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S.C.S Chapter 348: Going to Marineford

After directly exposing Ace’s identity, Garp didn’t panic, instead, he laughed weirdly and said: “Old friend, I didn’t hide anything from you!”

“Why?” Sengoku asked Garp bitterly. “Why did you adopt Ace? Don’t you know that he is Roger’s son? If this matter gets discovered by the world, do you know how much damage it would bring to your reputation?”

Sengoku and Garp are good friends for many years. However, it was precisely because he got mad at Garp that he had to tell him about it directly as soon as he heard about it!

In fact, after the war of Salamis, the Marines dug in his past and learned that his full name was Portgas. D. Ace, when this name was reported to Sengoku, it aroused great interest.

Another person from the D family? After seeing the name, Sengoku ordered the CP agents to dig more into Ace’s history.

In this pirate world, it takes a lot of time to check the identity of someone because of the slow transportation means. During that time, Sengoku has been quietly paying attention to Fire Fist Ace, watching him gradually become famous in the New World, observing his rapid climb in the ranks of the Whitebeard Pirates, keeping an eye on his rising bounty reaching all the way to more than 500 million. Even Sengoku had to admit that Ace was a pirate with a lot of talents and potentials.

Not long ago, when Teach defected from the Whitebeard Pirates, the Agents’ investigation report was finally compiled and placed on Sengoku’s desk.

It wasn’t until the moment he saw the contents of the investigation that Sengoku discovered that the Pirate King Roger had left someone with his blood behind, and he has grown to such a scary level…

While resenting the fact that the Whitebeard was training Roger’s son, Sengoku began to think about how to capture Ace.

However, this was not the only shocking news… the moment he received the investigation report, Sengoku knew that his old friend not only adopted Roger’s son without telling him, but also had a real son who started a revolutionary movement against the government!

What’s wrong with you and your family!? During this time, Sengoku always thought of what Garp had hidden from him, and couldn’t help feeling agitated, so finally, today, he invited Garp to have a frank talk with him.

When he heard Sengoku’s question, Garp stopped laughing, and his silly expression disappeared. He held the teacup, sighed, and said: “Reputation doesn’t matter to me at all, now I am just an ordinary old man, I only know that they are my sons, and I am their beloved father… Sengoku, my old friend, do you think the last generation’s grudges would really pass to the next generation?”

“I don’t know!” Sengoku refused to answer Garp’s question. He shook his head and said. “I’m taking this opportunity to tell you one thing… prepare yourself psychologically! After all, I’m the Marines’ Fleet Admiral, Representing the whole department, it is impossible to ignore the existence of Roger’s sinful bloodline, I will soon find a way to arrest Fire Fist Ace.”

“You are free to do whatever you think is right!” Garp smiled bitterly and said: “And I am also a member of the marines, I can understand your reaction!”

Sengoku sighed, patted Garp’s shoulder, and said, “If you want to blame someone, blame Ace… because, in the end, he still choose the wrong path, becoming a pirate…”

This sentence also faintly evoked Garp’s anger, which made him think of Luffy and then Ian, such bastards. The latter, when he was in the East Blue, he asked for his help, catching Ace and convincing him to join the marines, but that brat did the complete opposite, not only did they become best friends, he even followed his evil path…!

‘The next time I see him, I will beat him up until he losses all his memories, Ace is ruined because of him!’

Mysteriously, when Garp started thinking of Ian, at the same time, Sengoku surprisingly did the same, he touched his beard, and said: “Garp, Ace and Ian seem to be good friends, right!? Then could it be possible, Ace disappeared without a trace during this time, did he follow Ian to the Grand Line?”

“What are you saying!?” Garp yelled. “Didn’t you say that Ian went alone?”

“The news from Alabasta says that he’s indeed traveling alone!” Sengoku said: “I don’t know why, but he crossed all that distance to fight with another Shichibukai, Crocodile, however according to my sources, he later left Alabasta with Crocodile….”

In the first half of the Grand Line, the intelligence forces of the Marines and the World Government are quite developed. Whether it was his appearance in the Drum Island or Alabasta, in both places, he was tracked and located. However, they could not figure out the purpose of his trip.

As for what happened on the island of Travolta, Ian’s territory in the new world, the marines department still didn’t hear a thing, because Travolta was located in a position where the marines were the weakest, and where its tentacles can’t extend to reach there! Therefore, the Marines not only did not know that Ace had gone to that Island, but they couldn’t even know what’s happening on that island.

“That brat, Ace, isn’t he going after the Blackbeard?” Garp said: “How could he leave his mission and run after Ian?”

“Who knows, since they are friends, maybe Ace went to seek help from Ian!” Sengoku said: “If the Shichibukai Ian is willing to help, it may be a little easier to hunt Teach…”

“On the other hand, didn’t that brat, Ian, almost become one of Whitebeard’s arch-nemesis because of his attempt to assassinate Teach?” Garp suddenly thought of this and said: “Now with Teach’s betrayal, doesn’t it mean that Ian can redeem himself with that old man again?”

“Yeah, this is my biggest concern!” Sengoku sighed. “If I can, I’d like to talk to Ian face to face… Because I really can’t see through this young man, I really don’t know whether it was a good or bad decision to make him a Shichibukai…”

However, just as Sengoku was saying this, the door of his office was suddenly knocked hurriedly, and a voice outside said anxiously: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Fleet Admiral Sengoku! Are you there?”

Sengoku frowned, said: “Come in!”

He saw a lieutenant commander pushing in the door and came in with an anxious expression: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, bad news… this can’t be good…”

“What’s happening?” Sengoku frowned. “Keep it together commander!”

The Lieutenant Commander also realized that he had lost his attitude. He immediately stood up and calmed down his mind, then he said: “There is a Shichibukai who came uninvited and broke into Marineford!”

“A Shichibukai? Who is it!?” Sengoku said with dissatisfaction: “Is it Doflamingo?”

In Sengoku’s impression, the only person who can do this kind of thing have to be the one and only Doflamingo. Sengoku used to call Doflamingo a scum in secret, which shows how much he dislike him.

“No…no!” The Lieutenant Commander said: “It’s a new Shichibukai, Ian, the Black Dragon!”

“What are you talking about?” Both Sengoku and Garp succinctly said, “Ian?”

“Yes, it is him!” the Commander said.

Sengoku and Garp looked at each other, this means that trouble is knocking on their doors. Turning his head, Sengoku said: “Still… why are you making a fuss about such a thing?”

“Because, because he is here with Crocodile!” The soldier said: “They… they are together!”

Upon hearing this, Sengoku immediately took it seriously. It was indeed unusual for two Shichibukai members to appear together in the Marine Headquarters without invitation.

“Let’s go and see what they want!” Sengoku made a quick decision, walked out of the office with Garp, and went to the balcony of the castle.

At this point of view, even Sengoku was dumbfounded! In the sky not far away, a young man with huge black flaming wings stretched out of his back was just floating in mid-air… Needless to say, this person is naturally Ian, and behind him was the Desert King, Crocodile, which his upper half was also flying within a decent-sized tornado… The two swayed and swaggered over the Marineford Square.

The soldiers beneath were nervous! At this time, many of them had rushed to the square, raised their guns, and aimed at the two in the air.

Although they knew that these two are Shichibukai members, no one can tell what they want to do with this unsolicited behavior…

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