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S.C.S Chapter 336: Desertification

In Ian’s impression, the Revolutionary Army has always regarded O’Hara’s last survivor, Nico Robin, as a light of hope and has been searching for her whereabouts, wanting to protect her, because she is the only person who can reveal the true history of the world.

However, the intelligence forces of the revolutionary army were not developed enough at the beginning, so they could not find Robin. Later, Robin grew up and her appearance changed a lot. She also worked with big underground organizations and used them to cover her identity. After a long time, she took shelter within Crocodile’s organization, which made it even harder for them to find her.

With the exception of Ian, the Baroque Works is a mysterious agency, but for a transmigrator such as Ian, their organization was an open book.

The most coincidental thing is that Ian’s current identity is a Revolutionary Army cadre…

Right now, it’s estimated that Sabo is still in Alabasta, and maybe he can get Robin and Sabo to meet each other…

There is no doubt that Robin is now a very dangerous woman. Her danger is not only reflected in her being pursued by the World Government, but also in her character. She has been dealing with the dark world for many years. She is not only skilled in assassination and planning for big operations, but in the face of danger, she can sell her boss without the slightest hesitation, even Shichibukai-level characters like Ian and Crocodile, she was willing to stir up a fight between them in the twinkling of an eye, showing how dangerous her mind is.

However, in spite of this, Ian understood that she is willing to do so, just to protect herself.

After hearing Ian’s words, Robin showed a hint of derision and said to Ian: “What you are talking about?”

“I can see through your words!” Ian said with a smile. “However, following Crocodile could get you to see Alabasta’s Poneglyph, but according to your interpretation of the historical text to me just now, I’m afraid it will irritate him later!”

When he heard this, Robin startled: “How… Did he notice that I lied?”

Yes, the more beautiful a woman is, the more she will lie, and Robin naturally doesn’t have to say much at the moment. In fact, the content of the Poneglyph that Ian brought was kept to herself alone and told Ian another matter.

History has been subtly previewed here, but the difference is that Robin lied to both of them, and in this case, Crocodile would kill her for that, but Ian didn’t bother and offered her a way out.

“Nico Robin! What are you doing!?” Crocodile saw that Robin didn’t come, but muttered something to Ian, and he could not help but raise his volume. At the same time, his face became more and more gloomy.

Hearing his shouts, Ian turned his head and said to Crocodile: “I said, this woman is coming with me!”

“Boy! Do you have a last wish?” an angry blue vein appeared on Crocodile’s forehead: “You couldn’t handle the New World, then you came all the way here, and now, you are provoking me in my territory!?”

“Hum, Crocodile!” Ian sneered: “Do you think that I don’t know the true purpose of your agency, your real plan for Alabasta!? You think that if I deliver your intentions to Alabasta’s royal family, you will be able to continue your affairs?”

Crocodile laughed heartily said: “Brat, go ahead and tell them whatever you want, but don’t forget, I am also a Shichibukai, and in this country, I am Hero. Do you think anyone would believe you?”

“Really?” Ian remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs. He shook his finger and said: “Don’t be so full of yourself! If I tell them to go to the port and check the dancing powder, what do you think will happen?”

“You little…!” Crocodile was stunned and then burst into anger!

This damn bastard, where did he get such powerful intelligence? He even found out the purpose of the Baroque Works?

“You must be eliminated!” Crocodile was also a decisive man, and immediately made up his mind.

Then he went at Ian!

“Desert Spada!” Crocodile swung his right arm forward while leaving a crescent-shaped trail of sand behind, and then formed sand blade projectile in the shape of a half-moon, directly smashing tables and chairs along the way, split the ground of the tavern, and moved towards Ian.

When Crocodile made his move, Ian’s right thumb pushed open the Senbonzakura of its sheath, facing Crocodile’s attack, Ian also waved his blade and launched a huge curved flying sword.

The two projectiles collided, and the raging airwave immediately spread in all directions, and a loud bang, all the tables and chairs in the entire pub, under the pressure, turned into a lot of debris.

Robin held her hat tightly in the bursting air, at the same time, she retreated far back.

In this collision, nothing was determined, Crocodile did not cut Ian, and Ian did not hurt Crocodile.

“Hum!” Crocodile saw that a single blow was ineffective, so his entire body suddenly began to turn into elements of sand, scattered in the air, spreading in the whole tavern.

Then, when he reappeared, he was already on top of Ian’s head, and his hook was about to slam Ian’s body at a sharp angle.

However, Ian ducked and let Crocodile’s hook pass by. When he raised his head, the Senbonzakura blade was swung up and aiming to chop Crocodile’s wrist.

Crocodile didn’t mind being cut by Ian, because his body at the moment was just a pile of sand, but in a glimpse, he found something concerning, so he immediately thought about it and quickly controlled the flow of his wrist to dodge Ian’s blade.

Maybe it’s really hard for someone else to avoid this slash, but Crocodile is a Logia Devil Fruit User, he can control the flow of his body efficiently, his arm moved around, turning an S-shaped bend, and didn’t get hurt…

After escaping Ian’s blow, Crocodile’s body re-aggregated at a position far away from Ian. He looked at the Hardening color of the Busoshoku Haki covering the blade. He couldn’t help but be dignified, then said to Ian: “Damn it, Haki user again!”

Crocodile knows about Haki, and Ian was not surprised, after all, he is a man who has challenged the Whitebeard, he can’t be unaware of this ability.

However, Ian found a strange thing in Crocodile’s tone and couldn’t help but ask him: “You haven’t awakened yours?”

“…” Crocodile didn’t say anything, just held his pirate hook and sneered: “I don’t need that kind of power!”

This is tantamount to indirectly admitting the fact that he was incapable of using Haki. Ian heard this and felt a bit confused because since he is a Shichibukai, how come that he didn’t awaken his Haki yet!?

However, this is a normal matter. Ian came back from the New World, he would naturally think that a lot of people will be capable of using Haki, but Rayleigh once told him that although Haki is an inherent power, but there are also many people who don’t know how to unlock it or couldn’t…

It seems that he saw the doubts on Ian’s face. Crocodile smirked and said: “Although I can’t use Haki, as I said, I still don’t need that kind of thing! I am a Logia Devil Fruit User, even if you are capable of hardening your sword with Haki, do you think you can really get to me?”

As he said this, the ground under Crocodile’s feet started decaying.

This kind of desertification quickly spread to the ground of the entire pub, and countless fragments of sand began to float in the air, not only the ground, but even the tables and chairs that had just been shattered were all turned into sand.

After that, the walls of the pub all around transformed into piles of sand. In Ian’s stunned eyes, the pub that they were in, in just a few seconds, became a mass of sand and completely disappeared.

This scene is really a little indescribable. A house that was well built in a moment turned into dust flying around. It feels like… like being dissolved by acid…

When the tavern vanished, Ian, Crocodile, and Nico Robin, the three people were exposed to the public. Although it was a remote street, there were some people passing by, especially when a house suddenly disappeared, this event was even more attractive.

“What… what happened!? Where is the tavern?”

“Who are these three people?”

“Ah! That person… seems to be Sir Crocodile!”

“What’s going on? Who is the man with the sword? A pirate?”

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