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S.C.S Chapter 335: Centre of Attention

Crocodile came in, this guy was finally willing to show up, but Ian was sure that he only appeared after hearing Robin’s words from the black Den Den Mushi.

When he entered, Ian couldn’t help giving Robin a serious look.

Ian knew very well that she lied on purpose. Crocodile has been looking for information regarding the Ancient weapon, Pluto, but its whereabouts were only recorded on a Poneglyph, which is why he chose to shelter Robin and cooperate with her. So after reading Ian’s rubbing inscription, she deliberately talked about this weapon…

This is the reason why Ian just said that robin was really brave. He wasn’t referring to her lie, and because she dared to stir up a fight between the two Shichibukai!

Yes! This was probably Robin’s purpose. Just as Crocodile doesn’t trust Robin, Robin also doesn’t trust him. The two are obviously using each other. If in the past, Robin didn’t think about making trouble for Crocodile, but that’s just because no one who can compete with Crocodile had appeared around, so Robin chose to obey Crocodile for the time being…

But now, Ian, who is also a Shichibukai, appeared in Alabasta, so Robin got a chance to ditch Crocodile.

What would it be like if the two Shichibukais fought for the information of Pluto…? She would love to see that.

If Crocodile wins, it doesn’t mean that he will get the rubbing inscription, Ian is likely to flee with the large paper, and if Ian wins, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will kill his fellow Shichibukai… Robin was still useful for Crocodile, then when he runs away, he will definitely take Robin with him.

The biggest possibility is that both sides will suffer, in that case, Robin may be able to get out of Crocodile’s control!?

Nothing was certain, but Ian has to admit that Robin is really playing with fire. Did she think about what she would do, if Crocodile wins and then asks her about Pluto’s whereabouts? Or if the two Shichibukais decided to team up and then ask her the same question, she might be as good as dead…

Ian felt that Robin, such a smart woman, could not have failed to consider such consequences, but she still did so. But why…!?

There is only one explanation. Robin has really, as Ian knows, lost her will to live…

Her dream has always been out of reach, and there were so many people who are standing in her way to achieving it. The World Government, the CP, and strong figures like these Shichibukais who appeared one after another, all of this just for her proficiency in reading Ancient text… No one has ever appeared who was really worried about her wellbeing, yet… She was forced to stay in the darkness from a young age, guard against others’ intentions, and she could never count on anyone. Such days have made her unable to hold on any longer.

Ian faintly grasped Robin’s psychology at the moment, so he couldn’t help sighing… This poor woman!

Therefore, he didn’t intend to argue with Robin. Turning around, Ian looked at Crocodile, smirked, and said lazily: “Oh, look who decided to show up, if is not Sir Crocodile in the flesh!?”

“Little bastard!” Crocodile bit his cigar and looked at Ian with an arrogant and indifferent gaze. “You came to my territory to mock me?”

“I wasn’t intending to, but this is mainly because I think that a Shichibukai like you shouldn’t be hiding and eavesdropping on others like this…” Ian spread his hands and shrugged: “This doesn’t give a good first impression!”

“Huh… Do you want me to ask for your consent?” Crocodile glanced at Ian with cold eyes, then ignored him and asked Robin: “Nico Robin, what you just said, is it true? This piece of paper that this boy brought contains information about Pluto!?”

“Yes, mentions it a bit!” Robin nodded and said.

Robin’s calculations were based on known that none of these two can’t read or interpret the Ancient scripts. For this case, she was the only one who can read these words, so naturally, these two can only believe what she says. This is also why she succeeded in bringing Crocodile up.

What makes her even smarter is that she didn’t say Ian’s paper records details about Pluto’s whereabouts, just saying “Mentions it a bit”!

In this way, even if Crocodile was so sure that the true whereabouts of Pluto were written on the Paneglyph hidden in the Alabasta, her current statement can’t be refuted at all.

Who knows if the ancestors mentioned Pluto in other Poneglyph?

Therefore, even if Crocodile’s suspicious character has doubts about Robin’s statement, he can’t ignore the rubbing inscriptions in Ian’s hands, and can only find a way to obtain it, because Crocodile was so determined to seize Pluto.

Ian giggled after hearing the conversation between Crocodile and Robin, without interjecting.

“…” After Crocodile confirmed this from Robin, he went silent for a while before lifting his right hand with the hook and pointing to Ian: “Boy, give me that paper, and in exchange, I can grant you a favor!”

It can be seen that Crocodile is a bit afraid of Ian… it’s true that both of them are Shichibukai, but this does not mean that they are on the same level! Crocodile saw Ian’s battle against Kizaru in Salamis. He knows how strong he is, and he wasn’t sure if he could defeat him, so he proposed this exchange.

Robin blankly listened to the communication between the two and felt that Ian should not agree.

However, what Robin didn’t anticipate was that Ian, who obviously can’t read Ancient words, had already got all kinds of clues and found that Robin had lied.

Ian understands and sympathizes with Robin, but he does not intend to follow her will.

So Ian smiled, picked up the rubbing inscription, and said to Crocodile: “Do you want this paper? Ok, I can give it to you!”

When Robin heard this, she was shocked and hid in her eyes under the cowboy hat was a faint fluster.

Crocodile was also stunned. He didn’t expect Ian to cooperate with him this easily, so he couldn’t help laughing heartily. “Boy, you really are an interesting person. It’s worthwhile supporting you in the consultation letter.”

As he said, he moved toward Ian and planned to take the piece of paper from Ian.

At this time, Ian pulled it away and said: “Why the hurry? My request has not been mentioned yet!”

Crocodile stopped and said, “Okay, what do you want!”

Ian pointed to Robin next to him: “My request is, this beautiful lady, I want to take her with me!”

Nico Robin couldn’t help taking a step back when she heard this, and Crocodile’s eyes were opened wide, they never thought that Ian’s request would be like this!

“Fck off, are you kidding me??” Crocodile gritted his teeth: “If you took her away, what would I do with this piece of paper?”

As they all know, all the people in this world who interpret Ancient texts are gone… then if he gets the rubbish, it will be useless!

Robin had a faint bad feeling about this. The focus of their competition seems to have been transferred from Ian’s piece of paper to her.

Crocodile was also reminded by Ian at the moment, realizing the importance of Robin, so he told her: “Nico Robin, stand by my side!”

Upon hearing Crocodile’s order, Robin subconsciously wanted to go, but at this time, Ian suddenly whispered to her: “If he finds that you lied, he will kill you…”

“What do you mean?” Robin’s complexion changed.

Ian didn’t say anything directly, smiled, and said: “Come with me, I will give you the freedom you seek, and help you fulfill your dreams!”

He suddenly said this, for a reason.

When he was on Drum Island, Ian was capable of taking Chopper with him, but he didn’t do so… however, now he wants to take Robin because he suddenly thought of an important thing.

The Revolutionary Army seems to have been looking for Robin…

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