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S.C.S Chapter 340: Orochi

It took Ian two months to go from Travolta, which is in the new world, to the North Blue, to the East Blue, and then to re-enter the Grand Line.

During this time, Ian wasn’t idle! He finally collected all the fragments needed to unlock Orochi’s card during his trip. 

Since many shards of Orochi’s card were collected in the first top-up spree, the original five-star red card became the easiest card to put together. Constantly refreshing the fragment store not only did make Ian spend a lot of diamonds, but even his eyes became sore from scanning the changing cards. 

However, when Orochi’s card was successfully synthesized, Ian realized that it was worth spending so much time and money.                                                                                                                                                                                               This card was Ian’s first prime five-star card, so it wasn’t until it was completely synthesized that Ian finally realized why the original five-star cards were so rare.

In addition to the higher basic attributes and the growth rate, Ian now has a five-star card with two ultimate skills!

Even bond attributes were higher than that of the four-star cards!

[Yamata no Orochi]

Card star: Five stars (+25 Strength, +25 Speed, +25 Vitality, +25 Nen points per level)

Title: Gaia’s Will (Earth Will)

Level: 1

Strength: 300

Speed: 300

Vitality: 450

Nen: 450

-Skills: Harae/Orb Release: Cast a mote of bluish-white light forward that creates a void rift as it travels. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

Tadasu/Fire Slam: Release a momentary rift that travels various distances. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

Utsushi-Iwai/Space Shield: Shatter the space/Generate a shield of energy with a special ability. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)                                                                                                                                                                                    

Ho no Susori/lightning bolt strike: Summon a pillar of bluish-white energy to strike down from the sky. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

Rolling and Redirecting: Rebound opponent’s attack. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

-Ultimate: SOUL RIPPER: Pull the enemy and Capture a part of his soul: One-tenth of the opponent’s soul power/vitality. (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

BRIGHT LIGHT: Blind and Burn the enemies with countless waves of light! (Master level Nen Proficiency to be activated)

-Bonds: Obtain Orochi Chris: gain + 35% Vitality

Obtain Shermie: gain + 40% Speed

Obtain Yashiro Nanakase: gain 42% Strength

Obtain Leopold Goenitz: gain 33% Strength

Obtain Iori Yagami: gain 36% Speed

Obtain Kyo Kusanagi: gain 34% Strength

Obtain Chizuru Kagura: gain 38% Nen

These are the Initial Attributes of Orochi’s Card. At that time, Ian wanted to test it after getting this card. However, he found that although most of his abilities require Master Nen level to be used, what he didn’t expect is that the consumption of Nen can only be described by overkill!

The Fire Slam is a great move, but the skill involves Space’s power, and Ian had a feeling using it will drain his Nen tank.

These new abilities are actually given by the system. It seems that the higher the level of skill, the more serious the consumption of Nen, especially when the power of Space is used as an attack.

As for the two ultimate skills, Ian hasn’t had time to test them. At present, he can only use the Soul Ripper, but its consumption is not going to be low.

Ian originally thought that when the fifth card slot is unlocked, he would equip more five-star cards. In that case, his Nen value and other attributes will increase significantly, and he felt that the consumption would be less… However, at this moment, he was only thinking about teaching Crocodile a lesson.

He was supposed to use a card with water abilities to deal with Crocodile, but Ian doesn’t know why he hasn’t been able to draw such a card. Although cards from “Soul of the Samurai” have appeared in his system, Ian wasn’t able to get Sogetsu Kazama’s card that has Hydrokinesis, and he rarely saw its fragments when refreshing the card store. Otherwise, if he obtained this card, fighting Crocodile will be child play.

Sometimes, Ian feels that he’s getting farther and farther from his path. Although he masters swordsmanship, he can no longer be regarded as an orthodox swordsman.

He relies on his card system a lot, and it is impossible to abandon it completely. He’s bent on pursuing the Way of the Sword. This is another path for him… In this Pirate World, strength is always respected, so what he really needs is to get as strong as possible!

“Hum, this is odd, what is he doing?”

When Ian stopped for a moment to put on Orochi’s card, Crocodile on the ground looked to the sky and couldn’t help wondering.

However, despite his doubts, Crocodile attacked Ian.

“Desert la Spada/Desert Adamantine Treasure Sword!”

Crocodile raised his arm, then suddenly a wave of sand rushed into the air and formed several solid blades with fan-shaped edges…

When fighting Ian, he mostly used long-range attacks. Although this was very clever, it still has its weakness, that is, under the perception of Ian’s Kenbunshoku Haki, he could easily dodge these attacks.

However, at the moment Crocodile made his shot, Ian moved!

Instead of relying on his flying ability to avoid the upcoming blow, he just inserted the Senbonzakura back into its sheath, and the Jagan Eye appeared on his forehead.

“What’s that!? A third eye!?” Crocodile saw this scene, and his heart startled.

Then Ian opened his left hand and pointed it at the sand blades.

A black disk was shot from Ian’s hand at a very fast speed, with a blue orb in its center, and while moving forward, it kept on leaving phantoms behind, then it directly hit Crocodile’s sand blades!

Without causing any reaction, Crocodile’s sand blade vanished, and then the projectile went directly towards Crocodile.

“Sh!t!” Crocodile was shocked and quickly dissolved into sand, and the aperture like projectile hit the ground on which he was standing…

Quietly, a cylindrical pit appeared on the ground, its depth seems bottomless, as if that chunk suddenly disappeared from the world!

Orb Release! Commonly known as a void rift, this is basically a move that creates a space hole and can be used as an attack. In fact, that dark aperture actually works as a rift that can swallow and eliminate objects along its way, even light can be sucked in, that’s why it looked pitch black. However, this trick can only fly in a straight line, which makes it easy to dodge, but the power of this ability is astonishing.

Crocodile’s figure condensed out of the desert, he was frightened by the black hole projectile that Ian launched, but he still didn’t understand what happened.

He always thought that what Ian showed in the Salamis war was all his abilities, but how could he know, that Ian actually hid some of his moves, he actually still has tricks up his sleeve!?

Nico Robin was amazed by this. She didn’t know what he just did, she only saw him stretching his palm forward…

This silent but destructive trick was very strange, so Crocodile and Robin were somewhat scared.

However, Ian was laughing arrogantly in his heart.

Normally, if it was in the SNK game, the move he used is equivalent to Iori’s dark hook, but when he released it in this world, it was completely different, because this technique may look like a casual blow, but it directly consumed Ian’s 3000 Nen points!

Just as if he ejected the Black Dragon wave!

This gives Ian the feeling that the so-called original five-star red cards are simply huge energy consumers! He was afraid that it won’t be just Orochi’s card, but all other original five-star red cards.

This is a bit in line with the principle of card games, because this top rare card is generally used by players in the late game…

Ian has swallowed up the energy of the Black Dragon, and opened Hiei’s evil eye, so his Nen value is in the midst of skyrocketing, but if this continues, his amount of Nen won’t be able to stand such consumption!

Let’s end this fight!

At the thought of this, Ian moved his hand… Suddenly, a bolt of violet fire struck down from the sky and hit Crocodile!

This was the lightning bolt strike of Orochi. In essence, it was a cyan fire, but it came down with the speed of lightning!

Pure Lightning has very little effect on Crocodile, but the flame is different, because even sand will melt at a high temperature.

This bolt of violet fire fell so quickly that Crocodile was caught off guard and finally received a hit!

When the pillar of fire struck down, it fell on his shoulder and passed directly to his chest, which made Crocodile let out a loud scream, and his whole body reassembled and rolled on the ground.

A huge straight scar appeared on his chest, which was still emitting blue smoke.

“Damn it! What did he just do!?”

Crocodile was sweating profusely because of the severe pain. His slippery moves couldn’t help him this time. The fire pillar had the speed of Lightning and the Power of blazing flames. Even if Crocodile was very evasive, he could only maintain his elemental state, so in the absence of prediction capability, the flame pillar directly melted his sandy body, which caused him a lot of damage.

This situation is actually very similar to when Aokiji was injured by Ian.

In the severe pain, Crocodile calmed himself quickly. He knew that if such a dangerous blow could strike him this easily, then there will be a second and a third if needed… So after a few breaths, he immediately dissolved his body, spreading and blending with the surrounding sand.

In this way, Crocodile felt safe.

Then he thought about how to attack Ian.

Just a moment later, Crocodile got an idea and he decided to take a risk.

In all fairness, the close-ranged attacking means of the sand-sand fruit are not that many. The Desert Spada certainly doesn’t pose a threat to Ian.

However, the sand-sand fruit has a rather deadly capability, which is the dehydration ability!

“Fck it! Even if I will be perceived by his Kenbunshoku Haki and get injured, but I can catch him, and it will be his demise!” In the piles of sand, Crocodile thought of his next move…

So, he immediately controlled the flow of his dissolved body, and rushed toward Ian.

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