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S.C.S Chapter 347: Shocking News

Crocodile was not a fool, he quickly got it, gritted his teeth, and said: “The fifth one is Bartholomew Kuma, right? Humph, I knew that there was something fishy when he stepped out of his rank as a Shichibukai… Huh, although there were orders from the marines and the World Government, but still if he disagrees, no one can force him to leave his position…”

As Crocodile said that, Sabo, Koala, Hack, and Nico Robin all looked at Ian in shock.

Sabo and the others already knew about Kuma, but what they were really surprised about was his relationship with Jinbe and Boa Hancock. They had no idea that Ian would want to pull all the Shichibukai he knew to help him.

“Is things really so serious?” Sabo couldn’t help but ask Ian very seriously.

Ian shook his head: “I can only say that I must be prepared for the worst!”

So far, Ian still doesn’t know who took over the commission from the Underworld, but he was ready to go to war with an Emperor. If it is really Kaido or Bigmom, then Ian has to go back quickly and appear with all his power.

Since meeting with the Whitebeard in Salamis, Ian understood how strong the Four Emperors are. To be honest, he doesn’t want to provoke any of them at the moment, but the problem is that Travolta, his base, was under attack and someone is trying to poke his nest, that’s why Ian had to make the toughest response he could pull…

At this point in time, Ian, the newly merged pirate, was not very well-known among the big pirate groups. Plus, he was still very young, so even if he received an invitation to join the Shichibukai ranks, he will not be able to get into the sight of the big forces.

This World only respected people with big fists! This time the underground World’s commission is likely to be a test, there are definitely many people coveting his Shichibukai position, so in order to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, Ian had to make a loud response! Therefore, in this counterattack, Ian must not only bring up his strongest appearance, but also show his connections to deter all his foes.

It doesn’t matter if he has less high-end combat power than the people ruling the world. Ian doesn’t think that he would be able to pull in all the forces in the pirate world and gather them under his command, but a great pirate doesn’t only has crewmates, but also friends and respected allies.

Crocodile was shocked by Ian’s words. At this time, he finally didn’t dare to talk nonsense. He could see that Ian was indeed very angry at the moment, or else he would not come up with such crazy thoughts. He didn’t want to be set on fire by Ian’s rage.

However, after thinking about it, he started to talk and tried to inform him: “Shichibukais like to be alone. Can you persuade them to help and put aside their affairs for the time being? What I want to remind you is that you’d better report this matter to the Marines!”

“Why?” Ian was a little puzzled: “As long as it doesn’t involve compulsory recruitment, what Shichibukais usually do doesn’t require the Marines’ approval?”

Crocodile reignited a cigar, held it in his mouth, and said. “But don’t forget, Shichibukai has always been feared by the World Government and the Marines! Usually, Shichibukai can live in peace because they go their own way and has no contact with each other. So that the World Government and the Marines can rest assured, but if you gather half of the Shichibukai members to help you, what do you think their reaction would be?”

“Tsk!” Ian understood what he meant, and couldn’t help but feel a slight headache.

What Crocodile said was very clear. There should be a balanced relation between these monsters. If none of them has a good relationship with another, that would be the most desirable thing for the world government, but if someone can unite most of Shichibukai to handle matters together, this won’t be great for the World Government…

Robin interrupted at this time: “In that case, you will become Heterogeneous among the Shichibukai ranks!”

It doesn’t matter to Ian whether he becomes the odd one or whatever. In fact, Ian doesn’t care what the World Government and Marine think, but Crocodile’s words also contain another message, that is, the other Shichibukai members will also be concerned about such matter.

Take Boa Hancock as an example. If Ian asks her to help, she should be willing to do so, but she is the queen of Amazon Lily, then her behavior, will it impact her island?

And Jinbe, too, will he not care about World Government’s attitude towards Fishman Island, or refuse to help?

It’s hard to tell…

So Ian frowned and asked Crocodile: “If I report this to the Marines, will it be fine then?”

“… I can’t assume!” Crocodile shook his head: “Because there has never been such a precedent attempt in history, the situation in which Shichibukai members are gathered together usually occurs only when they are recruited by the Government, and there has never been a connection between Shichibukai, so I really can’t tell the reaction of the Marines!”

F*ck, if I don’t inform the marines, it may cause suspicion, but what I’m worried about is if the Government doesn’t allow it. This is frustrating!

Ian couldn’t help but glare at Crocodile, this guy is only telling useless stuff.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Crocodile grinned and said: “I’m just opening your eyes on things you might forget, and you can decide what to do next!!”

Sabo and the others couldn’t talk about these things, they can only listen quietly.

At this time, Robin suddenly said: “Maybe you can try ‘the way the lion speaks (demand an exorbitant price)’!”

“Oh!?” Ian suddenly became interested when he heard it, and said: “I’m listening!”

Robin lightly smiled, glanced at Crocodile next to her, and talked about her idea…


About a week later, the Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

Sengoku was working in his office. Next to his desk, a meek goat was standing quietly. Whenever he encounters a document that needs to be destroyed, Sengoku will hand the file to the goat, and then the goat will slowly chew the file and eat it.

While Sengoku was trying to focus, he heard a hustle outside the door! A gray-headed old man pushed open the door of Sengoku’s office and walked in.

The person who came in was the Marine Vice Admiral, Garp, with a bag of snacks in his hand. When Sengoku saw him like this, he knew that he had come to drink tea again.

However, Sengoku was tired, but did not reject Garp. After pouring two cups of tea, the two friends began to drink tea and eat snacks, enjoying this rare calm afternoon teatime.

While eating, Garp asked Sengoku: “Did you find the pirate who assassinated the king of the drum Kingdom?”

Sengoku glanced at him and took a bite of his biscuit. “Don’t you know who it really was? It must be Ian that bastard kid! He sneaked into the first half of the Grand Line and passed by the Drum Island. Who else could be so bold except him?”

“Hahaha!” Garp laughed and said, “But even with what the brat did, you still have to wipe his butt, right?”

“Unfortunately!” Sengoku said sadly: “A Shichibukai has assassinated a King! If this matter is spread, the world government will not be able to handle its outcomes. I can only put the blame on the Blackbeard, Teach.”

“Teach?” Garp chewed a cookie, making a creaking sound, and said curiously: “Marshall D·Teach? The guy who defected from the Whitebeard Pirates?”

“Yeah!” Sengoku said with a headache: “Garp, you are also from the D clan, tell me the truth, do you know this guy?”

Garp shook his head vigorously and said: “Absolutely not, but after all, this guy has been able to endure his stay with that old sack, Edward for many years. He must be tough!”

“To be honest, I have an ominous feeling that something big may happen!” Sengoku worriedly put down the teacup and cookies in his hand and said, “You know, that guy has fled to the West Blue, and the Second Division Captain, Fire Fist Ace, is said to have been chasing him, but Ace disappeared in the New World some time ago…”

“Can’t you find where he went?” Garp was quiet.

As a result, Sengoku looked at Garp with a deep look and said: “Garp, up to now, do you still want to hide it from me?”

Garp pretended to be stupid: “What am I hiding from you?”

Sengoku stretched out his finger, poked Garp’s forehead, and lowered his voice. “Damn it, Garp, you bastard, Ace’s true identity has been found by the CP agents, and the report just reached my hands! He is not your grandson, right? But the truth is that he’s the only son of the Pirate King, Gol. D. Roger!!!”

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