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S.C.S Chapter 360: Brothers reunion

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Ace opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Ian who was treating him beside the bed, he couldn’t help being stunned and shouted, “Ian!?”

Then a happy smile appeared on his face: “Haha, long time no see, you are finally back!”

“Are you all right? Can you move!” Ian nodded and said.

Ace was stunned for a moment, and then tried to move his hands and feet, meanwhile, he asked: “Ow yeah, I was poisoned, did you cure me?”

Ace naturally knew about Ian’s healing abilities, so he wasn’t that surprised. After a little activity, confirming that he is in good condition, he immediately wanted to get up from the hospital bed with joy.

However, at this time, a figure suddenly swooped from behind Ian, hugged Ace, and almost pushed him back to the bed.

This was, of course, Sabo. He had wanted to rush up when he saw Ace waking up, but he waited until he finished moving his body. He couldn’t help jumping in when he confirmed that his brother was all right.

“Hey! Who are you!?” Ace was a little confused by this fierce hug. He didn’t even see who this person was, and couldn’t help asking angrily.

Sabo held Ace’s shoulders, distanced himself a bit, and said excitedly: “Ace, it’s me! It’s me!”

Ace looked at Sabo’s face suspiciously, trying to identify him, while Ian stood on the side with his arms crossed, waiting with interest to see the change in the expression of Ace’s face.

It was a very funny moment, Ace first looked at Sabo’s face blankly, then gradually turned to dumbfounded, his doubts started rising, and his opened mouth was getting wider and wider, and finally, his whole face began twitching.

“You…you…!” Ace said to Sabo with a trembling tone: “You are… you are…”

Ace couldn’t believe his eyes, and he wasn’t able to finish his sentence. In the end, Ian couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “Hey fool! Wasn’t you always thinking of finding him? He is your brother Sabo!”

The name flashed like a thunder strike in Ace’s mind. He rushed to hug Sabo back and cried bitterly: “Sabo! It’s really you! You are still alive!”

The two brothers were finally reunited, hugged each other, and cried like kids… Ace patted Sabo’s back while crying: “Sabo, I always thought you were killed, you… you bastard! You actually fooled us both, that incident hurt me a lot and made that kid Luffy sad for a long time…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry brother!” Sabo cried and apologized: “I lost my memory when I woke up, I wasn’t able to remember anyone or anything, I totally forget about you and Luffy…”

At this moment, no one in the hall wanted to bother these two brothers. Although they had no idea about what these two had experienced, they were able to find out what’s happening from their true feeling, so for a while, everyone tried to stay as calm as possible.

“I’ve been looking for you, you know!” Ace’s tears and snot flowed down, hugged Sabo tightly and said: “If Ian hadn’t told me you were still alive, I wouldn’t believe there would be such a day…”

Hearing Ace talking about this, Sabo finally came back to his senses. He and Ace were finally separated, turned their heads to look at Ian, then they looked at each other, rushed over and hugged Ian left and right!

“Thanks a bunch, Ian!” Ace and Sabo leaned on him and said: “Thanks to you, we are reunited!”

As they spoke, they wiped their tears and snot on Ian, which made him agitated!

What the fuck! Disgusting! You two can thank me from a distance, a$$holes!?

Ian disliked what’s happening to him and wanted to push them away, but at this time, they had recovered from their sadness and replaced it with joy, so the two looked at each other and smiled, they held Ian tightly to prevent him from escaping, then cheered, jumped and rotated around him…

“Help!” Ian was getting crushed under their arms, then could not help but scold: “You two fags, stop robbing your bodies on me!?”

Looking at this scene, Jinbe burst out laughing and said: “Brother Ace, you’d better let go of brother Ian, he still has to treat the others!”

Ace was surprised when he saw Jinbe. She couldn’t help jumping up and came in his direction: “Jinbe!? Why are you here!?”

From the moment he woke up, he first saw Ian, and then recognized Sabo, which made him ignore the rest around him.

As soon as Ace liberated Ian, the latter went on and started kicking the two brothers for what they did to him. But they didn’t get angry, they just laughed looked at Ian.

However, at this time, something unexpected happened… Ace suddenly thumped his palm and said: “By the way, Sabo, Ian said that you are now a member of the revolutionary army, is that true?”

When these words came out, the entire hall went quiet, Crocodile, Jinbe, Boa Hancock, and Nico Robin, were all stunned!

“Uh, what happened!?” Ace was surprised when the place went silent, he thought something has happened.

Ace was really excited and started acting crazy when he saw Sabo, so he spoke without thinking… He looked at Sabo coming with Ian and Jinbe. He thought that Jinbe knew Sabo’s identity… after all, Ace had no idea about who the Revolutionary Army are, so he thought it was no big deal to ask, so he blurted it out like that.

However, this sentence was completely different in the ears of Crocodile and Jinbe, and even Fujitora was dumbfounded.

The Revolutionary Army!? This man named Sabo turned out to be a member of the Revolutionary Army!?

Crocodile’s cigar fell to the ground again. He didn’t know how many times this cigar had fallen down since he started following Ian, but to his surprise, this time was incomparable to the others. He didn’t expect that this guy with burn marks on his face and who had been silent all the way was not just a layman!

Damn it, who is this guy named Ian, he even knows people from the Revolutionary Army, and he seemed to have a great relationship with him!?

How many hidden cards does he have!?

Crocodile couldn’t help but glance at Ian fiercely… fck, every day it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to get back my soul…

“Did I say something wrong?” Ace realized that he was the one who caused this weird atmosphere and couldn’t help but scratch his head.

At this time, Sabo smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter!”

He turned around, faced the crowd, walked forward and said: “I’m officially introducing myself, I’m Sabo, Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, it’s a pleasure to meet you all here!”

When Hack and Koala heard this, they couldn’t help but slap their foreheads and faint… The damage has already been done, Sabo completely exposed himself.

With a puff, Crocodile and Jinbe spat out, The hell!!!! He’s the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army!? The second most important figure in the entire revolutionary army organization!?

This is simply a blast, isn’t it?

“Fujitora” and the other members also stared at Sabo with an opened mouth, originally they thought it was an exaggeration that Captain Ian had found three Shichibukais to help him, but now unexpectedly, even the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army was among the rescue team!

The only person that can’t be affected by his identity is probably Boa Hancock. Although she knows the Revolutionary Army organization, she spends most of her time in the Amazon Lily, rarely dealing with the outside world, so for Sabo’s shocking identity, she did not feel much.

“Hey, Sabo, is it really a good idea to say this?” Ian grabbed Sabo and said quietly.

“It doesn’t matter, even if the people here know my identity, nothing would change!” Sabo smiled.

Ian thought about it carefully and felt the same. Most of the people present were friends, it was so unluckily that one of them would say a word. There was only one threat, Crocodile, but so what if he knew? Is he that eager to rush and inform the world government?

He doesn’t like being a pawn of the World Government, he can basically now be regarded as a person in the same boat with everyone, because he is following the group now… if he becomes a whistleblower, maybe the world government will catch him and interrogate him first…

Thinking of this, Ian was no longer worried, and just gave Crocodile a warning look.

Not only Ian, but everyone else thought of Crocodile, so they all looked back at him.

Crocodile was suffocating by their aura, ‘damn it, why did all of you look at me!?’

There were three other Shichibukai, Fire Fist Ace, Ian’s deputy Fujitora who’s at the same level as an Admiral… looking around him, Croco giggled in a weird way!

‘I still want to live for a few more years…’

Holding back his fear, Crocodile snorted proudly and disdainfully: “Don’t worry, I have no interest in meddling with your business, and as soon as the things here are over, I will go back to my country Alabasta!”

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