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S.C.S Chapter 364: Going to War

After getting the report from his children, Judge was puzzled at first, then he reacted and discovered that the Germa Group was tricked by someone!

The broker in charge of this transaction was killed, indicating that there is a force eyeing the Germa 66. He’s afraid that even the attack on Travolta was a planned trap.

“No!! We can’t stay any longer in the New World!” Judge made a quick decision: “We must leave NOW and return to the North Blue!”

Hearing this, the second son, Niji said unwillingly: “Father, is that all? We didn’t get a cent of our money!”

“My good son, we have made too many enemies!” Judge sighed and said: “We don’t even know who’s behind this… If we stay in the New World, the consequences will be unpredictable!”

There’s a good saying that an ignorant fighter will be the first to die. This sentence is suitable for the Vinsmoke family. Since Judge created Germa’s scientific force, he has been stirring up wars all over the world for years, and with their loot, he made a fortune.

Although it seems that he has made tons of money, he has actually made more enemies. Just like this time, Judge knew that he was tricked by someone, but he didn’t even know who did it.

Here and now, he was sailing in the New World, which is called the cruelest ocean by pirates, not the North Blue, the place he’s familiar with!

In this unfamiliar place, the intelligence capabilities of the Germa Group have been compressed to the limit, and in this ocean, they have to deal with the unpredictable weather, otherwise, why would it take them more than 20 days to arrive at Rollers Island? After they left Travolta, they encountered a huge ice storm at sea and were stuck for more than a week!

Everything was going against them in this area. So how could it be possible to feel safe?

It’s a pity that he couldn’t even get his reward, but Judge doesn’t want to lose all his progress for some money, it’s true that he’s a greedy person, but also reasonable…

So at his command, Germa’s snail fleet immediately set sail and planned to leave the new world.

However, what they didn’t know was that Donquixote’s high-level cadre Gladius, wearing a weird mask and wind-proof goggles, with his spiky hair, was on the Rollers island, watching their every move, and informing the Joker through the Den Den Mushi.

In the underground of the New World, Doffy was one of the well-known figures, and the actions of the Germa Group could not be concealed from his eyes.

And through Doflamingo, Ian also knows the movement of the Germa Group…


Four days later, the snail fleet of the Germa Group was sailing the sea. They wanted to cross the Calm Belt and head straight to the North Blue.

For four days in a row, nothing had happened. Judge and his kids felt relieved a bit. At this time, the father was staying in the conference room with his four children, analyzing the last events and narrowing the scope of their potential enemy.

However, at this time, bad news came from one of their soldiers…

On the sea ahead, a huge tornado has appeared, blocking their way forward.

When Niji and Yonji came out to see it, they were shocked by the huge tornado connecting the sky and sea surface in the distance. The tornado raged on the area, rolling up tons of seawater, which was a very terrifying scene.

As a last resort, Judge had to order the fleet to stop moving forward, intending to wait for the tornado to pass.

As soon as they stopped, the same soldier once again appeared bearing more bad news. Several dark shadows emerged behind their fleet, which was very likely to be some pirate ships!

What a coincidence! Judge immediately realized that this was not an accident. The ships in the rear must be an enemy.

So, he immediately ordered to prepare for the upcoming battle.

But when the ships in the back gradually approached and could be seen clearly through the telescope, Judge saw the flags of these ships, then his heart skipped a beat due to what he saw…

“The Dragon Hunter Pirates! The Kuja pirates! The Fishman pirates, and the Baroque Works of the Crocodile guy!” Judge crushed the telescope in his hand, and gritted his teeth: “Are those the backer team the Shichibukai Ian found?”

Due to the intelligence blockage in the New World, the Germa Group was not able to receive these news. He vaguely knew that the black dragon Ian had returned and brought back some kind of help, but Judge had no idea who it could be…

It was only at this moment that he really understood how big of trouble his Group was in! (It was at this moment, he knew he fked up!)

In an instant, four Shichibukai groups emerged out of nowhere, heading in his direction, and he didn’t have time to think about it properly or of a way out…

He’s now left hanging, and he had to pay back for his actions. When Judge ordered the attack on Travolta, he was ready to be hostile to a Shichibukai, and at that time, he was not worried at all… Shichibukais were famous for being independent, so with Germa 66’s strength, there should not be a problem facing the newly joined Shichibukai, so he confidently attacked Ian’s residence.

However, he did not think that Ian was not a person who plays his cards according to common sense. He came back aggressively to the field with three other Shichibukai…

On the flagship of the Fishman Pirates, Ian, Crocodile, Jinbe, Boa Hancock, Ace, Sabo, and Fujitora, were all gathered here, standing on the deck, looking far ahead at the fleet of the Germa group.

“Ow… hey! Bag of sand, I didn’t expect your ability to be so powerful!” Ian smiled at Crocodile.

The tornado in front of the Germa fleet didn’t appear out of thin air, but was created by Crocodile. The Desert King can create a hurricane from his palm. In his current stage, Crocodile can control the direction of this hurricane, allowing it to continuously absorb energy in the process of travel, and eventually form a wild tornado.

A tornado formed in the desert turns into a sandstorm, but if it was launched at the sea, it will absorb and carry gallons of seawater, but the only bad thing is that when the tornado grows to a certain extent, Crocodile can no longer control it.

This storm, after Ian learned about the movement of the Germa Group from Doflamingo, he predicted their direction forward, let Crocodile release it in advance, to block them!

Ian can’t let these people continue moving forward, because after reaching the Calm Belt, the snail ships of Germa 66 won’t find any problem crossing it, they were powered by some kind of engines, and they could easily sail on the Calm Belt. While the ships on Ian’s side apart from the Kuja Ship were all sailboats, then the gap between the two sides will grow larger after the Calm Belt.

Now that there is a frightening sea storm ahead, and ships blocking the back. The Germa group can only flee from one of the sides rather than fighting.

However, it seems that they didn’t have the will to move, well, um, this is better than an endless chase, just get it over with!

“Nice choice! Go on!!!” Ian waved his hand and ordered the ships on the sides to rush forward.

After approaching a certain distance, Judge first ordered Germa’s fleet to open fire. As a scientific force, this group’s weapons were very advanced. Their cannon range and destructive power were even more developed than that of the Marines’ Battleship. They fired from a distance of dozens of nautical miles, and they were able to reach on Ian’s side.

Germa has a large number of ships. Each snail is a ship with a high number of turrets. This attack was actually astonishing.

Countless shells flew towards Ian and the others… Jinbe and Boa Hancock jumped back to their ships to help defend against the shells. All cannonballs that might land were taken down by them.

A cannonball flew towards the front of the ship where Ian was, and it seemed that there was a possibility of hitting, but Ian held his hands around his waist and stared at Crocodile.

Crocodile snorted angrily, his arm turned into sand, and directly slashed down the shell with his Desert Sword.

“Hey, I didn’t bring you here to be a spectator!” Ian patted Crocodile’s shoulder with satisfaction.

“You better worry about the battle!” Crocodile sneered: “If you don’t fight back, our ship may get sunk by their shells before even approaching them!”

Ian nodded and said, “No problem, they can’t run!”

After that, Ian turned to Raideen and the others and shouted: “Let go guys, bring it out!”

“HAAA!” Raideen, Doroni, and a group of powerful guys responded eagerly, and then, with a whistling noise, they brought a…… not A, THE Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon from the stern!

Look at the special shape of this cannon, Crocodile looked at Ian with a strange expression: “This… is this your secret weapon!!??”

Ian was actually quite speechless. He has always been very dissatisfied with the shape of the Raikōhō Cannon, and insisted on Varua to change it. But, the achievements of Varua over this period were nothing more than reducing its size and weight. However, as for the shape, he told Ian that it cannot be changed…

The “eggs” on the sides of the cannon are actually the positive and negative Lightning generators. Without these two balls, the Raikōhō cannon is useless……

This was Ian’s most shameful moment, he had to hear everyone’s complaint about the Raikōhō gun, he already had enough complaints on his own…

“Start calibrating the artillery trajectory!” This guy, Varua, came along this time, and was eager to control the Thunder Cannon attack himself. However, the difference this time was that the people of the Dragon Hunter pirate group were helping him adjust the muzzle.

When the muzzle was locked at the enemies’ ship, Varua excitedly pressed the fire button!

A fiery blue and white light mass began to condense at the muzzle, emitting a dazzling light.

Then when the brightness of light reached its maximum, it was immediately accompanied by the sound of a burst of lightning piercing the air, and the thunderbolt flew out at horrifying speed…

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