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The moment Crocodile turned into sand, Ian was already alerted.

Although the lightning bolt of cyan fire has damaged Crocodile, Ian knew that with Crocodile’s character, he would not give up that easily, he will definitely find a way to retaliate.

Due to the interference of countless sand grains floating around, Ian could not accurately detect Crocodile’s action, but at the moment Ian’s Nen soared, he immediately expanded the perception range of the En field again.

He didn’t expect Crocodile to approach him at this time, but he had increased his focus and took guard against everything.

Suddenly, Ian found that the wind behind him seemed strange. He turned around and stretched the palm of his hand. A pitch-black aperture immediately flew forward.

However, what this blow hit was just flying yellow sand grains!

At this time, Crocodile controlled the flow of his element, appeared behind Ian after he turned around, and with a tiger swoop, he went to attack Ian.

Ian once again perceived Crocodile the moment he emerged, Ian’s reaction was so fast that when he turned around, his hand was already ahead of his swing.

“Space Shield!”

With a cracking sound, a circle of dim light was formed at the tip of Ian’s fingers, and the ray of light collapsed, then it suddenly collapsed and broke into countless pieces!

Crocodile didn’t expect such a reaction, and he would bump into Ian’s move. The moment the Space cracked, a burst of the huge amount of energy was inflected on Crocodile.

Poof! Crocodile flew up due to the explosion, and spit out a mouthful of blood. The defense effect of the Space Shield especially from a close-range fight is too powerful, so Crocodile’s fierce rush was deflected.

Crocodile felt a severe tearing pain. He even doubted whether his body was going to be torn apart. The sharp pain almost made him faint.

However, Crocodile was unwilling to give up this easily, he resisted the urge to faint, gritted his teeth and extended his right arm, and then grabbed Ian’s wrist.

“Oh…! Caught… caught you!”

Crocodile’s mouth was still bleeding, his head was covered with sweat, and his hair was messy, but he still smiled grimly.

When Ian was caught by Crocodile’s seperated hand, he realized that this won’t end well. He didn’t expect Crocodile to be so recklessly. He would rather get seriously injured and desperately catch Ian’s wrist, than fight from a distance…

After being caught, Ian suddenly shook his hand and wanted to get rid of Crocodile’s grip, but he forgot that Crocodile’s arm is now in its elemental state and cannot be detached easily.

The next moment, Crocodile’s drying ability had been activated, the liquid on Ian’s arm was immediately sucked away, his whole arm began to dry up, and his strong muscles started to shrink until it became like a mummy.

This scene was very frightening, Ian knew very well that it was just damaging his arm for now, and it might spread to his whole body after a while.

The dryness of the sand-sand fruit is absolutely fatal, and Ian was aware of this, so after he came back to his senses, he immediately let out a roar, and ignited his left arm with black flames.

The third! This is the third black dragon wave that Ian summoned. It’s true that Ian’s Nen was soaring at the moment, but he still can’t afford such a huge consumption, because he didn’t only use the Black Dragon waves, but also Orochi’s skills, which all consume a high amount of energy. Fortunately, Ian doesn’t intend to completely condense the black dragon wave this time, just bringing up the black fire of the demon world to force Crocodile back.

Therefore, when the black flames rose again, Crocodile realized that it could be back for him, and quickly let go of Ian’s wrist.

His goal has been achieved, and Ian’s right arm has shrunk a lot and looks completely different from his left arm.

Ian was also sweating at the time, the mutation of the right arm made him lose a lot of Stamina in an instant.

“Kuhahahaha!” Crocodile was hurt, but he laughed happily, extending his hook and pointing at Ian: “What’s the taste of losing an arm?”

Ian looked at his right hand, and felt sick by its shape.

“Boy, Leave Nico Robin here and get out of this country!” Crocodile sneered: “In that case, your hand may still be saved. Otherwise, you will be known as the one-armed Shichibukai!”

Ian glanced at him and didn’t answer. He flew down from the air and stood on the sand near Robin, then he approached her and whispered. “Listen Robin, you need to stay away as far as possible.”

Robin didn’t know what he was going to do, but she felt the tension of the situation, so she nodded and immediately left the battlefield.

Ian raised his head, and looked at Crocodile floating in midair, then suddenly a strange smile appeared on his face: “You didn’t finish your last move, and that’s your biggest mistake!”

Crocodile was stunned and didn’t understand how could he still laugh…

However, at this time, Ian moved his left arm and placed it on the other one, and gently recited a sentence: “Twin Sacred Return Shield!”

An elliptical barrier suddenly appeared and enveloped Ian’s damaged hand.

In Crocodile’s horrified eyes, Ian’s hand began to swell up little by little.

The treatment time was a bit long, but this strange scene made Crocodile completely unaware of how to react, so he just watched Ian’s hand and grew up to its normal state, eventually recovering completely.

Looking at his right hand, Ian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had Orihime’s card, otherwise, Ian wouldn’t know what to do to his mummy arm. He doesn’t think he can find some water nearby to recover from such an ability.

Nico Robin, hiding behind a building in the distance, was surprised to see Ian’s wrist recover. She had seen Crocodile’s dehydration ability. She always felt that the concept of his power was very unsolvable. But now she finally saw someone who could restrain his power.

After moving his right hand and confirming that it was still flexible, Ian looked at the shocked Crocodile and said, “Now, it’s my turn!”

At this time, Ian’s Nen tank was almost bottomed out because of his continuous use of high consumption skills, so a handful of ice tear stones appeared in his left palm. This is what Ian has slowly accumulated over the past few months. The ice tear stones were invisible to Crocodile, so he only saw Ian open his left hand and then clenched it firmly.

The next moment, Ian crossed both arms over his head, rose them high up, and straightened his chest at the same time.

He didn’t know if it is an illusion, Crocodile only felt that time has slowed down for a moment when he made this action, and then he discovered that something bad is about to happen!

A huge attraction force, centered on Ian’s body, began to bloom. The sand floating around, with this sudden attraction, was vacuumed by a weird vortex…

This suction was so huge that Crocodile in midair felt that his body has been pulled.

He desperately wanted to escape this kind of gravity, but when he dissolved into sand, he wasn’t able to reach any place.

“Damn it!” Crocodile couldn’t escape this attraction force at all. When he was sucked in, his body was unwillingly reformed.

This process was actually very short. After Ian activated Orochi’s ultimate skill, he directly started pulling Crocodile his way.

In Crocodile’s horrified eyes, Crocodile’s chest bumped into Ian’s palm.

then, Ian shoved his hand in Crocodile’s body, but it didn’t hurt him, and as he inserted his hand, a rippling water wave emerged on the surface, but Crocodile did not feel any pain.

However, when Ian’s hand was withdrawn, an orb of blue faint light was in his palm.

This ball of light was slightly shivering, as if it is beating…

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