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S.C.S Chapter 345: Ruthless

Ian took out the Den Den Mushi and wanted to contact Uncle Fujitora, but he didn’t know why, the call wasn’t connected.

The large Den Den Mushi’s radio waves can transmit through a long distance, but they are not omnipotent. On the Grand Line, there are many factors that interfere with radio communication. Ian had some knowledge about this, so he was a little helpless.

“Don’t worry! Everything is fine! Everything should be under control!” Ian comforted himself. “From the perspective of Ace’s Vivre Card, he may just be injured and not in a life-threatening situation… Moreover, Uncle Issho is in charge on the island, and with his strength, even if the enemy they are encountering is so powerful, it’s unlikely to be defeated so easily… hmmm, now assuming the worst, if they lost the battle, my crew still has a backup base: the Sky Island, the Ballon terminal, and now Varua should have completed the renovation. If everything went bad, Fujitora will use his weightlessness ability to transfer everyone to the Sky Island!”

At the thought of this, Ian was slightly relaxed, and he had to rely on his crew and some luck. He discovered the Sky Island by a coincidence, and now there are thunder cannons on the Island, so any attacker dares to follow them to the Sky Island should be blown away.

Therefore, according to Ian’s estimate, the loss of his group shouldn’t be too great. The only worry now is the residents of the island. Those people are just ordinary folks, and they may get included in the whole mess…

However, in any case, it is a shame that his nest has been attacked. Regardless of the attacker, Ian must rush back and help his Nakama.

While Ian was still thinking, a voice suddenly interrupted him.

“Hey! Boy! I’ve told you what I know!” Crocodile said to Ian: “Can you give me back my soul now?”

Abstracting the soul from the human body is a nerve-racking matter, even for a guy like Crocodile. The importance of the soul to a person is self-evident…

The reason why he exchanged such information was to be able to get back his soul.

However, when Ian looked back at him, he suddenly changed his mind and said: “Still not enough… Crocodile, you have to help me with something if you want to get your soul back!”

“What do you want this time!?” Crocodile asked.

“I wanna hire you as my Hitman!” Ian said: “No matter who attacked my island this time, I won’t let them go without paying for their actions… however, my crew doesn’t have the needed strength or capabilities, that’s why I need your power!”

Crocodile suddenly became annoyed and said: “Damn you kid, don’t forget that we are equal! You want a person who is also Shichibukai to be your soldier!?”

“Just this time!” Ian raised his index finger: “I still don’t know who’s attacking my territory, but I must prepare for the worst, if it is really one of the Yonkos or their top warriors, then I must ensure that I have enough combat power to deal with them. I don’t need you to do your best, the only thing I’m asking for is to help me hold the opponent with the highest strength… Promise me this, then I’ll return your soul to you intact!”

“You…!” Crocodile gritted his teeth as he looked at Ian, but seeing the cold look in Ian’s eyes, he finally gave in and said, “Alright…”

“Very good!” Ian was very satisfied, and put Crocodile’s soul into his pocket.

This action made Crocodile’s heart jump: ‘Hey hey! That is my soul! And you are just going to place it in your pocket like a piece of candy, have you thought about how it feels seeing a part of your soul getting treated like this!?’

However, Crocodile did not dare to express his opinion… The situation was getting weirder and weirder, however, a part of his soul was in Ian’s hands, so he had to compromise and obey.

“Let’s go! Mr0!” Ian stared at Crocodile jokingly, then waved at Robin in the distance.

Ian was planning to leave, but unexpectedly, this time he is not taking only Robin with him, but also bringing Crocodile…

Robin has been eavesdropping since the stop of their fight and she heard the whole story. Ian wanted to take her away, but she doesn’t care at all. She is used to this kind of life, following Crocodile or going with Ian was the same for her, she only seeks someone strong enough to protect her.

Robin took out a whistle and blew it, and it didn’t take long for a huge alligator to appear.

This was the Accellegator, a sub-type of Bananawani less ferocious than the usual breed, and it got two banana-shaped growths, one on its tail and one on its nose… this species is a kind of a small version of Crocodile’s giant pets. After Robin’s introduction, Ian learned that this type of animal can only be found in Alabasta, mostly known as F-Wani, and they are a rare means of transportation.

Ian wasn’t planning on trusting Mr0 immediately, after riding the Accellegator, he let Robin sit in front of him, but for Crocodile, he was not allowed to join them, Ian just told him: “You can dissolve into sand grains and fly with the wind, but can you catch up with us?”

Crocodile snorted coldly and said: “Don’t worry about my speed, but do you mean what you say!?”

“Don’t worry!” Ian said: “It won’t take us much time!”

Crocodile didn’t say another word. When the F-Wani moved his limbs quickly and sprinted forward, he turned into sand and chased them. As for his absence, he didn’t take it seriously. The Baroque Works can operate normally even if the president wasn’t around…

The two Shichibukai, after creating a huge fuss in the city of Alubarna, went away together. When the news reached the royal palace, King Cobra dove into his thoughts and didn’t come back to his senses only after a long time.

He didn’t know what was going on, but when he arrived at the scene where the two fought, they couldn’t help worrying more.

A large urban area has turned into a bombarded desert, which most of it has decayed under Crocodile’s ability. There was still a large pit of quicksand, which is caused by the Desert Sunflower. Plus, there were countless shards of crystals scattered everywhere formed by Ian’s intense flames, and the weirdest thing was the bottomless dark hole on the ground… after seeing the aftermath of this fight, Cobra finally realized how strong these Shichibukais are… He then wandered whatever it was good or bad for Crocodile to leave the Kingdom of Alabasta.

But still…he can’t expel Crocodile on his own and without having a strong reason, because the people all over the country regard Crocodile as a Hero…

“Huuh… what will the future of Alabasta look like?” Cobra was dazed looking at the ground…


Riding the F-Wani, Robin turned her head and asked Ian: “Is your enemy that powerful?”

“Well, he might be much stronger than we imagine!” Ian nodded, who is now a Shichibukai, and with two furious people on his island, Fujitora and Ace, who together have up to 500 million Berries bounty. Therefore, the people who attacked Travolta this time can’t be speculative ignorant pirates. If so, Uncle Issho can easily kick their butts, it would be impossible for Ace to get injured, so Ian felt that the person who dared to use this trick is definitely someone with high influence.

Robin heard Ian’s answer and said, “In this case, what’s the use of taking me?”

“You can help me make a plan!” Ian smiled.

He knows very well that Robin is indeed a woman with a fascinating mind and great planning skills. Most of the actions and plans of the Baroque Works in recent years came from her. In this organization, she is not only the vice president, but also the operation commander. While in the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, both the captain and Fujitora lack this kind of planning skills.

“…” Nico Robin went silent for a while, then she said: “If your enemy is really at the level of an Emperor, what cards do you have to compete with them?”

Ian was awakened by Robin’s reminder. If it was the beast Pirates or Bigmom pirates as Crocodile said, Ian’s high-end combat power might not be enough, even with Crocodile by his side, so he started thinking of people he could rely on, then immediately pulled out a little Den Den Mushi that Sabo gave him and made the call.

Soon, the call was connected… However, because Robin was beside him, Ian couldn’t expose Sabo’s identity for the time being, so he directly said: “Come with me to see your brother, meanwhile, I need your strength in the upcoming battle!”

Sabo didn’t ask anything, but after thinking about it for a while, he replied with a word: “Alright!”

“Well then, see you at the port!” Ian said and hung up.

Ian wasn’t sure how strong Sabo was, but for the sake of insurance, Ian is now thinking about every strong person who can help.

“Bastards! You want to play with me, so let me show you with whom you are playing! I’m a friend with the female warriors of Amazon Lily and I’m an ally with the Fishman tribe, so just let me call Boa Hancock and Jinbe, and I don’t think that they will let me down… Huh right, this is considered a provocation to the Shichibukai’s authority, so I may be able to get the help of the marines! Should I also contact uncle Kuma?…”

“Regardless of the bastard considering the assault on my site, I will shatter your ribcage with a sledgehammer!”

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