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S.C.S Chapter 354: Stay calm

Ian’s intuition tells him that the Vinsmoke family was tricked!

10 billion is a huge amount of money, but the problem is that this sum was probably given by Doflamingo. According to Ian’s impression, Donquixote Pirates are quite famous in the North Blue. Many new pirates are proud to be able to join this group, and the influence of Doflamingo in the North Blue is quite huge.

Doffy is now the King of Dressrosa, but the place where Doffy’s made his fame and fortune is still in the North Blue, which is his foundation place. Every year, many pirates of North Blue join his group, making it grow stronger.

If the Vinsmoke family wants to restore their glory in the North Blue, then they will inevitably conflict with the Donquixote Pirates, after all, the business of the Vinsmoke family is not an actual business.

Therefore, according to Ian’s estimation, the Vinsmoke family and Doflamingo are probably in a state of secret rivalry. Obviously, this time, Doflamingo is simply killing two birds with one stone, which is not only to hurt Ian, but also to weaken the Vinsmoke family.

Because Doflamingo issued a high reward in the underground world to find someone to attack Travolta, the Vinsmoke family may not know that this commission came from Doflamingo.

Ian can guess that it is Doflamingo, because Ian’s current secret enemy is the one and only Doflamingo who was greatly immersed with the underground world, and the Vinsmoke family does not know this, so they helped their enemy without knowing it.

And one more thing, Ian guessed that in addition to the high reward, Judge might have inquired about the relationship between Ian and Doflamingo before he took over the business.

Because on the bright side, there seems to be an alliance between Doflamingo and Ian!

Doflamingo provided a batch of weapons to Ian not long ago, which can’t be concealed from those who dig deep into such matters… So the Vinsmoke family may think that eliminating Ian, Doflamingo’s ally, can “indirectly harm” him!

Ian, thinking of this, shook his head! Fck, Your name is Judge, but you can easily miss what’s obvious!? How can such allies be so easily formed?

Judge has always looked down on pirates, so it is estimated that he doesn’t know much about bends between pirates, so he entered the trap by himself.

But then again, the Vinsmoke family was really bold enough. Shichibukai is nominally on the side of the World Government and the Marines, but they still dared to act against them? It seems that the family’s relationship with World Government is closer than expected, or how could it be so reckless?

Now, the Germa Group attacked the resident of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. Ian must retaliate. Plus Doflamingo not only took revenge on Ian for killing Vergo, but to also use him to weaken the Vinsmoke family. Doflamingo deserves to be called the joker in the underground world, and his methods are well-rounded.

However, Doflamingo may not have thought that Vergo’s identity is not a secret in Ian’s eyes. That is to say, even if Ian and Doflamingo were friendly on the surface, but he has already put him as the person operating all of this.

Now Ian is thinking about how to get rid of the trap set by Doflamingo. Since he roughly guessed his intention, Ian would not have jumped into the pit so easily.

For the attack on Travolta, Ian had to get back to the game, that’s for sure, but he feels that both sides would suffer great losses if he fights the Vinsmoke family, even if he found many allies, he still has to teach the Vinsmoke family a hard lesson, but Ian feels that he couldn’t go too far.

In general, he should not let the Germa group suffer too many casualties, but also let the Vinsmoke family understand without a trace that this was a trap by Doflamingo, to make their anger shift to Doflamingo.

In that case, in the end, the one who would sit down and watch the show would become Ian. When the time comes, the Vinsmoke family and Doflamingo will beat their brains out, and he will have nothing to do with it…

After this, Ian’s thoughts gradually became clearer, and he roughly had a solution in his mind, so he waited comfortably for Jinbe and the others to come…

From the conversation with Walnut, Ian also learned that the Germa Group may have evacuated. The Dragon Hunters were on Sky Island and they were safe now. Although Ace and other members were poisoned, it is not fatal. Reiju, the eldest daughter, may have been merciful when she took the shot. So with Ranga’s care, Ace and the others can resist until Ian returns.

Hawkins’ divination is quite accurate. Ian did encounter danger, but this danger wasn’t coming in his direction, but to his group…

After calming down, Ian stayed on the boat, fishing with Sabo every day, and chatting about the Revolutionary Army when there was no one around. It was not a boring trip.

It’s just that this trip was hard for Crocodile. He didn’t come voluntarily, but was coerced by Ian. Things were okay at first, he was staying calm in one place, but after a week, Crocodile couldn’t stand it anymore. During the last couple of days, Crocodile has been deliberately trying to snatch his soul back from Ian.

But unfortunately, Ian discovered that the souls captured by Orochi can be saved in the inventory of his System, Crocodile was doomed to have no hope…

Crocodile thought that his soul had been kept in Ian’s pocket. When Ian was unprepared, he wanted to grab it back. As a result, he reached out and tried to fish it out!

Then this resulted to getting beaten up by Ian and Sabo!

After leaving the desert country, Crocodile’s home advantage disappeared. The three were on board, surrounded by the sea and water, and Crocodile was afraid of water the most. Many of his abilities couldn’t be used in this environment.

On the contrary, Crocodile is the kind of person who pursues the ultimate strength of his Devil Fruit. He has been training a lot and wants to move toward the Awakening stage, but ignored the exercise of Haki.

At this time, Crocodile is close to 40 years old, and he has not yet awakened his Haki…

In addition to environmental limitations, they had a number advantage, Crocodile was surrounded by Ian and Sabo… It was not until this time that he understood that Sabo, the guy who appeared with Ian, was really strong!

Although Sabo is not a Devil Fruit User, his physical skills were amazing. He has been with the Revolutionary Army for a long time, and he was trained by the leader Dragon himself, and uncle Kuma. His dragon claws were so powerful that he can squeeze steel with bare hands!

Moreover, what surprised Ian the most was that Sabo actually mastered the use of Busoshoku Haki. These two using Haki dealt with Crocodile in a short time, and beat him up.

After the fight stopped, Crocodile finally became a little more humbled. He understood that the situation is more complicated than he thought, and his soul can’t be taken back, so he can only count on Ian to keep his promise.

Of course, if he is willing to lose one-tenth of his soul, then it is okay to run away instead of taking a trip to the muddy waters with Ian, but the problem is that when a normal person faces something as important thing as his soul, every measure should change, right?

In this case, on the fifth day, Ian finally reached the island and waited for Jinbe and Boa Hancock…

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