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S.C.S Chapter 361: Explain what happened

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In the following time, Ian stopped chatting with the crowd and concentrated on treating the other wounded members.

Dr. Ranga was finally able to rest. As the doctor of a Pirate Group, he was able to detoxify everyone, but the problem is that it takes time to develop the antidote, and this time the toxin in their bodies was a mixed poison. The normal detoxification methods don’t work. He can only moderate their conditions, and wait for Ian’s arrival…

With Ian’s treatment, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates woke up one by one, and they were very happy to see him around.

Raideen of the Giant Race also got up and sat on his huge bed, he looked very annoyed.

He was not defeated in a fair battle, but was poisoned and lost control over his muscles, which made him feel insulted as a warrior.

After everyone was treated, Ian summoned the crew and said, “Okay, tell me what happened in detail!”

Fujitora nodded and said: “The attack came very suddenly, the other party approached our waters on several large snail-like ships. As they got close, they bombarded our station with fierce artillery fire… Then the snail boats climbed up to the coast directly, and many identical soldiers jumped off the ships. Although these soldiers looked like ordinary people, they were very strong. Their bodies were rock solid, and their weapons were so advanced… their guns, their armors, that stuff wasn’t ordinary!”

“Leading these soldiers were four young fellows. Their clothes seemed very similar. Listening to Walnut’s description, they looked weird… They wear things like headphones on their heads and strange shoes on their feet!” Fujitora did his best to describe the enemies.

Crocodile interjected: “That is the armed suit of the Germa Group!”

“Those soldiers have caused a lot of trouble for our troops!” Fujitora continued: “They are completely defiant and not afraid of death. When fighting back, they don’t seem to fear anything… Even if they know they will be slashed to death, they will come up without hesitation, entangle with our people at the cost of their lives, and then create opportunities for their companions to attack… a lot of us were injured like this.”

“Yeeaah!” Doroni scratched his head. “When I think about it now, it seems unbelievable… Those people have exactly the same faces. After knocking down one, another takes his place. It felt as if I was fighting the same person endlessly.”

“We fought them for a day relying on our defensive measures, and on the second day, Ace arrived!” Fujitora said: “When he found out that we are under attack, he immediately joined the fight.”

Ian looked at ace, smiled, and said, “Thank you, Ace!”

“No need!” Ace grinned. “You are my brother, and when your group is in trouble, I’ll definitely help out.”

Fujitora continued with a smile: “However, when the enemy’s soldiers suffered heavy casualties, the four superiors joined the battle, both Ace and I were besieged by two of them.”

“Their fighting power is quite high!” Fujitora recalled a scene at the time: “These four people did not use weapons, they fought with advanced martial arts, they were quite sturdy, and Raideen wanted to rush and help, but he ended up getting kicked down by one of them…!”

Ian looked towards Raideen and saw that he was scratching his head with embarrassment, and knew that it was true, so he couldn’t help being a little surprised.

The Giant Raideen was originally famous for his strength. When he was in Marijoa, he took the lead and pulled the stuck ship with a group of Fishmen slaves so that everyone could escape. In addition, after uncle Issho joined the group, he also exercised under Fujitora’s gravity.

Nowadays, Raideen’s punching power is estimated to be calculated in tons. As a result, such a punch was easily countered by one of the commanders’ kick!?

“They all have strange shoes, which seem to be able to eject pressured-air!” Ace said from the side: “I guess the reason why their kicking power is so strong is related to those shoes.”

Ian nodded, but he already knew that, the Germa Group is a scientific force, and if he is not mistaken, the four of them, Ichiji, Niji… are humans modulated by the bloodline factor, and their bodies were extraordinary.

“When we were restrained, our crew members gradually began to get hurt!” Fujitora said: “But fortunately, they are also very strong, so they couldn’t take them easily.”

Hearing this, Ian couldn’t help but ask Fujitora, “Can’t your gravity ability suppress them?”

“I’m sorry, it didn’t have much effect on them!” Fujitora shook his head and said: “I wanted to use my ability to suppress them, but their strange shoes can recoil to offset the gravity. They escaped every time I tried to suppress them… Plus this is our territory, and I can’t use extreme means. In that case, our island will be destroyed.”

“We fought the four commanders, but neither side was able to defeat the other, however, their army was larger than our crew!” Fujitora sighed: “I thought I would go on like this for a long time. As a result, a sweet smell suddenly filled the air…”

“That woman named Reiju used her poison?” Ian asked

“Yes, there was a weird breeze on the island, and her toxins spread quickly!” Fujitora said: “Our people soon began to fall, and we all felt dizzy.”

Ian sighed, he knew that Fujitora was not to blame. Although he was known as a Monster, he was still a normal person in the end. In the face of this toxin, he was still vulnerable.

Ace said at this time: “I was also poisoned… at first, I wanted to burn the poisonous powder with my flames, but the toxin spread very fast. I was able to burn it all, but in that case, my fire would also spread in a large area, and that would hurt more people than I could save.”

“Can’t your elemental body resist the erosion of toxins?” Ian asked him.

“Yeah! But when I realized that, I had already inhaled a lot! Hihi!” Ace said. “After that, even when I elementalized my body, the toxin has already affected me… and so soon, I began to feel dizzy, and I had to use a larger amount of flame to force them back, and then Uncle Issho used his Ability to make everyone float and temporarily get out of the battle.”

“I didn’t bear seeing the crew fell down one after the other, so I took them to the Sky Island!” Fujitora said: “Fortunately, Captain, you occupied this sky island before you left, otherwise, we would’ve gone all out and destroyed Travolta.”

“After we left, they destroyed our station!” Nana woke up, at this time started to talk: “Even our ships were sunk, they may not know that we had a Sky Island as a backup Base, so they went on and eliminated every possible way to escape. They stayed on the island for another three days, and when they found that we didn’t come down, they finally left.”

“This was all about twenty days ago.” Zick added.

Ian finally understood the whole story and couldn’t help feeling a little scared. Fortunately, he hid the discovery of the Sky Island from the world. Otherwise, his group would be in big trouble, and when he comes back, maybe only Fujitora and Ace would be left standing… The rest may all be eliminated…

Vinsmoke Reiju, a woman known for her highly toxic powder, reminded Ian of Magellan, the warden of Impel Down. The difference between them was that Magellan is the user of the Venom-Venom Fruit, and his poison is in the form of liquid…

Although his venom is more violent and strong, there are ways to avoid it and deflect it, but Reiju’s poison is different. She sprays toxic powder in the air that diffuses and will eventually be inhaled. In terms of transmission, it is almost impossible to prevent themselves from getting infected.

“Did they withdraw about 20 days ago?” Ian rubbed his chin and pondered: “So, where are they now? Are they still in the New World? Or have they returned to the North Blue?”

Announcement: due to the rapidly decreasing amount of support over the last few months, I started to consider dropping “Translating in general” and finding another career… Therefore, if you really like my work, and can help, please consider supporting me on my Patreon Page, allowing me to keep translating this novel, which I really enjoy reading and translating for you!!!

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