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S.C.S Chapter 358: Beds

When they got through the clouds and came to the top of the Ballon Island, everyone was shocked.

Sabo, Hack, Koala and Nico Robin have never seen a Sky Island, needless to say, even Crocodile and Jinbe, who are very knowledgeable and have heard rumors about them, have not imagined that Ian would occupy such an island.

According to what they heard, there are Sky Islands of various sizes. So obviously, the Ballon Island belongs to the large ones.

In particular, this Sky Island clearly retains the traces and architecture of the Ancient Skypieans, which is even more incredible.

Crocodile became more and more jealous of Ian, he always felt that Ian had incredible luck… however, Ian was definitely not the first person to reach this Sky Island, but he was the only smart one to occupy it. How could that be luck!?

Crocodile really wants to seize what he has, but there is a problem here… Ian was able to take in this Sky Island due to various factors. First, Travolta was near Raijin Island, and the movement range of this Ballon Island happens to be in this area… Plus Ian can fly, this is the second point, and he got Fujitora’s gravity fruit, so the transportation wasn’t an issue for them and this is the most important thing.

Finally, if it wasn’t for the energy of Thunderstone and the repair skills of the scientist Varua, it would be impossible to take control over the Island.

So for other pirates, even if it was him, what would they do even if they reached this place? They would take a turn around then leave… so don’t say it was totally luck!

The crowd followed Ian and walked towards the depths of the island. They saw the windmills spinning, and the glass bubbles that supplies energy, glittering with electric light. Nico Robin curiously asked Ian. “These should be ancient technologies, right?”

“You can say so!” Ian nodded, but didn’t go into details. If he tells them that these buildings were actually left by the lunar people who landed the place, no one would believe him! After all, the Moon people are older than the Poneglyph…

Although Ian mentioned this before, Robin has already understood what he told her. She knows where Ian’s Poneglyph rubbing came from. If not mistaken, somewhere on this Sky Island.

At the thought of this, Robin couldn’t help getting a little excited.

After leaving O’Hara, she had no chance to see a Poneglyph again. If Ian didn’t appear and took her, she would stay with Crocodile in Alabasta and eventually see the Poneglyph buried there. Now, Ian brought her out in advance, and this helped her see a Poneglyph earlier.

She was excited, but Robin still concealed her feelings. In fact, for Ian’s Poneglyph, she already knows its content. The information recorded on it was too important, and she didn’t know whether she should tell him or not.

Along the way, Robin felt that Ian, the new Shichibukai is completely different from Crocodile…

Everyone walked all the way, looking at the wonderful sights, however, what they didn’t consider was that on the sea below, a guy was riding a bicycle, which was in a state of confusion.

Aokiji saw through the telescope Ian and a group of well-known people fly to the clouds with balloons. He realized then that the clouds might be carrying an Island, but the distance was too high. Still, he didn’t know whether he could go up with Geppo (Moonwalk), even if he did, will he be discovered by the Dragon Hunter Pirates as soon as he reaches the island?

Aokiji was hesitant, he didn’t know what to do…

And at the same time, Ian and the others had come to the very center of the ancient city and stopped in front of a huge building. Walnut was waiting to meet them here with several members of the Dragon Hunters who have not fallen in the battle.


“Captain Ian, you are finally back!”

A few crew members, when they saw Ian, were delighted and immediately ran up and surrounded Ian. “Captain, you need to avenge us, the enemy was merciless!”

The Dragon Hunter Pirates had a rough battle with the Germa Group. Although it was short, they witnessed many scary combat methods, especially when they fought the leading members of the Vinsmoke family… the other party always used soldiers to resist the upcoming blows, and those soldiers who did not hesitate to give their lives to block their swords made people feel really terrible and pitiful.

Fighting against such an enemy is very demoralizing…

“Don’t worry, I gathered as much as possible information about the enemy!” Ian comforted them. “Is everyone okay? Where’s Uncle Issho?”

Walnut came up, pulled Ian’s trousers, and said: “Uncle Issho is poisoned, but captain, you can heal him, right!? Even when he is poisoned! Hum… that old man… he doesn’t stop gambling, even in such a condition! Can you also cure his addition????”

Ian felt helpless, Walnut’s request was too difficult even for him. If Fujitora quit gambling, the sun would come out from the north that day…

Sabo and Koala looked at Walnut behind Ian. They know that she is a member of the Revolutionary Army, because many people in the army had heard her name, the Loli with the silent fruit, but this was their first time meeting her.

Seeing that Sabo was staring at her, Walnut couldn’t help blinking repeatedly, she suddenly used her silence ability, laid a soundproof barrier around, and asked Ian: “Captain, who are they…”

Ian smiled, he noticed the effect of her ability, so he didn’t hide it, and said: “Let me introduce to you, this is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo, and his companion, Fishman Karate Master Hack, and she is agent Koala!”

Walnut’s eyes widened when she heard Ian’s introduction, and she never thought that Ian would find the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

“Aa… hello!” Walnut quickly added them to the barrier, bowed and said: “I’m Walnut, a member of the Army, and now I am under the command of Captain Ian!”

Sabo and Hack greeted her in a friendly way.

“Ian, let’s go quickly!” Sabo said to Ian: “I… I want to meet Ace.”

“Okay!” Ian nodded, told Walnut to remove the barrier and then walked in with everyone.

When entering, Robin took a deep look at Walnut. She knew that Ian’s voice had just disappeared, and this Loli was behind it. Robin was very curious about what had just happened…

After getting in, Ian saw that the great hall was full of beds, and a lot of the crewmates were lying on these beds, and they could not move. Beside their beds, there were plastic bags hanging filled with liquid. Doctor Ranga and several members were busy walking between these beds, taking care of their people, everyone was sweating profusely to either hard work or the strong pain…

sixty hospital beds were placed together, which was particularly spectacular, especially Raideen, who occupied a large area of the hall. In order to get him a bed, Ranga ordered the crew to remove dozens of doors and place them together…

Seeing this scene, Ian realized how bad the situation of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group was. Although the poison in their bodies was not life-threatening, the whole group has lost their capability to move, which shows how dangerous the situation was…

If they were not careful enough, the Dragon Hunter Pirates could have been destroyed. If they didn’t escape, it will be too late when Ian returns.

With a gloomy face, Ian took a long sigh, walked forward, and found Uncle Fujitora’s bed.

Fujitora’s condition was relatively mild, he had a strong body, so compared with other members who couldn’t move, his situation was much better, at least he can sit up and enjoy his time in the hospital bed.

“Haha, Captain, are you back?” Fujitora couldn’t see, but when Ian and the others entered, Fujitora had already sensed them, so when Ian came close, he smiled and greeted him.

Ian looked at Fujitora, and found that his face had an exhausted expression. Dr. Ranga couldn’t completely cure the poison.

“Uncle, it should’ve been a hard period for you all… I’m deeply sorry for leaving you alone! but now let me heal you!” Ian said.

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