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S.C.S Chapter 359: Miraculous

After the battle with Crocodile, Ian officially reached level 40 and unlocked the fifth card slot.

After being able to equip five cards at the same time, Ian’s improvement was remarkable, especially since he got the 10 billion from the Celestial Dragons, Ian gradually upgraded his usual four-star cards to five-star red cards, which brought him soaring attributes.

Today’s Ian has the following attributes:

Name: Ian

Level: 40

Doriki: Power Level: 3757

Strength: 3400 (When the System absorbs a Devil Fruit, it enhances the Strength and Speed Attributes)

Speed: 3926

Vitality: 3675

Nen: 9953

Talents: [Master Swordsmanship]: Sword power +50%, Destructive power + 50%, the use of Flying Slashes activated, the use of the Slaying Intention activated.

[Master of Nen]: Increases the total value of the Nen by 75%. The use of Emission activated, The use of Transmutation activated. Nen recovery is related to the host’ Stamina…

[Expert of Physical Cultivation]: Increases all Attributes by 25%.

(Due to equipping different cards, the attributes will change, so the current attributes are calculated from equipping 4 cards: Hiei, Iori, Orochi, and Misaka… the last slot is being switched between Yasuo, Kibagami Genjuro, Moriya Minakata, and Orihime)

Now Ian’s Nen is about to break the 10,000 barrier. After swallowing the Black Dragon Wave or activating the Shikai of the Senbonzakura, his Energy will skyrocket.

However, as the number of equipped cards increase, the special abilities that Ian could use will also rise, which caused him to feel that his Nen Value was not enough.

There is no way that a person like him who uses various kinds of skills all the time would have enough energy…

Not enough Nen means that in case of encountering a strong enemy would absolutely be a problem… Although there are sixty patients lying in the hall, Ian can treat everyone in one go.

After Fujitora laid back down, the Twin Sacred Return Shield enveloped Fujitora’s body, and the healing force began repelling the toxins in his body bit by bit.

Seeing that Fujitora’s face began regaining his vitality, Ian breathed a sigh of relief, and asked him with a smile: “Uncle, do you want me to heal your eyes!?”

“No, I made my peace like this!” Fujitora said.

Ian didn’t insist and continued the detoxification. Ranga had already encountered Ian at this time. He took a long breath when he saw him returning. He knew that when the captain comes back, all this trouble will end.

Most of the poisoned members were unconscious at this time, and only a few of them were awake… They didn’t dare to make a sound to disturb Ian, they just quietly looked at Ian with excited eyes.

While Ian was treating Fujitora, Sabo had already walked to Ace’s bed.

Ace, who was lying on the bed, naturally didn’t wear his hat… He had messy hair and his skin was purple, which was the symptom of poisoning.

Sabo didn’t know how he found Ace directly, Ian didn’t tell him the place. As a matter of fact, he didn’t see Ace since they were children, but mysteriously, he felt that something was guiding him, showing him direction, he immediately knew that the boy with freckles in front of him was his brother.

Sabo took off his hat and revealed his wavy golden hair. He quietly looked at the sleeping Ace, the blood flow in his body suddenly accelerated, and his mind started aching as if it was stung with needles.

This made Sabo groan involuntarily. He felt that tons of pictures rushed to his mind, so he couldn’t help kneeling on the ground while pressuring on his head with his hands.

“Sabo!?” Koala exclaimed and hurried over to help him… This cry also attracted Ian’s attention as he looked back at Sabo.

But he didn’t move from his place. He knew that Sabo wouldn’t recall his past easily, so this shock and pain was a necessity.

Sabo lost his memory because of a severe head injury. To recover his memory, he had to receive enough stimulation. This was a weird fate, seeing Ace in the bed like this, in a near-death situation, increased the stimulation of Sabo.

Now Ian’s treatment of Fujitora has not been completed, and Sabo doesn’t know about Ian’s healing ability, so he thought that things were too serious…

The final result was that Sabo burst into tears.

Koala didn’t know what happened, so she thought that Sabo had a terrible headache. She couldn’t help calling the doctor she saw when she entered: “Doctor, please, I beg you, come and help him!”

However, at this time, Sabo grabbed Koala’s hand and stopped her.

Sabo raised his head, his mouth was shriveled from crying so much, his tears washed down his face like a waterfall, he said excitedly: “I… I remember! Ace is my brother, he is my big brother!”

He said, holding his head and crying: “How… How can I forget him…!”

This scene made Jinbe and Boa Hancock, who were watching from the rear, look at each other in dismay. They didn’t think that the man with the scar on his face would be Ace’s Brother!!!

Who the hell is he?

Ian was also attracted by the movement there. After he treated Fujitora so that he could get out of bed, he walked over to Sabo, who was crying bitterly, and patted his shoulder: “It’s alright, you didn’t miss much, don’t worry! You two are reunited now!”

“Ian! Thank you! But please save Ace!” Sabo grabbed Ian’s arm, causing the bell on Ian’s wrist to jingle. He anxiously said: “Even if it takes my own life in exchange for his, I am willing to do so!”

Sabo was very emotional at this time, and Ian had to comfort him: “Don’t worry, as long as he hasn’t stopped breathing, I can save him.”

Then, Ian asked Sabo to back away a little, came to Ace’s bed, and used the Twin Sacred Return Shield.

Under the golden rays of light, the purple spots in Ace’s body began to fade away. After seeing this scene, Sabo finally wiped his tears with his sleeves and quietly waited.

Crocodile witnessed the process of Ian’s treatment. He saw that Fujitora had gotten up, and now he is treating Ace. He only felt that Ian was a more mysterious person than he thought. His abilities were not only strange, but also diverse. It seemed that he could cope with any kind of situation he’s facing, he could even play the role of a great doctor?

“Crypto Fruit, is it really that powerful?” Crocodile took a few puffs of his cigar, and his whole face was shrouded in a burst of smoke.

As for Jinbe, he has seen Ian’s healing ability, but Boa Hancock didn’t… she couldn’t help covering her mouth and looking at Ian in amazement.

She clearly saw that under the golden barrier, not only the purple poisoning symptoms on Ace were disappearing, but even the scars of the battle disappeared.

Hancock couldn’t help but move her hand, turn it around her back, gently scratching the upper part…

She then gently bite her nails and thought to herself: “What an amazing ability, I didn’t know that about Ian… Can his ability help me remove the mark on my back?”

When Hancock and Ian met for the first time, she didn’t notice that the slaves/ crewmembers didn’t have marks on their backs. At that time, she didn’t even know that Ian had such a magical ability, so she didn’t feel like telling him about it… this time, witnessing this, he thought of telling him.

So, she immediately looked at the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates who were lying on the bed, and as a result, no one had a slave mark on his body.

Hancock knows very well that these members are all slaves that escaped with Ian. Of course, not all of these patients had their backs exposed!

However, she kept looking and still didn’t find anyone with the mark!

Hancock thought of flipping all the patients one by one, but she also knew that it won’t be appropriate at all, so she had to hold back for the time being until she finds a chance to ask Ian privately.

“Oh… Where am I?”

At this time, Ace on the bed suddenly gave a dull hum, then sat up while scratching his head…

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