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S.C.S Chapter 357: Ruined home

The four Shichibukai flags swayed together in the New World, it was really something frightening… Not considering the feelings of other pirates at all!

All the pirates they met along the way, after seeing the fleet at a distance, were scared to the core, turned around and ran away.

Even those bold ones didn’t dare to come close, they just followed behind from a far, because these people realized that there may be a major event upcoming, their curiosity was skyrocketing. They all want to see what’s going on.

So after a week of sailing, this fleet was getting bigger and bigger.

The five ships in front were leading the way, but in the distance, dozens of various pirate ships followed. In this case, even Aokiji couldn’t keep an eye on the target by riding his bicycle, so he had to find a pirate ship and force them to tail Ian’s group.

Such a big squad immediately became the current news and quickly spread throughout the New World.

Even when the Whitebeard Pirates heard the news, Oyaji was surprised. He didn’t know how could Crocodile and Hancock get together with Ian.

In fact, the Whitebeard Pirates also heard about the attack on Ian’s island during this time. However, they couldn’t contact Ace. They had no idea about the Sky Island. They didn’t know Ace was in such a place. Oyaji wanted to go to Travolta and help Ian. However, when Ian came back to the New World with a group of Shichibukai, he was relieved and no longer intended to come.

In fact, the Whitebeard has always felt ashamed of Ian since Teach’s betrayal.

When Teach was still in their group, he was always an elusive and unpredictable man, but everyone regarded him as a companion, so they didn’t pay much attention to his words and actions… it wasn’t until his betrayal that they understood that all of his jokes were expressing his true feelings!

On the contrary, Ian seemed to see something wrong with Teach from the start, kept talking coldly to him, and finally tried to assassinate him when he got the chance.

Looking back now, they realized that Ian might have sensed Teach’s wickedness, so he risked the possibility of turning against the Whitebeard Pirates and pierced Teach with all his might, which surprised and angered the old man.

So inexplicably, the Whitebeard felt sorry for Ian. Out of guilt, he didn’t know how to face Ian now. When he found that Ian had enough helpers, he backed down.

However, he still dispatched a group to help Ian and inquire about the Germa Group.

After the attack, the Germa Group disappeared. After all, the new world is not their territory. They can’t stay for a long time, and it’s not easy to find their tracks because of their advanced ships.

In addition to the concerns of the Whitebeard Pirates, the other three Yonko were secretly keeping an eye on the situation. Red-haired Shanks and Ian have not met each other, but this time, he finally paid attention to Ian, so did the Bigmom and Kaido… the gathering of four Shichibukai was enough to attract the attention of the Yonko.

This time, Ian returned with a dazzling aura, and everyone realized that they might have underestimated the new Shichibukai. They originally thought that he was just a newcomer, and still had no influence. However, this time, Ian shocked countless people. For the first time, they discovered that the Shichibukai Ian has astonishing connections!

From this day on, in the eyes of many sea Lords, Ian was considered an uprising force…

Under such circumstances, Ian finally returned to Travolta.

Today’s island looked devastated. From the moment, Ian boarded the island, his brows were furrowed because he saw the huge craters everywhere…

It was clear that when the Germa group attacked the island, they used a large number of cannons…

The residence of the Dragon Hunters was a mess, all the houses and buildings have been destroyed, and dark red bloodstains were spread in all the places, it was a terrifying battle.

There were no corpses, it seems that the bodies may have been taken away. Soon after Ian boarded the island, he finally found the island residents.

The attack of the Germa Group was mainly aimed at the Dragon Hunter Pirates, but when a war starts, the residents will also be affected. The new King Arian was also injured, and he couldn’t move from the bed.

Many residents of the whole island have died, so when Ian brought back up, the rest were excited. When they saw Ian, they asked him to avenge their lost ones.

Ian comforted them for a while, sent them away temporarily, then took out his Den Den Mushi and contacted Walnut.

“I am back Walnut!” Ian said directly: “Where are you, now?”

“Near Raijin Island!” Walnut replied: “Wait a minute, I’ll inform Varua and tell him to bring the island back.”

“Yo! That guy Varua, he hasn’t escaped yet?” Ian was surprised. He thought that Varua should take the opportunity to escape when something like this happened to the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, so he didn’t expect to find him.

“Ancient technology is more attractive to him than we imagined!” Walnut explained.

Ian stopped asking questions, and just told Walnut to arrive as soon as possible, then he returned to Jinbe and the rest.

“Where are your people?” Crocodile said with some ridiculousness: “Don’t tell me that they all died in the attack?”

Ian coldly glanced at him and said, “Croco, If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as a mute! So shut up!”

However, Jinbe said curiously: “Ian, brother, didn’t you say that Ace is recovering from his injury? Where is he?”

“You’ll find out in a moment!” Ian didn’t intend to tell them a thing about the Sky Island, so he had to stay low for the time being.

Jinbe and the others didn’t ask any more questions, so they commanded their people to start helping the residents clean up the mess. As for the female warriors of Kuja pirates, they were curiously wandering around the island at this time.

Although they followed Boa Hancock everywhere, these female warriors still have little knowledge about the world, so they were curious about everything.

About two hours later, a large cloud slowly floated over in the high sky, Jinbe didn’t notice anything weird, but Ian knew that it was his base, the Ballon terminal.

Untying the special bandage on his hand, Ian directly unleashed the black flame wings, and said: “Wait here. I’ll be back soon.”

Then, he flew toward the sky.

Now Ian’s blazing wings can support his flight from the ground to the Sky. When he reached the Island, Ian took several balloons, then turned around and flew back.

After getting to the ground, Ian distributed these balloons to Jinbe and the others.

In those curious eyes, Ian did not explain, just said: “Take these balloons, I’m taking you to see the real residence of the Dragon Hunters!”

The others observed these balloons for a long time. Things seemed strange. They didn’t know what material they are made of… they tried to pop them, but nothing worked.

Even Ian knows that these balloons already existed from ages ago under the terminal Island, which is incredible. Therefore, Ian has always suspected that these balloons may be ancient black technology

With these balloons, Jinbe, Hancock, Sabo, and Nico Robin started floating, but they couldn’t fly as fast as Ian, they held tight to the balloons and rose slowly from the ground.

When flying into the air, they had realized something, and Nico Robin couldn’t help but be surprised: “You… you are planning on taking us to that cloud?”

“It’s a Sky Island!” Crocodile looked at Ian with a complicated expression, and said. “I didn’t expect you to find a Sky Island and make it your resident! It seems that you were born with great luck!”

Jinbe laughed and said. “Brother Ian, no wonder why it was okay for you to hear that your station is attacked. Huh, the Germa group couldn’t expect of your people to fly to a Sky Island!”

Sabo raised his head, looked at the Sky Island, which was getting closer and closer, and suddenly felt a burst of excitement.

‘Am I really going to meet “Ace”? Ian said that he is my brother, how amazing is that? I… When I see him, will I be able to remember my past?’

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