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S.C.S Chapter 353: Coincidence?

Judging from the signs of his Vivre Card, Ian had always thought that Ace was injured. He was still wondering what kind of enemy it was that could hurt Ace.

You know, the strength of today’s Ace is no longer weaker than a Shichibukai, so Ian guessed that it might be the senior officials of a Yonko who could hurt him.

But after getting in touch with Walnut, Ian realized that things were different from what he had imagined.

“Ace is poisoned! What about the others?” Ian continued to ask: “Are there more poisoned members?”

“Yes!” Walnut said: “A large part of our group lost their combat power due to the strong venom, and then received more wounds. Sister Nana and Uncle Issho are poisoned, but they inhaled less poisonous powder, so their condition isn’t serious.”

“Poison powder?” Ian keenly grasped the word, frowned, and asked: “Who on earth attacked our territory?”

“I don’t know!” Walnut said: “I don’t know their origins. These enemies came from a weird huge snail ship. They have tons of soldiers, but many soldiers look exactly alike. However, they had four leaders, three men and one woman, and they were dressed strangely… Boss, when we fought them, their bodies were extremely hard. When Uncle Issho went to attack these four, those soldiers who looked the same took the initiative to stand in front of them and bear the upcoming damage… “

What the heck! As soon as he heard Walnut’s description of the enemies, Ian reacted immediately. This sounds like the Germa Group!

So Ian quickly asked: “Do the three men and the woman have digital identities?”

“I think so, I remember seeing some numbers!” Walnut said with certainty: “They have numbers on their bodies, the pink-haired woman had a 6 on each of her thighs!”

Sure enough, these are the Germa 66!

Ian sighed, said: “I see, now you need to stay on the Sky base, and I will be there soon.”

After that, Ian hung up, sat on the side of the ship, and began to think.

It’s normal that Walnut couldn’t recognize Germa 66. It is estimated that there are many people in the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group who can’t recognize them because they have never dealt with the underground world.

In the North Blue, there is a children’s book talking about the marines fighting the “evil army”. In this story, the marines defeated the evil army again and again and saved the world.

Therefore, in the world’s cognition, this so-called “evil army” has always been fictional, and people just read it and consider it as a fairy tale.

But in fact, this “evil army” does exist, and it is not a long-standing legend, which has existed to this day, and this evil army is actually Germa 66!

They are also known as the Germa Group, and their code name in the underground world is the “Warmongers”!

From this alone, we can understand what kind of organization they are. The Germa Group is a powerful military branch in the North Blue. They are war maniacs, that is, an organization that seeks stimulation from war and secretly operates to provoke strives… They basically accept war entrustment of various countries, help the highest paying customer win his war, and then develop and expand themselves with the obtained money.

This underworld mercenary force is commanded by the Kingdom’s ruling family, the Vinsmoke Family. The current leader is Vinsmoke Judge, an excellent scientist, Sanji’s father, one of Vegapunk’s former colleagues. When their research institute was forcibly dissolved by the world government, Judge escaped with the research results of his colleagues, the bloodline factor research data called “the Lineage Factor”.

During this period, Judge relied on the study of bloodline factors to gradually upgrade the Germa Group into a scientific combat force, creating an army of clones, and modified the bloodline factor of his five children, making them a lot more powerful.

What is even more outrageous is that such a war group was also a member of the alliance recognized by the world government! The Vinsmoke family once ruled the entire North Blue by force. Although their forces have decreased and lost their territory, their seat in the world conference has been reserved and they still have the qualification to participate in them.

Ian, as a transmigrator, naturally knows the Germa Group and the Vinsmoke Family. Although his knowledge is limited, he didn’t think Germa 66 launched this attack on his residence!

Through Walnut’s description of the enemy, Ian realized that the people who led the attack on Travolta were the four children.

The daughter Reiju, the eldest son Ichiji, Niji, and the smallest son, Yonji!

As for the third child, Sanji, he is still a chef in East Blue Sea Restaurant Baratie…

Ace and Fujitora were poisoned, which was probably caused by Reiju. That beautiful woman has a nickname of “toxic powder”, and she could use and absorb venoms. It seems to be some kind of Devil Fruit Ability.

It’s no wonder that Ace and the others will be caught. We all know that Ace is the Flame-Flame Fruit User, but many of the poisons are colorless and tasteless. Ace’s Flame doesn’t necessarily protect him from toxins, because he always has to breathe.

Ian had a headache thinking. He thought that the attacker might be Kaido, because that maniac did have a reason to attack Ian. That guy was not only a madman, but also seemed to be attached to most Zoan fruits… During the World Council, the South Blue Pear Blossoms gave a Mythical Devil Fruit as a tribute to the Celestial Dragons, with was suspected to be a Zoan Type! Finally, the news came that Ian had taken it away, so Kaido should be very angry… He should’ve suspected that Ian might have eaten the fruit, that’s why the three disasters of Kaido might have appeared around Salamis Island. If it was not for the Whitebeard, they wouldn’t have retreated so easily.

Although the intern reporter Pritz broadcasted the war live, letting the world realize that Ian might be a Devil Fruit User, Kaido should have put out his thoughts of catching Ian, but the reward of 10 billion Berries, Ian still thinks that Kaido was behind all of this…

He felt that the biggest suspicion was Kaido, but from nowhere, the Germa 66 were the attackers, which Ian didn’t expect at all.

When Crocodile started talking in Alabasta, he did mention the Germa Group, but Ian felt that there wasn’t any hatred or enmity between them, the Germa Group should not take the initiative to provoke a Shichibukai, right?

But looking at it now, nothing makes sense or even matters… This was all for the money. The 10 billion were enough to attract the Germa 66’s attention!

What made Ian feel speechless is that when he returned to the East Blue this time, he encountered Sanji along the way. Maybe it’s a sign…

Sanji’s eyebrows are still haunting him…

What Ian is thinking about now is how to deal with this matter.

There is no doubt that the strength of the Germa Group is so remarkable. Ian took precautions and found other Shichibukai as helpers. He really did the right thing. Although he was not facing an emperor, the Germa group is not easy to deal with.

There may still be a gap between this Group and a Yonko. Otherwise, Judge won’t think of a marriage between his kids and BigMom’s, to rely on her power.

The headache got stronger, but Ian felt something wrong when he thought carefully.

The cause of this battle was due to a commission from the Underground World, and Ian had reason to suspect Doflamingo for all of this.

Then, the problem suddenly occurred. If he remembers correctly, Doflamingo pirates are a famous group in the North Blue, and so do the Vinsmoke family, but the letter always wanted to restore their rule over that land. Is it just a coincidence or what? Shouldn’t these two be enemies!

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