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S.C.S Chapter 346: Emerge in its totality

The f-Wani was fast enough. After two days of galloping in the desert, the three of them had already returned to the port of Nanohana.

There, Ian once again met Sabo.

Since Ian came to Alabasta, he arrived in a small boat, but now that Robin and Crocodile are tagging along, it is impossible to use his boat. Fortunately, on the way to Nanohana city, Ian has contacted Sabo, so when the entire group arrived at the port, Sabo had already prepared a large boat for everyone.

Sabo stood near the parked ship. This time two people stood behind him.

One was a cute girl with big round eyes, with a crimson newsboy cap with gold-color goggles, and another person is a Fishman, dressed in a karate costume, standing behind with his hands crossed.

Sabo’s outfit was also different from when Ian saw him in the desert. He removed his headscarf, and got dressed as a nobleman, with a cravat, and gloves on his hands. There was also a steel pipe inserted in his belt, which finally matched Ian’s original impression of Sabo…

Seeing Ian appear with Nico Robin and Crocodile, Sabo lowered the brim of his hat and covered the horrible burn marks on his face.

“Ian, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Sabo smiled as soon as he saw Ian.

“Sorry! Ma bad!” Ian smiled back at him.

“Let me introduce you, this is Koala! And this is Hack!” Sabo pointed to the lovely girl behind him and the Fishman, then said: “They are my partners!”

“Hello!” Ian greeted the two, and looked at them curiously.

Ian knows these two people, Koala used to be a slave girl rescued by Fisher Tiger, and somehow, she ended up joining the Revolutionary Army and formed an operation team with Sabo and Hack…

When Ian looked at Koala, he found out that she was also observing him. She and Sabo were always together, so, she naturally knew the name and deeds of Ian… however, knowing that Ian has recently joined the ranks of the Shichibukai, she had some mixed feelings, but she still had the courage to look him in the eyes, because it was the first time meeting him in person… he became the new hero who rescued slaves from the world nobles.

Perhaps because of the tragic experience of her childhood, when Koala saw Ian, she was very fond of him, so she reached out and excitedly shook his hand: “It is good to see you, Ian-san!”

Hack wasn’t an exception, because many of the slaves that Ian rescued were from his tribe, so when he came forward to shake hands with Ian, he said seriously to Ian: “Thanks for everything you’ve done!”

Ian naturally understood what Hack meant, so he lightly smiled and said nothing.

When the four exchanged greetings, Crocodile was behind Ian, draped in a coat with a cigar in his mouth, and thought with some doubts about these people.

In the beginning, he thought that these three were Ian’s crewmates, and were ordered to wait here, but now they seemed to be meeting each other for the first time, so he couldn’t help but be confused.

However, Robin saw some famous names. She remembered the unusual information that Ian revealed when she met him in the tavern, so she couldn’t help but think: “I feel like these people may be the ones who provide him with such intelligence? Which organization are they from?”

Ian also sensed the observation eyes of Robin and Crocodile. He put his arm around Sabo’s shoulder and whispered to him: “Is it okay for you to appear in public like this? Don’t you have to disguise?”

Sabo lightly smiled: “Don’t worry, at the moment, only the intelligence agencies of the world government know my real identity!”

In fact, at this point in time, Sabo has just become the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army, so even if he is now filling the second position of the Revolutionary Army, and only a few people can recognize him, but his name is well known around the world. In the past two years, Sabo started his journey and became an active member in the organization.

Ian was relieved to hear him say that, but Crocodile still didn’t recognize Sabo’s identity, which is a good thing.

In fact, it doesn’t matter, because Crocodile himself is not committed to the World Government…

“Okay let’s go!” Ian said to Sabo.

The latter nodded, boarded the ship, indicating to the sailors to leave the port… Ian saw that there were many people on board, but he didn’t know if they were all members of the Revolutionary Army. But of course, he does not intend to ask.

The ship quickly left the port of Alabasta.

“Where shall we go first?” Sabo came to the deck after a quick tour and asked Ian.

Ian thought about it and didn’t answer it. Instead, he asked back, “Tell me the news of what I asked you to check on?”

“Unfortunately! There is no news yet!” Sabo shook his head: “It seems that the waters near Travolta have been blocked…”

On hearing this, Ian could not help frowning.

In fact, during the two days on his way, Ian felt powerless, because he couldn’t do anything. He had contacted Sabo through Den Den Mushi, and asked him to find out what was going on in his territory with the help of the revolutionary army’s intelligence network.

However, the feedback came back, but Ian was disappointed. According to Sabo, the communication with the New World from the first half of the Grand Line was indeed disrupted by the Red Line, and the intelligence forces of the revolutionary army in the new world were not well developed, so what is happening on Travolta is still unknown.

The only good news now is that the life paper that Ace left for Ian hasn’t changed much compared to the first time, which means that Ace should be fine for the time being.

If Ace was really with Fujitora, then there shouldn’t be any major problems facing the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

But Ian still has to hurry.

Thinking of this, Ian sighed and said to Sabo: “Let’s sail to the Amazon Lily first, do you know that place?”

“Amazon Lily?” Sabo was a bit surprised: “Isn’t that island on the Calm Belt? These ships don’t have the capability to sail in the Calm Belt.”

“It doesn’t matter, just get close to the Calm Belt, and I will swim the rest!” Ian said.

Just as Sabo was about to nod his head and give the order, Crocodile, who had been sitting silently at the corner of the deck since they got on board, suddenly interjected: “Hum, Amazon Lily! So it’s true that you and that woman have a relationship!”

Ian turned his head and gave him a white look. “Crocodile, you don’t need to speak, and don’t worry no one will think of you as a mute!”

However, although Crocodile had to listen to Ian temporarily because of his captured soul, it doesn’t mean that he will do so willingly. At this time, he finally caught an opportunity to talk and bother him even by the slightest, so how could he just pass it?

He laughed heartily and said: “I’ve sensed something weird from the moment she appeared with you on the Mainspring Island… so tell us what’s your relationship with her? Plus do you think that bringing me is not enough, so you considered adding another Shichibukai!? Huh…That’s why the first thing you thought of is to bring that arrogant woman?”

“That’s right! You are not enough!” Ian said: “However, you missed something, I’m not just bringing Boa Hancock, I’m going to call Jinbe too! He and Ace are good friends, so he would be more than happy to help!”

With a bang, the cigar on Crocodile’s mouth fell and landed on the deck.

He looked at Ian with amazement and said: “You want to pull the Knight of the Sea (Kaikyō) Jinbe, too!? What are you thinking about!? Four Shichibukai, are you crazy!?”

No wonder why Crocodile was so surprised, four Shichibukai are more than half the power of all the Shichibukai! What the hell, what are you doing! Are you starting a war with an Emperor!?

“Hey Croco.. on second thought, there may be a fifth!” Ian found that Crocodile’s expression was so interesting and he couldn’t help teasing him.

This time, Crocodile was not surprised, but frightened!

Originally, he thought that Ian, the new Shichibukai, should have no power, nor influence, but from nowhere, he was associated with several other Shichibukai, in addition to his coercion, there are also Boa Hancock and Jinbe… and a fifth? Who is the fifth one?

Suddenly, Crocodile saw the bear’s ear cap on Ian’s head and immediately began twitching.

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