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S.C.S Chapter 350: Aokiji Going Out Again

It can be said that Ian’s question baffled Sengoku.

Yeah, if a Shichibukai faces some kind of trouble, will the marines’ department mobilize their forces to help?

According to the original agreement, Shichibukais are considered allies of the Marines, and the World Government… The World Government provides many privileges to Shichibukai, and the latter provides military support to the marines, which is clearly indicated.

However, it seems that no one has ever thought whether Shichibukai can use the marine forces to defend an attack or help them eliminate one.

This sounds a bit weird, but the fact is that no one has thought of this before. In addition to their dignity, it is also because every Shichibukai can be considered a great pirate in all directions… Such people generally have no problems that can not be solved, even if they were dealing with a strong enemy, they can be solved by their own force, and there has never been a time when external power is needed…

As a result, over time, even the marines became accustomed to asking Shichibukai for help when something is about to happen, but Shichibukai never thought of seeking the marines’ help when they are dealing with anything!

From a moral point of view, since the two sides are allies, they are obliged to solve each other’s troubles, but because there has never been such a precedent occurrence, so when Ian suddenly raised this question, even Sengoku did not know how to answer.

However, Sengoku after all is a person with superior intelligence. Since it was difficult to answer, he simply threw the question back to Ian and said, “How can I help? What can we do for you?”

Ian smiled and said: “First of all, if you guys won’t help, then I will ask someone else… and you better not interfere with that either.”

Sengoku looked thoughtfully at Crocodile, who had been smoking all the time…

“As for what you can help me with…” Ian paused there, then said with a smile: “But, if you are willing to help, then that would be great… I want to ask you, Sengoku the Fleet Admiral, to send the three Admirals to help me!”

When these words came out, Sengoku, Garp, Tsuru, Aokiji, and even Crocodile spat out!

“You…you…what did you say?!” Sengoku’s glasses frame crooked and looked at Ian ridiculously. “You want me to send the three Admirals to help you!? What are you going to do!?”

“Beat someone!” Ian was solemn: “Someone has provoked me, I plan to gather as much power as I can and beat the Sh!t out of them!”

You… Are you kidding me!? Take three Admirals to help you beat someone!? This is far more ridiculous than I thought!?

What on earth, you should figure this out yourself! What are you thinking about!?

“No! Absolutely not!” Sengoku immediately started to talk: “Ian, we can see that you are still very young, but please don’t mess with us like that, this isn’t a place for jokes!”

As a result, Ian tangled his head and said: “If three is too much, then two will be enough!”

“Not even two!” Sengoku refused.

“That will make me suffer some losses, but one is good!” Ian said with a painful look, “Just ask Admiral Aokiji to help me out!”

“One…” Sengoku just wanted to say something, and suddenly came back to his senses, and roared: “I told you, it’s not a number problem! It is impossible for the Marines Admirals to come forward and help you to deal with your enemy!”

As soon as Ian heard this, he immediately felt like a deflated ball and said: “Is that so…”

Seeing him like this, Sengoku finally felt relieved. He hummed twice to show that he had finally dealt with the situation, and there is nothing he could do to help…

However, at this time, Ian suddenly laughed and said: “Since the Marines are unwilling to help, then… I will find someone else to help, and you better not interfere with any of the upcoming events?”

“I’m okay with that!” Sengoku nodded, he only thought that as long as he doesn’t involve the Marines with his ridiculous stuff, then he can do whatever he wants…

However, just after saying this, Sengoku suddenly saw a cunning look in Ian’s eyes, and he was very alert and immediately asked: “To whom you are going to ask for help?”

As a result, Ian turned his head and pointed to Crocodile: “Huh!? Ah! Just other Shichibukais!”

When Ian said this, Crocodile was suddenly the center of everyone’s attention, which made him snort coldly and roll his eyes…

Looking at Crocodile’s reluctance, Sengoku already guessed that Ian might have threatened Crocodile with something, so he had no other choice but to help. This made Sengoku feel relieved, and said: “It’s up to you. Whoever you ask for help, that’s your business!”

When Ian heard this, his soul appeared behind him and gave Sengoku a thumps up… this is what I came for!

‘I have to say that Robin’s method is really useful.’ After seeing Sengoku, Ian went straight to the point, and asked for the help of the three Admirals… But who are these three Admirals? They are the muscles of the marine department, unless they encounter a major incident like eliminating an uprising enemy or facing a Yonko, otherwise, he will never see the three Admirals dispatched together!

He must be thinking with his feet to consider the idea of Sengoku agreeing, but this still rose the psychological expectations of the marines.

Therefore, when Sengoku refused Ian’s request, Ian took the opportunity to bring Crocodile with him, which is also a Shichibukai, and Sengoku had no reason to object.

Especially, he wasn’t aware that Ian didn’t just want to take Crocodile with him, but also wanted to pull more Shichibukais to help… In this way after Ian calls Jinbe and Boa Hancock, Sengoku couldn’t say anything about this, because Ian reported this to him in advance, he had just hidden a little about this matter, which is the number of warlords he’s going to bring…

Ian didn’t expect the marines to help him anyway. After this report, even if the marines had forbidden the alliance between the Shichibukais, they wouldn’t be able to make a fuss about this matter.

Even better, because Crocodile is here with Ian, Sengoku might think that other Shichibukai would also act like Crocodile. Since he sensed something weird in their alliance, then he was sure that his affair with Crocodile would end after dealing with Ian’s enemy…

Some people may say that Ian was going nuts, but aren’t all Shichibukais tyrannical and haughty? But still, if he’s thinking about allying with another Shichibukai, then why would he take the marines’ attitude into account?

This is simple. Those who accept the government invitation to become Shichibukai always have demands from the marines or the World Government. Once they really annoy the other side and they will lose their Shichibukai title, which is troublesome.

This is why the so-called compulsory conscription is effective for Shichibukai. Ian can ignore the marines’ attitude towards him, but other Shichibukai, such as Jinbe or Hancock, they can’t do the same… Ian came to Marineford to make this report in order to eliminate troublesome outcomes. He wasn’t planning to ask someone for help, which will cause the other side problems later!

After successfully achieving his goal, Ian was satisfied, so he took off the bear’s ear cap and saluted Sengoku, and said “Then, we will leave!”

Turning around, Ian and Crocodile walked out of the meeting room side by side.

After that, Sengoku was sitting with a bunch of high-level marine generals, and after watching the two leave, the meeting room went silent.

After a while, Garp scratched his gray hair and wondered: “Why do I always feel that things are not as simple as it seems?”

Tsuru sighed: “I think so too.”

Sengoku thought for a while and asked: “Ian’s enemies, who could they be? Is he going to fight an Emperor? He asked for the three Admirals?”

Aokiji put both hands on the back of his head, and said: “Maybe there is a problem with his territory. Our Intelligence forces in New World are too weak. Up to now, there is no new information, even if he was competing neck to neck with someone, we wouldn’t know anything about it only when it ends.”

“…” Sengoku went silent for a while, and suddenly said: “Kuzan, if you can, I would like to ask you to go and follow them, to see what is going on, but don’t act up, I always feel that this brat Ian is concealing something.”

“Okay,” Aokiji stood up and appeared taller. He picked up the jacket hanging from his chair, threw it on his shoulders, and walked out of the meeting room slowly…

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