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S.C.S Chapter 352: Poisoned

Aduram confused Ian by running like this.

He has thought about how the Celestial Dragons would react if they saw him. However, that foolish guy used to be so arrogant, as if he is the little child of the world leader. But still, he should know that his current identity is a Shichibukai, unlike the past… So even if that Celestial Dragon tried to attack him again, Ian wouldn’t care or attack back.

However, he never thought that the Celestial Dragon would react like this.

“Saint Aduram!” the guards finally came back to their senses, hurriedly chased up, and they all ran away together.

Ian scratched his head and said: “What was that?”

Crocodile coldly snorted: “It seems that your notoriety is quite bad among the Celestial Dragons! That guy probably recognized you.”

“If he recognized me, then why would I scare him away?” Ian asked doubtfully.

Sabo smiled slightly next to him, and said: “Isn’t this good? We have something important to do right now, so it’s not suitable for us to make troubles here.”

“That’s right!” Ian nodded and stopped thinking too much. Then the three continued to walk forward. Those world government officials in charge of censorship didn’t dare to check them at all, so they let them go directly.

Even the Celestial Dragon was scared away. So could they be more powerful than the World Nobles? The group of fearless people passed through Marijoa in the frightened eyes of everyone.

But what they didn’t know was that a tall and thin figure saw all of this in the crowd not far behind them.

Aokiji followed these three people not far away and not too close. After receiving the order of Sengoku, he planned to follow them to see what they were going to do. When he saw the three people meet the Celestial Dragon, even Aokiji couldn’t help sweating a bit.

He thought something bad was going to happen!

Although he doesn’t know much about Ian, he still knows that Ian is a bold guy. Aokiji is aware that others may choose to avoid these nobles, but Ian will never, and he will definitely stay stubborn until the end!

Sure enough, Ian and his friends did not intend to kneel at all, and the Celestial Dragon made his shot.

Aokiji was ready to intervene. Once Ian thinks about attacking the Celestial Dragon, he will immediately stop him! He can’t let Ian make a fuss in Marijoa again.

However, an unexpected situation happened, and Saint Aduram was scared away instead…

Although this was a good thing, Aokiji was secretly relieved, but through this incident, he also understood how notorious Ian was in the eyes of the world nobles!

As an Admiral, he is often stationed in Marineford, close enough to Marijoa, so Aokiji still knows a bit about the situation on the Holy Land.

Since the last time Ian set fire to Marijoa and released the slaves, the Celestial Dragons were extremely angry at first, wanted to capture Ian and sentence him to death in the cruelest way in order to set an example. However, when the Marines’ successive pursuit operations failed, the Celestial Dragons actually began to fear him.

This fear comes from the fear of losing the identity chip, and on the other hand, it was aroused by the death of the kid, Mjosgard.

For a long time, none of these nobles have been hurt or harmed in any way, let alone getting killed… In addition to the normal death cases, the stupid son of the Mjosgard family was the first member of the World Nobles to be killed.

This was a wonderful psychological change. For a long time, the Celestial Dragons boast of being the creators, thinking that they created the world, and completely regard themselves as gods. This made their thoughts somewhat distorted, and can’t tolerate anyone who offend them… In addition, the protection of the World Government and the Marines was taken for granted, so they build a sharp arrogant mentality.

However, after Ian killed a member of their people, it was like busting a hole in their high wall made of arrogance and superiority… They didn’t realize until now that even if they were “gods”, people could still kill them as well.

At this time, things started getting contradictory in their hearts. On one hand, they continued to be arrogant, but on the other hand, they were worried about getting slaughtered. Therefore, in constant discussion, the Celestial Dragons gradually formed an inexplicable fear of Ian, who will mercilessly kill them, in their minds, Ian’s image has become more terrifying, just like the Devil.

Only the Devil can go against Gods, only he can kill gods! That’s what Celestial Dragons think.

It’s not that their army sucks, but the enemy is too strong and crazy! It feels like a spiritual defeat, but he finally gave these nobles a sense of discomfort.

Therefore, every parent of each Celestial family will specifically teach their children to fear the Devil Ian. They even took Ian’s wanted poster and showed it to their kids, and told them if they meet this person, they’d better hide away……

In fact, the Celestial Dragons are actually more afraid of death than anyone else. They are not fools, and that’s why they can’t afford provoking those fearless people. Otherwise, why don’t these guys try to act against the Four Emperors?

This is why Aduram was so scared and run away as soon as he identified Ian. The latter didn’t know what happened, but Aokiji understood a little bit.

So after seeing this scene, even Aokiji felt a little speechless, but on second thought, he found that this was the best-case scenario. As long as the Celestial Dragons don’t take the initiative to provoke the wrong people, the Admirals will have less trouble, and won’t need to wipe their a$$…

Ian and the others stayed in Marijoa for a while, so even if the world nobles may still have a grudge against Ian for killing one of them, they can’t cause him trouble. This is what the Marines want to see the most…

When Aokiji came to the port, he learned that Ian’s group had already got a boat and entered the New World along the downhill channel. Aokiji walked slowly and got his bike from the Marine stationed in the port, then he rode it through the current.

As the wheels of the bicycle rotate, a slender ice path appeared under the wheels, carrying Aokiji all the way down the hill…


After the three of them entered the new world with the new ship, they sailed all the way to the first island where Ian took the slaves back then.

The letters Ian asked Hack, Robin, and Koala to take have already explained the meeting location. If Jinbe and Boa Hancock are willing to help, then they will arrive at this island.

So next, Ian has to wait for a while…

After crossing the Red Line, Ian’s Den Den Mushi radio waves finally got through and were unobstructed, and when he tried to contact Fujitora again, they were connected.

“Captain, is that you!?” There was an excited voice answering the phone.

“Walnut!? Why are you the one answering the call?” Ian was very excited, he was so worried about them, and now, he finally got in touch with them.

“It’s me!” Walnut said: “Captain, where are you now? We are in trouble!”

“Don’t worry, speak slowly!” Ian comforted her. “Where are you now? On Travolta or the Sky Base?”

Walnut said: “We are now on the Sky Island… Captain, shortly after you left, something big happened. A group attacked our island, and there were many enemies. Although Uncle Issho resisted them, he couldn’t cope with them in the end. Many members of our pirate group were seriously injured. As a last resort, Uncle Issho had to use his Ability to let us all float to the Sky Island.”

“Is Ace also on the Sky Island?” Ian asked.

“Yes, he is here too!” Walnut said: “Ace… he just came to our island not long after the attack. It seems that he came to find you, but when he found us under attack, he also helped us dealing with the enemy, however, he was injured later, and had to follow us to the Sky Island.”

“How is he? Is he seriously injured?” Ian frowned and asked.

“No, to be exact, he was not injured!” Walnut gave Ian a bit of surprising news, telling. “He is actually poisoned! A very strong poison, although it’s not fatal, even Dr. Ranga couldn’t cure him!”

“Poi…poisoned!?” Ian was shocked.

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