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S.C.S Chapter 356: Setting off

Jinbe is a Fishman who can communicate with sea creatures and naturally feel their emotions, which Ian was aware of…

The fishes were panicking because there were fierce sea beasts approaching, like Sea kings. Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help being moved, and secretly said: “Could it be the huge snakes of the Kuja pirates?”

So he raised his head and looked towards the sea. As expected, in the southeast direction, a dark shadow of a ship appeared on the sea level.

In the eyes of the crowd, the ship was approaching with a high speed, and soon, its appearance became clear.

It was a ship pulled by two huge fierce sea snakes. On the mast of the ship, the flag of Kuja pirate was fluttering.

Jinbe recognized them at a glance, so he asked Ian in surprise: “Brother Ian, you even asked the Pirate Empress to help you? Isn’t there hatred between you two?”

“Who told you that?” Ian said with a tilted head.

“The Marines!” Jinbe was a bit confused. He scratched his head and said: “It has been circulating in the Marines that the pirate empress has been looking for you, seeking revenge for something unknown. Isn’t that true?”

Ian was a bit speechless. Many people are willing to believe whatever a gorgeous woman says. It must be the rumor that started in the Mainspring island…

Facing the Pirate Empress, even Crocodile was puzzled. He felt something strange at the time. Why did Ian ask Nico Robin and the little girl named Koala to go to Amazon Lily, so he took this opportunity to ask Ian: “Since there is hatred between you two, how come you went to seek her help? Did you take a part of her soul, too?”

“Hmm!” Ian looked at him angrily and said. “She’s coming to lend a hand because I’m handsome! You disfigured guy, understand your limits!”

“You…!” Out of nowhere, Ian started scolding the poor guy, which rose Crocodile’s anger.

While talking, the Kuja’s ship got close, and the two huge fierce snakes caused some panic among Fishman pirates.

Several slabs were placed on Ian’s ship, and soon they were paved into a bridge. The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, walked over with her arms crossed, followed by Nico Robin and koala.

After seeing her, Ian was finally relieved, walked forward, and smiled: “Thank you for coming! Hancock!”

Seeing Ian again, Boa Hancock was excited. Looking in Ian’s direction, she was a little afraid to look him in the eyes directly, so she had to slightly lower her head and shyly said: “I’m… I’m always willing… willing to help you!”

With a bang, the cigar dangling from Crocodile’s mouth fell to the ground…

Even Jinbe, his eyes almost popped out…

Among the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock is famous for her coldness and arrogance, plus Crocodile and Jinbe haven’t only heard of it, they saw it with their own eyes… However, they were mind blown to see such an abnormality while meeting Ian.

On the Kuja Ship, the female warriors were crazy, desperately shouting: “Snake Princess!!!”

It was their first time seeing this side of their Snake Princess.

When Boa Hancock became really soft, she astonishes everyone, even the fans watching… However, even Ian was stunned. After coming back to his senses, he pretended to cough and said: “Huh… anyway… thanks a lot. If I could be of any help in the future for the Kuja Tribe, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

“Okay!” Boa Hancock nodded, at this time, she finally noticed Jinbe, so she hurriedly said in a serious tone: “Jinbe, you are here, too?”

“Long time no see, Snake Princess!” Jinbe moved towards Boa Hancock. “It’s been several years since we last met?”

Both of them are Shichibukai, so naturally, they know each other. The Marines occasionally convenes all the Shichibukai for meetings, so they are no strangers. Although Boa Hancock despises all men, Jinbe was an exception.

Because… he isn’t a man! He is a huge Fish…

But for Crocodile, Boa Hancock coldly snorted, and didn’t even say hello.

After a little chat, Ian faced Nico Robin and Koala, and said: “Thanks for your hard work! Did you have a calm trip?”

At this time, Koala was holding Robin’s arm and sticking with her. They looked very close. This trip seemed to make them more familiar with each other, and Robin’s mature temperament also attracted the little girl, so when Ian asked, she said: “Ayyi, Ayi, the Calm Belt is so terrifying… Fortunately, Sister Robin helped us, otherwise, our ship should be demolished by Sea Kings!”

“Really?” When Ian heard this, he said to Robin with some concern: “Are you all okay?”

Seeing Ian’s concerned eyes, Robin couldn’t help but feel moved inside… for the first time in the past few years, she has not seen someone showing her such concern, rather than indifference and disgust.

“We are fine!” Robin nodded and said: “We didn’t go deep into the Calm Belt, we just waited for a while at its edge, then we were found by Kuja pirates and were able to enter Amazon Lily by their boat.”

When this group of people chatted on the ship, they didn’t know that Aokiji, who was watching from a distance, almost couldn’t help but rush.

Not only did Jinbe appear, but also Boa Hancock. Four Shichibukais were gathered together. This is already a fairly terrifying Strength. Aokiji’s Intuition tells him that Ian’s enemy is probably a force to be reckoned with.

But what surprised Aokiji most was Nico Robin!

He didn’t expect Nico Robin to appear on that ship, and come with the Kuja pirates!

A long ago, Aokiji decided to let go of Robin, the only survivor of O’Hara, but this was only out of his soft heart. For Aokiji, his sense of justice made him always pay attention to Nico Robin and didn’t want her to really become a threat to the world. Since he let her live, she became his responsibility.

Fortunately, in the past few years, Nico Robin has been swaying between leaders of the underground world. She has no one to trust, no friends, no partners, and people always used her, just like she was using them.

When facing true danger, she won’t have the slightest hesitation betraying or abandoning her boss. In this state, she couldn’t uphold any major event, so Aokiji was relieved of her.

However, when Ian gathered four Shichibukai, and Nico Robin was standing among them, Aokiji immediately realized that the matter was big!

He didn’t know what Robin had to do with Ian, but he felt that this matter must be taken seriously.

So he immediately contacted the Marine Headquarters through the Den Den Mushi on his wrist and called Sengoku.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, things may not be good!” Aokiji said: “Ian has now gathered Jinbe and Boa Hancock as helpers, no matter who their opponents are, the New World may enter a big fuss!”

Aokiji concealed Robin’s appearance, but what he said was enough to alert Sengoku.

“Damn it! I knew that brat can’t stay out of trouble!” Sengoku couldn’t help but sigh: “First, the Marijoa incident, then the Salamis incident, this kid won’t stop causing us trouble even after making him a Shichibukai… Does he enjoy being the cover of every newspaper?”

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, please give me instructions on what I need to do next!” Aokiji said: “Do you want me to interfere now and stop this?”

Sengoku went silent for a while and said, “Can you handle them?”

“…no!” Aokiji said frankly: “These four Shichibukais are not something I can handle on my own, let alone Ian’s weird abilities that can restrain me…”

“Then just keep tracking them!” Sengoku said: “Find out what they are doing, and I give you the right to make decisions on the fly… You can decide what to do when the time comes!”

“Okay!” Aokiji had to deal with this his way.

He knows Sengoku very well, he needs him to keep an eye on the situation, and if necessary, he may need to take a shoot, even to help Ian’s enemies, or to help Ian… In another word, he should quickly and quietly understand what’s happening and try to solve it before things gets out of hand.

Shortly after the conversation between Aokiji and Sengoku, Ian and the others set off.

Three ships of Fishman pirates, one ship of the Kuja pirates, and Ian’s, a total of five ships marching forward together, and at this time, every ship had all the flag fluttering on the top.

The flag of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, the Fishman flag, the Kuja flag, even the Baroque Works flag of Crocodile was added… the banners of these four Shichibukai were all placed on sides of the ships! Such a lineup, even in the New World, can scare countless forces and major groups.

Even with all of this, Ian was still not satisfied. When he was on board, he quietly asked Sabo about Uncle Kuma’s response.

It would be great if Uncle Kuma could come… Fck, five Shichibukai together would be really exciting!

It’s just a pity that Sabo told him that he was not willing to participate in this matter. His identity has been well hidden and he is not willing to act recklessly at this point.

However, Kuma asked Sabo to deliver Ian a message, saying: find a way to obtain the research data of the Germa Group if possible. At that time, maybe Kuma could find a way to make a deal between Ian and the Marine’s famous Scientific, Vegapunk, in exchange for some Pacifista!

Yes, Kuma had an idea about Ian’s thinking. Ian once wanted to exchange Thunderstones for a Pacifista, but he was rejected by the Marines.

But this time, if there are research data from the Germa Group, maybe this deal can be done…

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