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S.C.S Chapter 362: It was Doffy

“This princess thinks they haven’t left yet!”

Boa Hancock suddenly said: “Although this princess doesn’t know much about this Germa group, they should have come and attacked your residence for money. So they should have completed the entrustment? Therefore, they must find the broker to get paid…”

“That’s right!” Ian slapped his forehead and said. “So, we only need to find the broker in the underground world to figure out where they are!”

So, Ian turned around and asked Crocodile: “What was the name of the broker?”

“The guy’s nickname is ‘Bug’!” Crocodile was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and smoking a cigar. Hearing this, he just replied: “That guy is very famous in the underground World, but… do you know how to contact people in the underground world?”

“Isn’t that why you are here!?” Ian asked in a mocking tone: “Since he contacted you at first, shouldn’t you have his Den Den Mushi number?”

“What a pity!” Crocodile said with a tone of schadenfreude (Gloating! pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.)

“We came back to the New World with great fanfare, he may already know the news. Those people are the best at acquiring news. They must know that we are together. Do you think he would dare to pick up the phone?”

“Tsk!” Ian had a headache, and Crocodile was right. This broker, called the bug, is already trying to hide from the outside world.

Under such circumstances, Ian can hardly find him.

Looking at the people present, Ian was in a difficult situation. The only person who has contact with the underground world is Crocodile. As for the others, whether it is Jinbe or Boa Hancock, it is estimated that they have not dealt with the underground world.

However, at this time, Ian suddenly remembered a person.

Ian’s beloved ally, Doflamingo!

Speaking frankly, the person with the deepest contact with the underground World is the one and only Doflamingo… Ian has always been skeptical that the commission is issued by Doflamingo’s Broker… Just helping him carry the pot.

So, Ian immediately began to calculate.

Now, including Ian, there are a total of four Shichibukai members at the scene, plus Ace, Fujitora Uncle, and Sabo, the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. It can be said that these high-end combat forces are more than enough to deal with the Germa Group.

With these furious monsters, Ian can completely wipe the ground with Sanji’s brothers! Not to mention that their father Judge didn’t come with them, but even if he did, Ian would fry him up!

Therefore, in Ian’s view, it’s a rare occasion gathering this many assistants. It’s a pity if their power gets wasted on the Germa Group. He needs to find a way to have some fun with Doffy!

After a little thought, Ian soon had an idea, so he turned his attention to baby-5.

At this time, baby-5 was actually not far from Crocodile, she was also holding a cigarette in her mouth, it looked like they were in the smoking area!

When Ian looked at baby-5, Crocodile also noticed the girl in the maid outfit.

It was not easy to find a smoking friend among the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, Crocodile thought that the girl looked very pleasing to the eye.

“Baby-5, do you still have Doffy’s Den Den Mushi number?” Ian asked.

Baby-5 has joined Ian’s pirate group, but when Ian left to go to the East Blue, he gave her the Den Den Mushi for safekeeping.

Baby-5 was stunned for a moment, then nodded, and said: “I have to admit, Young Master Ian, it’s a wise choice for you to seek Young Master Doflamingo’s help.”

Although she was fooled by Ian to join the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, baby-5’s title for Doflamingo has not changed. It’s just funny that now she also refers to Ian by the young master.

She took a few steps forward, handed the Den Den Mushi to Ian, and then returned to her place. As a result, when she leaned back against the wall, Crocodile on the side handed her a cigar from his box.

Without looking back, he said to baby-5, “Do you want another one?”

Ian and the others didn’t notice this scene. When he took the Den Den Mushi, Jinbe frowned and said to Ian: “Brother Ian, do you want to ask the Heavenly Yaksha for help? I have to remind you that this person is very dangerous, among the Shichibukais, he is the most elusive man!”

Not only Jinbe has felt his way, even Boa Hancock nodded in agreement.

Ian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I have dealt with Doflamingo a lot. I know very well what kind of person he is.”

So, Jinbe and the others stopped talking and watched Ian make the call.

“Fuffuffuffu!” immediately after picking up the phone, the laughter of Doffy filled the place. “Ian, I didn’t expect you to contact me as soon as you come back. You are really a good partner!”

Ian sneered in his heart, but said calmly: “Doffy, you already know what happened on my territory, right?”

“Of course, but please forgive me, I really wanted to help out, but I had some business recently, I really couldn’t come!” Doflamingo said in a weird tone: “However, I don’t think there will be more problems with the strength of your pirate group, you can handle it alone, right!? You won’t blame me?”

“No, of course not!” Ian held back and didn’t burst out, he even replied with a smile: “But now that I’m back, I gave them a taste of my wrath. The Germa people dared to attack my island while I was away… but in the end, they confessed and spit it out! Doffy, you are well-connected and have a wide network, can you tell me where can I find a guy named the bug?”

“…” In Dressrosa’s castle, the smile on Doflamingo’s face suddenly disappeared. He never thought that Ian would find out about the broker bug, so he couldn’t help but wonder how much Ian had found out about this incident…

“Doffy, where are you? Why aren’t you talking!?” Ian knew it then, but pretended to ask strangely: “Come on partner, can’t you help me with this little favor? You don’t want to help me?”

“No, of course, not!” Doflamingo finally came back to his senses, and smiled again, saying: “You are just looking for someone, you can rest assured, leave it to me, and I’ll find him for you!”

“Well! Then I will wait for your news!” Ian finished speaking and hung up.

And that’s done!

On Dressrosa’s side, Doflamingo held the microphone in his hand, looked at the Den Den Mushi that had gone silent, and suddenly asked Trebol next to him, saying, “Where is the bug guy now??”

“This guy should be on Rollers Island now!” Trebol said with a snot. “Doffy, do you really want him back?”

“No!” Doflamingo sneered: “Let Gladius go over and kill this guy!”

“Hah, I see what you mean, Young Master!” Trebol said: “In this way, there will be no proof!”

“That’s what I mean!” Doflamingo laughed, resting his hands on his knees, and said: “Not only do we have to kill him, but also to prevent the Germa Group from getting the money and agitate these incompetent bastards… Do you understand?”

“I see!” Trebol laughed too, and said: “Exactly, Gladius’ explosive fruit can get the job done, and his ability is quite similiar to the Germa weapons. No one would link us to the incident. So the Germa people may get blamed for it! but won’t they get suspicious in the end!”

Doflamingo didn’t care at all, and said: “What if they get suspicious? They have already fallen into the trap, and they will be strangled to death in my net! Hmph, after the North Blue countries joined forces to overthrow the rule of the Germa family, the Old Man Judge is still thinking of restoring the leadership of the North Blue! But the fool forgot that the North Blue is my hometown, so if there would be a ruler, it can only be us, the Donquixote pirates! And now, my boy Ian would finish taking care of the Germa 66 for me!”

“I really didn’t expect that kid to bring Crocodile, Jinbe, and Pirate Empress all to help him out!” Trebol said with some exclamation: “I don’t know how the marines will react when they find out… The alliance between Shichibukai is a huge threat to them.”

“Don’t worry, that brat has already gone to the Marines and reported it!” Doflamingo said: “What if he brought so many Shichibukais? Isn’t he still manipulated by me, acting according to my plan! I am the User of the String-String Fruit, and what I am best at is manipulating others… just like poppets!”

At this point, both Doflamingo and Trebol laughed for a while…

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