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S.C.S Chapter 351: You’ll remember me each time you look at the moon

After leaving the Headquarters, Ian and Crocodile returned to the port.

This port was naturally the port where the world leaders and Kings landed when they come to the Levely (World Council). When Ian arrived at this part of the world, he had to take another ship. They needed to go up the mountain and reach Marijoa, crossing the Red Line, and entering the New World from the other side…

Over there, only Sabo was disguised and waiting for Ian.

After all, this is Marineford, the Marine Headquarters, and the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army, dared to Sabo appears here, which is a huge risk, so he had to be careful.

As for Nico Robin, Koala and Hack, they were separated from the rest temporarily just before Ian and Crocodile landed in Marineford. Hack is a Fishman, so under Ian’s arrangement, he went to the seabed, to the Fishman Island! Ian wrote a letter to Jinbe, asked Hack to deliver it to him. Ian believes that after seeing the letter, Jinbe will be willing to help.

Oyaji is very kind to Fishman Island. Jinbe was grateful and always maintained great gratitude towards the Whitebeard. Back then, he faced Ace and tried to stop him from challenging the Whitebeard, and their fight went on for five days and nights, but then the two became great friends!

During that time on Salamis Island, Jinbe actually went there once and Ian met for the second time, and they had a good chat.

Judging from the signs of the Vivre Card, Ace was indeed injured, so Ian wrote to tell Jinbe about this, and he will definitely come.

As for Koala and Nico Robin, they were sent by Ian to Amazon Lily to give a letter to Hancock. They are girls, so it won’t be so awkward to land on a girls-only island.

Ian was also confident about inviting Boa Hancock. Back then, no one asked Hancock to bring the Kuja pirates to the Mainspring Island and help the benefactor get rid of the marines’ pursuit. This time Ian wrote her letter personally, so she certainly will not refuse.

However, maybe with Hancock’s personality, Nico Robin and Koala’s mission to contact her won’t be that easy, but he was sure that they can handle this… It’s no big deal to wait for a while.

As for the last person, uncle Kuma, it is even simpler, Sabo had the power to reach him! It’s just that… Whether uncle Kuma would be willing to help or not, Ian couldn’t confirm that!

Because he after all is a Revolutionary Army cadre, perhaps because of hidden considerations, he may not want to get involved in this matter…

After meeting up with Sabo, the three abandoned their previous ship and went up the road to Marijoa.

It’s really funny to say that Ian, the famous arsonist, can now openly cross to the Red Line with the approval of the World Government. This is a blessing to Ian’s current Shichibukai identity. He doesn’t even need to ask for permission, as long as the marines are responsible for this navigation channel and they recognize Ian’s identity, he can use it unimpeded.

So, when Ian thought about it as he got closer and closer to Marijoa, he couldn’t help but smile.

Quite ironic, isn’t it?

“Why are you smiling!?” Crocodile couldn’t help asking after seeing Ian’s expression.

“I’m wondering whether the buildings that I burned down about a year ago… have they been repaired by now!” Ian touched his chin.

When Sabo heard this, he couldn’t help but smile and whispered: “Are you thinking about doing it again?”

Ian shrugged, spread his hands, and said: “I’m not in the mood now, haha, plus even if I think about igniting a firework this time, I’m sure the World Government won’t rest until they rip my head off!”

The two had an interesting conversation, but Crocodile next to them kept his depressed face. Damn, who are these guys. Why is this guy named Sabo also fearless? Who the hell is this guy?

When entering the gate of Marijoa, Ian found that there were many more marine soldiers and world government officials in black suits guarding it. It seems that Marijoa’s security forces have been strengthened a lot.

These guards were examining the qualifications of other applicants who also want to cross the Red Line. Most of these people were wealthy businessmen and nobles. In Ian’s observation, these people will basically get their passing ticket, but some other civilians were completely blocked! These civilians were all brutally carried away by the world government officials, and their pleas would only be exchanged for fists and kicks.

Even if they were not pirates, Ian thought a little, and suddenly understands it. These are probably the orders of

the Celestial Dragons. They will never allow the so-called Dalits to set foot on The Holy Land Marijoa……

Not only Ian, but even Sabo realized this, so they both looked a little gloomy.

Ian and his pals of course can pass, so their steps don’t stop… but just when it was almost time for them to be checked, an accident suddenly occurred.

In the middle of the gate, a loud scream came from afar, and a group of people came towards their side. It was a Celestial Dragon. He sat on the back of a slave and let the slave crawl on the ground. The poor slave marched forward in torn clothes, his head was lowered, and he struggled in every step, his hands and knees were full of open wounds, printing the ground with his blood.

On both sides of the Celestial Dragon was a group of guards and many shackled slaves. Needless to say, this was the time of the day when they walk their dogs…

When the Celestial Dragon came all the way, the people on both sides of the road quickly knelt on the ground, bowed their heads, and showed him respect.

“Quickly! Get down on your knees!” As soon as they saw the Celestial Dragon at the gate, the world government officials quickly shouted to the people waiting for the review outside the gate: “Don’t act rude, or you will suffer!”

Those who come often to Marijoa basically understand the rules. So, those businessmen and nobles knelt down together. Even the civilians, although they were not familiar, seeing this situation, they hurriedly went down like everybody else.

This saved them from big troubles…

As soon as everyone knelt down, Ian and the other two were the only ones notable and they appeared as cranes in a flock of chickens.

“Aren’t you going to kneel?” Ian stared jokingly at Crocodile.

“The existence of garbage doesn’t require me to bend down?” Crocodile said disdainfully with his cigar in his mouth.

“Haha!” Ian just laughed… this guy still has a great personality.

Crocodile wouldn’t kneel, nor did Ian and Sabo, so these three people looked at Saint Aduram and his group.

At this point, someone had noticed the three of them, so they hurriedly wanted to get them to kneel down, but seeing the appearance of Ian and Crocodile, he couldn’t say anything, and those World Government officials wanted to yell at them, but when they saw their cold eyes, and they shivered.

“That… that is the Shichibukai, Crocodile!?”

“Well… crap! Next to him is… Next to him is…”

Naturally, the government agents were more knowledgeable than ordinary people. Not only do they recognize Crocodile, but even Ian. Seeing these two, these World Government officials took a cold breath together!

Who is Ian? That’s the guy who killed a Celestial Dragon! How could such a terrible person appear in Marijoa again!?

In a short moment, these World Government officials were soaked in sweat. They felt that something big would happen again!

But at this moment, they couldn’t do anything, because the Celestial Dragon had already approached, they could only kneel obediently and dare not to move…

Then, what they were worried about finally happened…

“Hey! Peasants over there! You dare not to kneel down!?” Aduram immediately yelled after noticing Ian and his friends.

They didn’t talk at all, they just looked at this guy without any reaction.

“Damn you, bastards, you dare to offend me!?” Aduram got angry and immediately pulled out the pistol at his waist. With a bang, he fired at Ian standing in the middle.

When they heard the gunshot, those kneeling officials started thinking about their doom. They buried their heads deeply on the ground and didn’t dare to raise for fear of seeing a scene that frightens them.

They don’t think that the Celestial Dragon’s gun can pose a threat to Ian. They are worried that this stupid, pig-like noble doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.

The bullets flew quickly, but it was caught by Ian’s dark palm.

Puff! A purple flame burst from Ian’s palm and instantly melted the bullet in his hand.

Then, a purple flaming ball floated in Ian’s palm.

Aduram stared blankly at the flame in Ian’s hand, opened his mouth slightly and kept on blinking, and then suddenly, he seemed to remember something, and his eyes shifted from Ian’s palm to his face.

After seeing the hat on Ian’s head and the smile on his face, Aduram finally recalled the fearful event.

It’s him! That’s the person!

And the color of that Flame… the pillars of fire that burned half of Marijoa were of that color!

“You’ll remember me each time you look at the moon”, Ian’s words were finally fulfilled. His purple flame of Iori, that night, left a deep impression on every Celestial dragon of Marijoa, now when this Flame appeared again, it immediately evoked Aduram’s memory and reminded him of the purple fire that pervaded the whole holy land.

“Ah!!!” Aduram let out a miserable scream, and then the guy jumped off his slave mount, turned his head, and ran back from where he came from…

“A… saint Aduram!?” His guards were all stunned. They saw him shooting and thinking about killing these folks. But now..? Why did Aduram run away scared!?

While running, Aduram screamed repeatedly: “Devil! That Devil has appeared again!”

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