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S.C.S Chapter 334: Eavesdropper

What Robin knows about the Poneglyphs is very limited. Although she has been in contact with a lot of underground organizations in her wandering period over the years, she has received some information about these steles, but most of them were vague. In her cognition, there are so many historical steles, and only one of them records the true history, and that’s what she has been pursuing.

So she was surprised when she learned that there were so many classifications of the Poneglyphs.

However, she also had her doubts, so after listening to this guy, she couldn’t help asking back: “Why would you tell me all of this?”

“I want some kind of exchange…!” Ian thought for a moment and gave an answer. “Because next, I need your knowledge.”

“…” Robin went silent for a while before suddenly asking: “Are you also looking for the Poneglyph of Alabasta?”

Not to mention Crocodile, now even Robin suspects that Ian came to Alabasta, looking for its Poneglyph. There’s no other explanation for why would he tell her a bunch of information about Poneglyphs, as soon as he met her? Besides, she really couldn’t find anything in the kingdom of Alabasta that can attract two Shichibukai at the same time.

The task Crocodile gave Robin was to let her figure out the real purpose of Ian’s trip, so she asked him directly.

From her question, Ian noticed that her vigilance against him seemed to arouse again, and it has been shifted… If at first her defense mechanism was activated because he revealed her true identity, then the current alertness was aimed at the Poneglyph.

Robin started thinking that Ian was also ambitious like Crocodile…

Realizing this, Ian couldn’t help but sigh inside… it isn’t easy to deal with a clever woman like Robin. It’s really not a fluke that she was able to survive all these years in such conditions. This woman is really too smart.

However, she completely misunderstood the poor guy… Ian smiled lightly, shook his head, and said: “I’m aware of the hidden Poneglyph in Alabasta, but I didn’t come for it!”

Then, Ian stopped being wordy, and directly pulled out the rubbing inscription of his Poneglyph. He slammed it on the bar and said, “I came looking for you, hoping that you can help me translate this inscription!”

The ancient scripts were so familiar to Robin that when she saw the rubbings, she recognized them directly, and could not help but exclaim: “This… these are ancient characters!?”

“That’s right!” Ian nodded, and said: “This is from a Poneglyph I found… I have printed its content on this paper.”

Robin’s calm expression finally changed and became very excited. She suddenly straightened up, got closer to Ian, and started studying the text on the inscription carefully.

Ian saw her excitement, didn’t bother her, smiled, and started drinking his wine, allowing Robin to enjoy the moment.

However, because Robin was standing next to him, Ian couldn’t see her face, and he wasn’t able to figure out even a bit, what’s written by reading her expression.

When Robin was reading the inscription on the large piece of paper, her pupils extended a lot. This is an expression of extreme shock and surprise… However, her face went back quickly to its normal state…

After a while, seeing that Robin seemed to have finished reading, Ian turned his head and curiously asked her: “Hm, tell me, what did you find?”

“…” Robin turned to look at Ian and slowly nodded.

“hey, can you please tell me what is recorded on this inscription?” Ian asked again.

“Is that what you meant by exchange?” Robin asked back.

Ian nodded, ‘this is what I came for…’

However, to Ian’s surprise, Robin didn’t answer him immediately, but she sat back on her chair, holding her chin, staring at Ian with her pretty eyes and carefully observing at him.

“What’s the matter?” Ian looked at himself doubtfully, but there was nothing unusual…

As a result, Robin shook her head and said, “No, I am actually hesitating… Would you really like me to tell you the content of this rubbing…”

“Yes of course, but is there a problem with its content?” Ian asked.

Robin suddenly smiled and said to Ian: “Because this historical text contains information about ancient weapons, more specifically Pluto…”

Having said that, Robin suddenly stopped.

“What!?” Ian couldn’t help but frown: “An ancient weapon? Pluto!?”

This can’t be right! How could this Poneglyph contain information about Pluto!?

In the memory of Ian, the Poneglyph of Alabasta has the details of Pluto’s location! And Ian knows that Pluto is a battleship, which Franky still has its design. In any case, Ian feels that this inscription shouldn’t contain details about this weapon, right?

In fact, Ian’s Poneglyph is currently on his Sky Island, the Ballon Terminal. How can a Poneglyph preserved in a Sky Island mention information of a battleship, sailing the blue sea?

I don’t think she’s telling the truth, this can’t be possible!?

Ian’s confused eyes were locked at Robin, only to find that in the depths of her beautiful eyes, there seemed to be a flash of playful gaze, which made Ian stunned.

Just as he wanted to say something, he suddenly saw Robin’s left wrist, which she held her chin with…

Robin’s skin is very smooth and delicate, and her wrist was so beautiful, but it is not her white skin that attracts Ian’s sight, it was the thing she wore on her wrist!

Although it was partially blocked by Robin’s sleeve, Ian recognized it at a glance, which was a special Den Den Mushi!

And the Den Den Mushi’s color was black…

Ian immediately understood what’s going on, so he reached out and grabbed Robin’s hand, and lifted her sleeve.

Sure enough, this black device wasn’t used calls, and his only function was eavesdropping!

Ian knows very well that there should be a receiver at the other end, which should’ve heard his previous conversation with Robin

If he wasn’t mistaken, the eavesdropper should be Crocodile!

Ian was not surprised that Robin came to see him with a black Den Den Mushi, because Crocodile never trusted a soul in this world besides himself, and even though Robin was his deputy and partner, he would never give her his trust, so it should’ve been expected that he could eavesdrop on the chat between the two.

However, what made Ian feel a little confused is why Robin said that sentence before.

Combined with Robin’s joking eyes, Ian wasn’t sure what to think.

He couldn’t help but stand up, approaching Robin, holding her left wrist, and with his right hand, gently lifted Robin’s chin, said with a smile: “My lady, you have a remarkable courage!”

Robin smiled lightly, and said: “I am just telling the truth.”

Ian narrowed his gaze and said, “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you now?”

Robin smiled even more brilliantly, and answered: “I’m aware that you are a Shichibukai, but don’t forget, my president is also a Shichibukai!”

“Hahahaha!” Ian couldn’t help but laugh loudly, lifting Robin’s left hand and screamed on the black Den Den Mushi. “Crocodile, it’s you on the other end, isn’t it? Did I scare you this much to make you use such means, eavesdropping on my conversation?”

The Black Den Den Mushi can’t respond back, but Crocodile should hear every word Ian said, however, after that, a strange noise came from outside.

Ian turned his head and looked at the pub door. The wooden door was gradually becoming yellow, then quickly turned into a pile of sand and fell to the ground.

The pub door decayed, and a tall figure in a long dark pelted fur coat with a large cigar in his mouth appeared at the door.

“boy, no one told you that you should respect your seniors?”

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