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S.C.S Chapter 355: Hello brother

On the boundless sea, Aokiji was leaning on a deck chair made of ice, with both hands resting behind his head, and wearing his blindfold, while his bicycle is placed next to him, the tires were fixed in place with ice, standing upright.

Devil Fruit Users usually don’t like taking ordinary roads, especially Aokiji. He is a Lazy person, but he likes to travel everywhere, and his way of travel is a very unique style, a normal bicycle is all that he needs. With it, he can reach any place in this world… As a person with the Ice-Ice Logia fruit, he is probably the only person who is not afraid of the sea. He was resting on the sea without the slightest worry.

His position at this time is far away from Ian’s ship. Falling back in the vast sea, Aokiji’s size was too small, and if Ian or the others don’t use a telescope to clear all the area behind them, they won’t see Aokiji! This also facilitates Aokiji’s mission, monitoring Ian.

Because the Fleet Admiral Sengoku had a bad feeling, this caused Aokiji to follow Ian’s tail, but he wasn’t convinced. Although Ian and Crocodile were moving together, Aokiji feels that Sengoku made a big fuss out of nothing!

Of course, things seem a bit strange to him, but he has been tailing Ian for a few days. They haven’t made any movements in this period, which made Aokiji wonder why stopping in such a location.

“Never mind! It’s rare to have an excuse to travel anyway!” Aokiji muttered, took a look then went back napping.

However, at this time, Aokiji heard a strange sound coming from the sea, which was somewhat different from the sound of ordinary waves.

He lifted his blindfold and looked in the direction of Ian’s ship.

As a result, he was surprised to see that several large round bubbles were slowly emerging on the sea near Ian’s ship!

These big bubbles were not something new for him, it was just ships coated with bubbles. These bubbles rose from the seabed, indicating that these ships are coming specifically to this location.

It was too far away to see clearly, Aokiji took out an ice-made telescope and looked ahead.

In his gaze, three large coated ships gradually appeared on the sea surface. When the three ships were all floated up, the bubbles covering the hull burst with a bang, losing the reflective effect… Aokiji finally saw who’s on these ships.

“Fishman pirates!?” Aokiji couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the black pirate flag on the mast: “This is… Jinbe’s group!?”

That’s right, these were the ships led by the Knight of the Sea Jinbe. Although Fishman can swim freely in the sea, but their boats can’t… therefore, when they need ships, they will bring them up from the seabed in this way.

Through the telescope, Aokiji confirmed that the flags on all the ships were the same, and Jinbe was standing on one of them.

Amidst doubts, Aokiji turned the binocular slightly, looked at Ian’s ship, witnessing the scene when Ian waved his hand, greeting Jinbe.

“Jinbe, too… did he also ask for his help!?” Aokiji frowned and said to himself, he finally realized that something was wrong.

When Ian and Crocodile suddenly appeared in Marineford, Aokiji and Sengoku understood Ian’s intentions, but at that time, they thought that Ian was only asking to get Crocodile’s help, however now, Jinbe also approached Ian. Aokiji immediately realized that Sengoku’s concerns are probably right.

Three Shichibukai members, who is Ian’s enemy, and how much power does he need to dispatch?


“Big brother Jinbe!” When Jinbe came to Ian’s ship, Ian happily greeted him and said, “Thanks for arriving!”

“I can’t turn a blind eye to a brother in need!” Jinbe responded with a smile to Ian.

Ian and Jinbe are close friends. Ian saved many of his clanmates, and then became more familiar with each other due to his relationship with the Whitebeard pirates, so Jinbe started calling Ian his brother.

Jinbe’s age, as well as his character and style, are indeed worthy of calling him big brother, so it didn’t feel weird calling each other brothers.

Jinbe came out after receiving the letter from Hack, and the two surfaced together. He then went back and sided with Sabo, but when the latter found himself surrounded by many strangers, he subconsciously lowered the brim of his hat, talked less, and reduced his sense of existence.

In addition, Ian and Crocodile, the two Shichibukai attract enough attention, so even Aokiji, who was observing from a distance, did not realize that a dangerous figure was also onboard.

After Jinbe and Ian finished greeting, he glanced at Crocodile on the side. He and Crocodile knew each other, and he couldn’t help coldly snorting: “Crocodile, you dared to appear in the New World again, why? Do you still want to challenge the whitebeard, do you want to take another shot?”

“Shut up, Jinbe!” Crocodile held his chin high and said to Jinbe. “Or, do you have the desire to taste sand?”

“I can’t wait to kick your a$$!” Jinbe immediately replied.

With this sentence, the aura between the two started sparking and clashing, and their eyes emitted electronic currents.

At this time, Ian stopped between them and said: “Wait, do you know each other?”

“Of course, I know this bag of filth!” Jinbe looked at Crocodile coldly and snorted. “This guy once tried to assassinate Oyaji, but I stopped him!!”

Crocodile also said with a sneer: “Jinbe, you are not a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, but you are willing to sacrifice yourself for him, as a Shichibukai, have you also become Whitebeard’s running dog?”

“Who cares about your thoughts!” Jinbe said loudly: “The Whitebeard showed us, the Fishman tribe, only kindness and love. He is naturally my benefactor. I am repaying his generous deeds, and I came from the island of chivalry, which is of course something you never heard of!”

Seeing the two quarreled again, Ian had a headache, this is a scene he had not expected.

He is looking for helpers, but before anything started, the two prepared themselves to fight to the death. As a last resort, Ian took out Crocodile’s soul and hold it tightly: “Crocodile, if you still want this part of your soul, then shut up!”

Between Crocodile and Jinbe, Ian must be biased with Jinbe, so when he took out the soul orb, Crocodile was madly gnashing his teeth, but he snorted coldly and finally shut his mouth.

Seeing Crocodile getting easily subdued by Ian, Jinbe looked at Ian with a strange expression, and was very curious.

It wasn’t until the silence fell that Ian and Jinbe were able to communicate.

“brother Ian, is what you said in your letter true?” Jinbe asked: “Is brother ace in danger?”

“Yes!” Ian pulled out Ace’s Vivre Card and handed it to Jinbe. “This is Ace’s life paper. After coming to the New World, I got the news. He is poisoned… Fortunately, the toxin is not fatal. He and my pirate group have fled to a safe place at the moment.”

“Who did this?” Jinbe asked curiously.

“It’s the Germa Group, a team of mercenaries known as the Vinsmoke family!” Ian explained to Jinbe, “Have you heard of them?”

“It’s no wonder that Ace and Fujitora have fought together and suffered a loss!” Jinbe held his arms and nodded slowly: “If it was the Germa Group, it would not be a surprise, I have heard stories about that scientific forces, even the Admirals don’t like facing them. When they were in the North Blue, the Germa Group had once smashed four kingdoms with their army, at the same time……”

“This is an organization second only to the four emperors!” Crocodile also started to talk next to them: “Let me clear things from the start, I’ll just help you facing them, don’t expect me to go all out!”

Ian hadn’t counted on him from the start, but anyway, Crocodile could hold off one of the other’s leaders, so Ian didn’t care much about him.

“Although I don’t know too much about the Germa Group, but Ian, my troops may not be enough!” Jinbe said.

“I know!” Ian nodded and said: “That’s why I looked for someone else to help.”

Jinbe was about to ask Ian more, then suddenly looked stunned, walked to the ship’s gunwale.

“What’s wrong?” Ian asked him.

“The fishes in the sea… are getting scared!” Jinbe looked at the sea and said: “Sone terrifying creatures are approaching…”

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