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S.C.S Chapter 349: old friends

Not only the soldiers, even the densely packed cannons on the fortress of the Marine headquarters raised their angle and aimed at the sky, making the entire Marineford look like a hedgehog.

“Even if we are not welcomed, there is no need to exaggerate!!”

Starting the communication with this phrase, Ian was a bit stunned by the defensive power of the Marine Headquarters.

“If you don’t want to make a fuss, you’d better lower your weapons!” Crocodile’s cold eyes looked at the crowd below, and said.

As a result, the two flew down and landed on the square of the Marineford.

After reaching the ground, Ian looked around. Behind them was a crescent-shaped inner lake, so Ian suddenly remembered that this place was where the Whitebeard Pirates fought the Marines!

After Ian and Crocodile landed, they were soon surrounded by soldiers, but then some of these marine soldiers created a path in the middle, and a graceful figure appeared in front of the two.

This person was Hina in a red suit and a white marine coat. She walked to Ian with a cigarette in her mouth and crossed arms.

As soon as Ian saw Hina, he immediately raised his hand happily and said: “Hey, Hina-san!! We met again!”

“Shut up!” However, Hina yelled angrily at him. “Ian, what are you doing here?”

Ian attacked the Holy Land about a year ago and then turned into a pirate, which angered Hina a lot. Now unexpectedly, Ian became Shichibukai, which means that he’s on the side of the marines, so she had no reason to scold Ian. However, this time Ian’s actions touched the nerves of the Marines department. This uninvited arrival is quite scary for them.

And it happened to be Hina who led the team to surround Ian, so she certainly wouldn’t use a casual tone talking to Ian.

Ian smiled and said: “Don’t be so nervous. I have been on Shichibukai for so long anyway, so I have to come occasionally to the Marine Headquarter. I need to meet the people I’m working with… Don’t you think so?”

“But the Marines hasn’t issued any enlistment orders!” Hina said seriously: “If you want to come to the Headquarters, at least let us know?”

Ian shrugged… in fact, it can be seen from the current performance of the marines. Although the Marines has appointed these people to become Shichibukais, it does not necessarily trust them all. Otherwise, when they arrive uninvited, why would it cause such a commotion?

“Okay, my fault!” Ian was too lazy to entangle with them at this point. “This is a sudden matter, that’s why I came… I need to see the Fleet Admiral Sengoku.”

“I can understand that, but what about him!” Hina pointed to Crocodile behind Ian: “Two Shichibukais appeared together, what on earth do you want to do?”

As a result, Crocodile said coldly: “Don’t pay attention to me, I didn’t come voluntarily!”

This guy is still complaining… Ian turned his head, glanced at him, and couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

But Hina was very clever and immediately understood something from Crocodile’s words. After giving Ian a thoughtful look, she said, “Stay here and wait!”

With that said, she turned and left… Ian didn’t mind, and observed the deployment of the Marine department with great interest.

On the top of the main tower, both Sengoku and Garp saw the descent of Ian and Crocodile. Seeing that there was no conflict or unpleasant event between the two sides, Sengoku was slightly relaxed and asked Garp: “What do you think of this, such sudden appearance, what do they want?”

“Who knows!” Garp snorted, saying: “By the way, this was the first time that brat has come to the Marine Headquarters? And didn’t you say that you want to meet him?”

When he said this, Garp thought of whether he could fulfill the previous idea, jumping from the top of the tower, rushing to Ian, and beating the hell out of him…

It was also at this time that Hina came in to inform Sengoku that Ian wanted to see him.

Sengoku thought for a while, nodded, and said: “Bring him to the conference room.”

The Marine Headquarters has a dedicated meeting room for the conscripted Shichibukai. When Ian and Crocodile were brought in by Hina, he saw Sengoku wearing a round eyeglass, and Hmmm… a hat with a seagull on top.

This is the first meeting between Ian and Sengoku, but what surprised Ian is that there are several “old acquaintances” in the conference room besides Sengoku, Garp, and Vice Admiral Tsuru!

One of them is the scarred Vice Admiral, Doberman!

At this time, although Doberman still looks very vicious, one of his sleeves was hanging on the side.

Needless to say, this was the hand attacked by Ian in their fight on the Mainspring Island!

When enemies met, things get heated. As soon as Ian came in, Doberman couldn’t help standing up, but he was pulled by Momonga next to him.

Momonga can understand the mood of Doberman. When fighting each other, Doberman was badly injured, but after turning to the base, the World Government recruited his assaulter and made him a Shichibukai. How much grievances Doberman has felt? However, Momonga tried to calm him down. He needs to understand that Ian’s identity was different from that time. If no one stopped him, things may get worse.

After pulling him down, Doberman thought of it more, so he stopped his action, but he couldn’t swallow it anyhow, he said to Ian directly. “Boy, you still dare to come to the Marine Headquarters?”

Ian looked at him and disdainfully said: “Hey stray dog, don’t bark!”

Don’t blame Ian for his venomous tongue. In fact, he didn’t have any affection for these ruthless soldiers. Even if Doberman had a high rank in the marine department, did he think that Ian would apologize for what he did after saying such a phrase??

He would be dreaming, even in their main base, Ian wasn’t afraid!

“Bastard…! You…” When Doberman heard Ian’s words, he became more irritated and wanted to stand up, rush to Ian, and punch him in the face, but he was dragged down again by Momonga.

At this time, sitting in the first position of Sengoku’s left, a slender man suddenly started to talk, saying: “Okay now, Vice Admiral Doberman, please restrain yourself!”

As soon as he saw the man who spoke, Doberman swallowed his pride and sat down, because the person who gave him this order was his superior, the Admiral, Kuzan who was now in the Headquarters.

To put it bluntly, Aokiji was also a person who has suffered a loss under Ian’s hands. If they wanted to get their revenge from Ian, then Aokiji should be the first to act, but now, even Aokiji was calm, therefore, Doberman can’t say anything, he can only press his own anger and sit on the chair.

Ian looked at Aokiji sitting with crossed legs, reduced the coldness on his face, nodded to Aokiji, and said: “Admiral Aokiji, long time no see!”

“It’s been a long time indeed!” Aokiji replied.

For Aokiji, Ian was very grateful, although he had to use the Black Dragon wave to hurt and stop him, Ian knew that Aokiji didn’t go all out while fighting him at that time! If he didn’t slack a bit while carrying his mission, Ian might not have had time to get all the rescued slaves on board, let alone escape.

I respect those who respect me and those whose kind deeds grant them respect… Ian still remembers the kindness of man.

After greeting Aokiji, Ian smiled and looked at Garp. He remembered the scene when Ace was unwilling to see Garp.

As a result, Garp saw Ian’s smile and couldn’t help scolding angrily: “Hey, you laughing piece of sh!t! Do you know how much trouble you caused to us in the first place?”

Ian spread his hands and said: “Do you blame me?”

Ian wasn’t the one who started all of this, If the Celestial Dragons didn’t collect slaves from all the races and places, he wouldn’t make such a big fuss in Marijoa…

Garp didn’t bother continuing the spar, and snorted coldly with his hands closed.

“All right! Let’s talk about your sudden arrival!” Sengoku knocked on the table and said, “Ian, this is the first time we met, to be honest, I always opposed the idea of you joining Shichibukai, but since the World Government has already acknowledged your title, then I have no say in this… However, you appeared here in Marineford with Crocodile, but I did not get any notification! Can you tell me why?”

“It’s very simple!” Ian nodded and said: “I just want to ask a question.”

“Keep talking!” Sengoku leaned on the back of the chair with his crossed arms.

Ian sat down on the opposite of the table, and said: “According to the original agreement, as a Shichibukai, it is an obligation to help the marines while you are encountering an enemy, especially when receiving the call… Then, on the other hand, if a Shichibukai gets in trouble and enters a fight, will the marines come forward to help?”

As soon as this problem arose, Sengoku, Garp, and the other present people were immediately stunned.

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