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S.C.S Chapter 365: Water Bullet

When seeing that Germa’s ships were some strange large snail, Ian knew that the Raikōhō Cannon could come in handy.

I have to say that as a colleague of Vegapunk, Varua is indeed an amazing scientist. The power of the Thunder Cannon is devastating. If Ian didn’t find its weakness and easily countered it, while fighting on the ground, it would be unclear who would win and who would lose.

In order to carry the Thunder Cannon onto the ship, Varua wasted a lot of time and effort. Although the Raikōhō Cannon had no recoil force, its volume was still too large! Moreover, due to the need to use Liquor Iron Ore as the body material, its weight was extremely high, which must be carried by behemoths such as Raideen and Doroni!

Another point is that the Raikōhō Cannon uses Thunderstones as its energy, a large amount of it, so its consumption is very high.

However, these flaws cannot hide the fact that the Thunder Cannon is so powerful. When Varua was making it, he wanted to make a weapon comparable to the Ancient weapon Pluto…

When the Thunder Cannon opened fire, many people saw the bright rays of light appearing on Ian’s ship. But, Judge and his kids couldn’t make any effective response because the lightning strike hit them at a very fast speed!

Almost as soon as they saw the light orb eject from the enemies’ side, the lightning regiment had already arrived at the location of the Germa fleet.

Judge only had time to shout out ‘be careful’, and they slammed Niji and Ichiji’s heads to the ground.

However, to his surprise, the beam of light did not land on any of his ships, but… fell on the sea beneath the center of the fleet!

This was a carefully calculated shot. The trajectory of the Raikōhō Cannon doesn’t need to be raised like a normal cannon, however, its muzzle was pointed slightly downward… the projectile of this cannon is almost a straight line, and could not form an arched attack.

When this thunder strike fell on the sea, it exploded instantly!

The seawater at the landing point was directly evaporated, resulting in the sudden emergence of a concave area on the sea surface.

The lasting duration of this concave area was only a moment, and it was quickly filled back by seawater, but at this time, the bursting power of beam was transmitted along the sea and spread in all directions!

It’s slow to describe it, but all of this happened in a blink of an eye. On the sea surface where the projectile landed, there was a burst of electric light, and then all the snail ships of the Germa Group were shocked together by the high voltage!

The two big eyes of the snails closed almost at the same moment, and they were completely paralyzed by this shook!

Not only the snails, but even some fishes and small sea kings under this area started cooking, were paralyzed by strong electricity, and then slowly floated up to the surface.

When Germa’s snails were stunned by this attack, they lost their ability to float on the sea surface. They couldn’t support the additional weight they were carrying and began to tilt slowly and submerge into the sea.

The heavily armed soldiers on their backs couldn’t stand still while the snails were submerging… They began to panic, as the platform began to slide down, and hundreds of them fell into the water like dumplings, making a Blup—Blup noises.

The snails were all overturned, and the buildings on their backs could not be spared. Once they were overturned, they immediately started sinking into the seabed with their snails. When such a massive object sinks into the sea, it immediately brings up a whirlpool within, pulling down soldiers floating on the sea!

Judge, Reiju, and the others stared at all this with their mouths wide open, they couldn’t believe that this all happened by a single shot!

With just one blow, Germa lost nearly half of his ships!

Even Ian was a little stunned when he saw this scene. Although he had expected that the effect of using the Thunder Cannon would be very good, but not to such a point.

This kind of snail vessel actually has a very unique feature, that is, it can’t only travel on the sea, but also can be driven on the ground. They can be used on water and the ground, they even climb mountains. Even the Red Line can’t stop them. The Germa Group relies on these snails so much, which has dynamic mobility.

In addition, the shells of these snails are made of metal. When encountering battles, they can retract their bodies into the shell to form a solid fortress, which can withstand a relatively strong damage. In many wars, the Germa 66 relied on these snails to avoid any disadvantages.

However, although they are powerful, they can’t avoid the weaknesses of the living creatures. When such a lightning beam bursts in the sea, their resistance to such elements is so weak.

On the contrary, if an ordinary wooden ship encounters the same kind of attack, it won’t cause the same effect…

In any case, the Thunder Cannon had done a good job this time, and with one blow, it cut Germa’s fleet in half, and their artillery fire couldn’t help but weaken a lot.

“Very good! Keep shooting!” Ian cheered up and shouted, “Shoot at their dense places and disrupt their formation!”

Finally, Varua was able to fire with his Thunder Cannon to his heart’s content, so he seemed inexplicably excited. He almost regarded himself as a member of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, otherwise, he won’t have come along.

In particular, when he learned that the enemy was his former colleague, who had run away with Vegapunk’s bloodline factor, Varua was even more excited!

Although he was his colleague at the time, Varua had a lot of disputes with Judge. He was an excellent scientist, so did Judge. They couldn’t compare with the genius Vegapunk, but they didn’t agree with each other. They always felt that they were better than each other. This kind of competition didn’t intensify much when they were working together in the research institute, but now it began to highlight after they separated.

“Come on, Judge, show us what you’ve got!” While adjusting the muzzle, Varua said excitedly: “It’s time to prove that I am better than you!”

The second shot went out and hit the densely crowded area. Although Judge had already reacted and ordered his ships to separate immediately, it still took time for the snail to get away from each other, which led to many ships being attacked by the second blow.

Although the results of this projectile were not as many as the first, it was enough to make Judge’s eyes shed a tear.

For Judge, every snail ship is a part of the Germa Kingdom! These snails that have been taken down by electricity will not come back after being dumped into the sea. This means that the Germa 66 has directly lost a piece of their territory! How strong is Judge’s heartache right now?

He has always wanted to restore the glory of his Kingdom, but unexpectedly he has suffered huge losses here… How can he stop this now!?

“Father, what should we do!?” Ichiji shouted to his father: “We must stop them, otherwise this will be the end of the Germa 66!”

“Damn it!” Judge immediately ordered: “Alright! Quickly! All the remaining ships rushed now toward them! Niji, Reiju, Niji, Yonji! You four must go out, and stop them!”

With this order, the four slammed their hands on the ground and jumped with their special shoes!

Their jet shoes gave them an unparalleled bouncing power that allowed them to jump high into the air.

Then, when they started to fall, their flotation devices began to word, and they floated in mid-air…

The four people, after hovering in the air, immediately moved their feet and started running forward!

Every time they took a step, they were able to advance a large section, and they arrived soon after a short journey of more than 20 miles.

However, when they were about to approach Ian’s ship, a thin stream of water suddenly burst out, forming an arrow, and with unparalleled strength, it went whistling towards their leader Ichiji!

Ichiji was startled and immediately turned around in the air.

But he still couldn’t dodge it. Ichiji’s waist was hit by the water arrow. The huge force carried by the water exploded like a cannonball. After a bang, Ichiji’s body was launched to a higher altitude.

“Big brother!?” Niji and Yonji in the back shouted in surprise.

Ichiji rolled several times in the air, and finally regained control of his body. The place where he was hit by the water bullet was fine, but it annoyed him a lot.

This was the first time he has suffered such a damage!

Looking down, he saw a Fishman with a bun, floating on the sea surface, who else would it be if it wasn’t Jinbe?

At this time, Jinbe kept his posture of pushing his palm upward. Just now, it was him who shot Ichiji with the water bullet.

“Let this old man be your opponent!” Jinbe raised his head and said…

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