebeard all of a sudden thought of Ian!

Although the main story always has its inertia, the butterfly effect caused by Ian has begun to waver. Recalling the day Ian tried to assassinate Teach, Oyaji remembered the way Ian smiled when facing his questions: “You will know later…”

Looking back carefully, Ian actually had a good relationship with everyone in the Whitebeard Pirate group, but he was always wary of Teach, and during their fight, Ian broke through his barrier and unlocked his murderous intention, which almost killed Teach…

So, did that brat, Ian, notice something about Teach at that time!?

Judging from the situation of killing Thatch, Teach had definitely considered this a long time ago, and this was not a sudden mistake or something! Otherwise, Teach will not go specifically looking for Thatch to drink with him… In other words, everyone had been fooled by Teach’s honesty and simplicity.

Then recalling the strong punch that Teach landed on Ian at the moment of their collision, the huge force ejected Ian out of the ship, which made the Whitebeard more certain that Teach has been hiding a lot of things!

Damn it, even though Roger told me the truth behind the “D”, and after discovering that Teach also has the “d” in his name, he still kept him in his pirate group. However, none of them saw it coming, no one thought that Teach was faking it all this time! How powerful is he? What was he thinking all this time?

I was… wrong about Ian…!

The Whitebeard deeply sighed, with some remorse in his heart. Was that punch too heavy at that time?


He wanted to stop Ace from chasing Teach, but Ace shook his head and said, “Let me bring him back, Oyaji!”

The Whitebeard looked at Ace’s firm eyes, didn’t speak for a long time, and finally said: “Alright, you can go, but you must promise me one thing!”

“Yes, father!?” Ace nodded.

“Go find Ian before chasing Teach!” Whitebeard said: “Whether to work with him or consulting him, I don’t care, just promise me! Find him first!”

Ace was stunned, and then a happy smile appeared on his face, and he said: “With my pleasure!”

Marco and the others looked at Whitebeard in amazement. They didn’t expect that they would hear the name Ian again from Oyaji’s mouth.

In fact, since the last time Teach was seriously injured, no one dared to mention his name in front of the old man. Although the Whitebeard Pirates didn’t start a war with the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group because Teach survived, everyone knows that Ian tried to kill a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. So none of them dared to bring up this sensitive matter, and for this reason, even Marco and Vista didn’t mention Ian once in this period, they just occasionally remember him and the time they passed together when they drink…

Ace was unpleased with the situation, because he and Ian were brothers, and the territory that Ian claimed as his territory after becoming a Shichibukai wasn’t far from his location. Both of them were in the New World, but considering Oyaji’s feelings, Ace abstained from going to see Ian. The last time Ace left the group and went to Wano country, he obviously had the opportunity to go to Travolta and see Ian, but he didn’t, thinking that this may anger the Whitebeard.

But now, the old man himself mentioned Ian, and told Ace to meet him first, which means that he finally forgave Ian!

So similarly, Marco and the others also remembered the words that Ian said when he left. They couldn’t help but look a bit puzzled. Does Ian have the ability to predict the future? Did he notice something wrong with Teach long ago?

With this doubt, the other team leaders will no longer compete with Ace for this task. After all, Teach was a member of the Second Division, so Ace, as his Captain, has the obligation to make up for the mistakes of his members.

After some preparation, Ace drove his yellow raft out, and his first destination was not to follow the traces left by Teach, but to move in the direction of Travolta…

He plans to go find Ian first.

The yellow raft driven by Ace, spurted a sleek flame at the stern, and soon after his departure, on the Moby Dick, Marco crossing his hands could not help but ask Vista: “Have you noticed that Ace’s fire seems to be a little different from when he first joined us!?”

Vista nodded, while pulling his mustache, and said: “Yeah, I saw it, its color is a bit different… His current flame is somewhat white, and its temperature seems higher! I don’t know if his flame will completely turn white in the future?”

Marco curled his lips and said: “So what if it becomes white? It will never be as powerful as my Phoenix’ blue Flame!”

Listening to Marco’s rare arrogance, Vista lightly smiled, no comment…

After Ace left, the Whitebeard Pirates held a grand funeral for Thatch! After all, he was their beloved shy brother and one of the whitebeard’s sons, and the old man was very heartbroken about his death. This was the proper way to say goodbye to Thatch…

With that done, the news of the Fourth Division captain’s death has spread throughout the New World.

Similarly, the name of Marshall D. Teach has become known to the world. However, what’s interesting is that when people want to find out who Marshall D. Teach is, they are surprised that no one had seen or could find Teach’s Wanted Poster!

In other words, Teach’s current bounty is simply 0!

This is really incredible, a person who can kill Captain Thatch is definitely not a background character! Not to mention that Teach has stayed with the Whitebeard Pirates for 20 years!

This person stayed in the shadow for ages, and no one heard of him outside the group, which made countless people who heard the news shudder.

Marshall D. Teach is either an incompetent person, or… he is a dangerous, scheming man with extreme darkness in his heart!

This was an unexpected event! The Whitebeard Pirates suddenly had such a big change. Many people felt the omen of a storm. They didn’t make any rushed actions. They just watched quietly and waited…

At this same time, in the first half of the Grand Line, Ian finally approached the kingdom of Alabasta!

The distance from Drum Island to Alabasta was not far, but Ian, who was rowing the boat alone, took four or five days to get there.

On this road, Ian encountered two unusual climates. When he first came out of Drum Island, he fought a violent snowstorm at sea. He stayed on the boat alone without winter clothes, he almost turned into a snowman!

After leaving Drum Island area, he encountered extremely hot weather, above the 40 degrees level, which made him seriously consider swimming the rest of the way, but the problem was that the wind stopped blowing, making Ian think that he was lost and entered the Calm Belt again!

This is the Grand Line. Without an Eternal Pose, Ian may really doubt himself and turn around.

The navigation on the Grand Line is really not easy… he almost became frozen meat the other day, and in the next one, the climate starting cooking this sack of meat…

Fortunately, Ian had an Eternal Pose in his hand, so he chose to believe in it, and as he approached the desert Island, the ships on the sea began to increase.

Alabasta is one huge island. It is located on an important path, so it is very prosperous. Although it is a hot desert country, the atmosphere of the millennium country is undoubtedly apparent.

After landing on the beach, the first thing Ian did was running to the town, find a restaurant, kick the door and rushed in, and went to the counter and said to the owner: “Water! Give me water!”

Because of the hot climate, Ian drank all the water and wine he brought from the Drum Island. He was out of water for nearly a day. If he arrived later, he could’ve died of thirst.

It seems that the restaurant owner was not surprised to see a guest like Ian. He laboriously took out a wooden barrel and handed it to Ian.

Ian took it over, opened the cork, looked up, and started chugging… he was full of joy.

As he held the wooden barrel high with his bare arms, the tattoo on his left arm was uncovered. A man with a headscarf sitting at a table near the counter could not help being shocked when he saw the tattoo on Ian’s left arm……

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