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S.C.S Chapter 363: Framing Job

“Doflamingo might take down that broker called Bug!”

As he put down the microphone, such a thought popped into Ian’s mind. It suddenly occurred to him when he was talking to Doffy, so he went silent…

This is intuition, but Ian feels that it may be quite accurate.

Doflamingo is a ruthless person. If he is a real client, then the broker bug definitely knew about Doflamingo through various channels, but Ian only discovered this through Crocodile. Doflamingo doesn’t know this for the moment, but he will absolutely take precautions of eliminating the potential threat.

Now that Ian’s fighting power has burst, Doflamingo certainly doesn’t want his cards with Ian to get burned, so the best way to silence a person is to kill him.

But it doesn’t matter, Ian thought about his plan carefully. He believes that this broker bug is irrelevant. He was just trying to scare the real snake… In this way, if the broker died, that means Doffy would feel safe, then Ian would shift all of his anger on the Germa Family, and with that, Doffy won’t need to shove his hand into the mud!

He may think that when the bug guy dies, Ian then will never find the mastermind behind the commission, but what he didn’t expect was that Ian has already locked his suspicions on him in the first place, without the need to find this Broker.

The next thing to do is to wait!

Thinking like this, Ian found Varua and asked him: “Is there any improvement on the Raikōhō gun?”


Two days later, in the Rollers Island of the New World.

This is a very chaotic country. Pirates and robbers are very rampant. The country’s folk customs are also very fierce. Often, with a brief remark or any type of disagreement, a fight will be ignited immediately!

Such a country is a favorite place for many underground world organizations. You can see many big-name characters in this country.

However, it was on this day that the island welcomed a special group of guests: the ship of Germa 66, which just boarded the country.

It is a fleet of dozen unique snail ships. These snails were very large. On the head of each snail, there is a mark of the number “66”. The sides of these snail shells are gear-like machinery.

At the top of the snail shell is a flat square platform with several buildings and a black giant mast sail.

This was the case for all the ships, so they all looked alike. When the strange fleet arrives on the coast of Rollers Island, the snails slowly came together, connecting the gears, while the platforms were also cobbled together!

Then a city on the sea appeared like this!

The people of Rollers saw the city that appeared out of thin air, and many of them went to the beach to watch in amazement, but there were not that many who could recognize this fleet.

On the contrary, those who work in the underground world knew exactly who they are.

Germa men quickly landed! And such news soon spread to the underground World.

When the fleet stopped and formed their lineout, four people descended from the ship.

A red-head man (Not Shanks XD) with a pair of black sunglasses, a red scarf around his neck, a dark red suit, a white cape… this is Vinsmoke Ichiji known as “Sparking Red”, the eldest son of the Vinsmoke family.

And behind him, there were two men, one with blue hair and a blue suit, the second son Niji… he had a sharp earphone like an antenna on his ears

The other had green hair, which is the youngest son of the Vinsmoke family, Yonji, who is dressed in green, also wears headphones, and his hair was combed back.

In addition to these three men, there is also a beautiful woman with a thin waist.

She has pink hair, wears a sexy short skirt, revealing two white slender thighs, with two “6” printed on them, and behind her, there is a purple cloak like butterfly wings.

This is the eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke Family, these guys’ sister.

The Vinsmoke folks are the Royal Family of the Germa country. They all share a common feature, that is, their curly eyebrows, and even Reiju was no exception.

The three men’s dress looks strange, and their brows made them look even weirder… Only Reiju’s dress was charming. This woman has a thick lip line, and gorgeous eyes, which made her look so sexy.

This time, their father Judge was actually there! This was because the Germa kingdom has no land, so they always travel on these snails… In other words, where the fleet goes, that’s where you can find their country!

This means that Judge was there at the time, but he only sent his four children out, but what he didn’t expect was that after attacking Travolta, the dragon hunters flew into the air and disappeared.

At that time, when Fujitora used his gravity ability to retreat with the crew, the Sky Island wasn’t above Travolta, so they kept floating in the air and moving towards the sky base, therefore, the Germa people couldn’t see that far, and they thought the enemies flew away from their territory.

Even so, the base of the Dragon Hunter Pirates on the island was destroyed, and Germa 66 completed their task, thus when they left, they contacted the broker bug, who told them to come to Rollers island to collect the reward…

“What a boring island!”

Along the way, Niji saw the people around looking at them with vigilant and greedy eyes, which made him very disgusted, and couldn’t help snorting coldly.

“I don’t think so!” Yonji drooled, looking at the beauties that occasionally appeared on the street, and said: “At least there are many hot women here!”

“Where did the bug guy say to meet him?” Niji simply ignored his brother, walked behind with crossed hands, asked carelessly

“The Munk bar in the south of the city!” Ichiji walking ahead answered him casually.

“Hurry up, let’s take the money and leave!” Yonji said: “Father is a little worried, because now he heard that the new Shichibukai is back.”

“He’s just a Shichibukai, father is making too much of a fuss out of a kid, right?” Niji asked in confusion: “Since he decided to take the task, why did he start to worry about it now?”

“It’s not that simple, according to my father, the other party seems to have brought back a lot of helpers!” Ichiji Shrugged and said.

Reiju moved in the back, listening to them chatting, but did not interject. She just quietly looked at her three younger brothers with a nonchalant expression. She was very clear that her father’s concern could not affect her brothers, because these three had no feelings at all. They can’t experience fear or anything else…

When Judge accepted this commission, Reiju’s intuition was actually against it. She felt that she should not provoke any of the Shichibukai. However, even if she talked, nothing would change, because in the underground World, entrustments with an amount close to 10 billion are quite rare, and Judge needs such funds for research, so he has been overwhelmed by the huge amount…

After attacking Travolta, they successfully completed the mission, but Reiju felt a little uneasy. Now she just hopes to find the broker fast to get the money and persuade her father to leave the new world and go back to the North Blue.

Soon, they reached the south of the city and found the location of the Munk Bar.

However, when the four were about to open the door and go in, a huge force suddenly came, along with a loud explosion, the bar just had a furious burst inside!

Arriving at the wrong time, Niji and the others had jumped back immediately, and the blast of the explosion rolled them over and swept by, but did no harm to them.

The four were all wearing Germa’s armed suits. In fact, their armed suits were a pair of strange gloves and a pair of bizarre shoes.

Not to mention the gloves for the time being, the key lies in the shoes, which are composed of two soft bubbles, and a circular jet at the heel, so that the four people can float in mid-air.

The sudden explosion made the four people annoyed and thought it was an attack on them, but after they reacted, they found something was wrong!

Isn’t the bug guy waiting for them in the bar? Now that the bar has exploded, he…

Realizing that this is a bad situation, the four rushed over quickly. Sure enough, among the rubbles of the building, they found the blasted body of the broker bug.

“Oh no! Come on, we have to get out of here!” Reiju reacted immediately and hurriedly shouted.

But at this moment, a lot of people suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and pointed their guns at the four of them. These armed men all looked ferocious. After they appeared, they immediately fired. While shooting, they shouted sadly and angrily: “The Boss is dead! The Germa 66 did it! Kill them, avenge the Boss!”

The flying bullets hit them, but they could not deal any damage to the Vinsmoke Commanders. Their skin was like steel. When a bullet hits their bodies, it immediately ricochets away.

Yonji and Niji were so annoyed and wanted to kill those who attacked the siblings, but they were grabbed by Reiju: “Let’s leave! This matter must be reported to father first!”

So the four immediately left the place as quickly as possible. They knew that the Germa group was in big trouble this time…

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