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S.C.S Chapter 366: Hypermobility

When the Dragon Hunter Pirates attacked Germa’s fleet under the instruction of Ian, Jinbe had already jumped into the water with the Fishman Pirates.

To be honest, in terms of naval battles alone, the Fishmen have great innate advantages. They can move freely in any level of the sea. Once they sink a human ship, the people who fall into the water will lose most of their combat effectiveness in an instant.

The number of ships on Germa’s side was far more than that on Ian’s side. Even if some of them were sunk by the Raikōhō Cannon, the remaining ships were still much more than Ian’s fleet. This is naturally the time for the Fishman Pirate Group to show their power.

When the Fishman soldiers dived into the water and approached the snail ships of Germa, Jinbe emerged from the water and took the lead in attacking the people of the Vinsmoke family.

Ichiji, who was hit by Jinbe’s water bullet, did not feel any pain. In fact, all of them were in the category of Modified Humans. When they were born, their bloodline factors have been biologically modified through genetic enhancements, so their strong body couldn’t feel the slightest pain.

They were raised to be powerful fighters!

When Jinbe hit Ichiji, his fighting spirit suddenly rose high… In the wars that Germa 66 participated in in the past, as long as his brothers came out, they were enough to bring back the victory! Over time, it began to feel a bit boring, so he had long wanted to figure out what the true level of a Shichibukai is…

“Hahahaha!” letting out a wild laugh, Ichiji’s jet boots immediately burst, and dove towards Jinbe underneath with an astonishing speed.

“Kick his a$$! Big brother!” Seeing this, Niji was not surprised, waved his hand, and ordered Reiju and Yonji to continue the rush towards Ian’s ship.

“…” Reiju followed without a word, but as she passed over Jinbe, she lowered her head and looked at him.

Looking up, Ian saw a few figures in the sky, and said: “They are approaching, does any of you want to take a shot?”

Ace slammed both fists, and said with a fighting spirit: “I’ll deal with one!”

As he spoke, Ace burst into flames and punched the sky.

“Fire Fist!”

Bang! Ian saw a huge ball of Raging Flames ejected from Ace’s hand and directly hit Niji in the sky. It seemed that he planned to pick Niji as his opponent.

Niji made a sudden stop in the air and jerked his head backward. Ace’s fire fist wiped his head and flew in front of him, almost burning his face.

“Youu!!” Niji became furious and immediately moved toward Ace.

Ace grinned and leaped high holding his cowboy hat, but he jumped towards the ship deck next to him, which was the Fishman vessel. At this time, the Fishman pirates on the ship had jumped into the water. The empty deck was a perfect place for ACE and Niji to fight.

“I won’t take action for the time being!” Sabo smiled slightly, and said to Ian: “Now that there are enough people on board, I think it would be better if I stay on guard!”

Ian nodded, he understood Sabo’s concerns, so he didn’t say anything, just turned and looked towards Crocodile.

“Humph!” Crocodile looked at Ian’s eyes and immediately understood that Ian was telling him to take action, so he snorted reluctantly, and pointed his pirate hook at Yonji: “Boy, get down!”

Yonji threw his cloak and said nothing more, and also charged down towards Crocodile.

Of the four children, there was only Reiju left… After thinking about it, Ian said to Boa Hancock: “I think it would be better if I deal with her, she seems to possess a strong poison, I can’t let her poison any of my friends!”

“Then, this princess will take the Kuja pirates and attack their ships!” Boa Hancock said.

“Okay!” Ian nodded, and Hancock immediately jumped onto her ship. Pulled by the two snakes, the boat of Kuja pirates headed at a very fast speed towards the snail ships…

It has to be said that this allocation is quite reasonable. As soon as the Kuja Pirates’ ship approached the snail ships, the huge snails that looked dull began to panic!

The two giant snakes that pulled the ship were very fierce Sea King creatures. Their appearance will naturally make the snails feel fearful, so the snails immediately closed their big eyes and retracted into their shells to hide.

As a result, Germa’s ships immediately lost their mobility. Although the soldiers of Germa reacted immediately and wanted to jump over to attack the Kuja pirates, they were greeted by a fierce rain of hardened arrows…

When the two sides started the close-ranged battle, Reiju also landed lightly on the deck of Ian’s ship.

Her pink hair covered her right eye, and her face was very serious. She asked Ian: “It’s not a coincidence that you appeared at the right time. Did you create the storm a head?”

“That’s right!” Ian nodded, lowered his posture slowly, placing his hand on the handle of his sword, and said coldly: “Since you, the Germa 66, dared to attack my territory when I was not on the island, then be prepared for the revenge.”

Reiju closed her eyes and let out a slight sigh, but unexpectedly did not refute. In fact, she had long expected that such a day would come.

Reiju’s team number was 0, she is the first child of Judge and his first experiment. In another word, she was the Prototype. As the first test object, not only did she obtain the same superhuman body like her younger brothers, but she also kept her feelings… In Judge’s view, such results should actually be classified as a failure.

What Judge wants was perfect warriors just like Niji and Yonji, who has no feelings, no fear, no emotion. In other words, monsters, as long as they should win every war.

However, Reiju did not meet Judge’s requirements, but it is precisely because of this that she was able to understand and sense things better.

She has always been able to evaluate the current situation of her family, although this family of the killing machines was worshipped and feared by many people in the underground world, and even won the name of the evil army because of this, but Reiju knows that there are huge hidden dangers behind such a reputation. Sooner or later, the Germa 66 will bring disaster to themselves because of these endless wars.

And now, after provoking Ian, the rising Shichibukai, her fear has manifested…

‘Even if today is the end of the Germa 66, I will die with them!’ Reiju’s body moved as she thought so.

She bent down a bit and rushed toward Ian with clenched fists, as if she wanted to punch Ian.

“It’s a baiting move!” Ian immediately judged her movement.

With the increase of battles, Ian has encountered a lot of various opponents, and his combat experience was enriching bit by bit.

Sure enough, when she rushed to Ian, her body made an incredible movement. While rushing forward, she turned at a right angle of 90 degrees and directly flashed to Ian’s left side.

Ian was surprised! This action was completely beyond his expectation.

Fortunately, Ian was mentally prepared. After sensing her movement in the Nen field, he sharply turned around, and pulled his sword, slashing at her!

However, what Ian didn’t expect was that her sudden change of movement was also a fake attack. When she turned to Ian’s side, she jumped high in the same place, then came to the top of Ian’s head, and pressed down his head with her foot!

This is definitely not an action that the human body can do!

Reiju’s mobility can’t be perceived even Ian’s Nen field!

For Ian, His En field became exactly the same as the Observation Haki, which can predict the enemy’s actions, but this kind of prediction is achieved by the tiny movement of the opponent’s body. For example, if the opponent wants to move to the right, then naturally there will be a moving shoulder action, it will be amplified and fed back in the perception of the En field, allowing Ian to predict what’s coming.

But Reiju’s actions were manifested without a warning!

So Ian immediately realized that this is probably the ability of the jet shoes!

If the prediction fails, the only thing left to do is to fight with reaction speed. Fortunately, Ian’s reflexes are fast enough to stop the attacking momentum in an instant and change its course immediately.

“Glancing Blade New Moon!”

With a backhand rotation, the Senbonzakura in Ian’s hands drew a white crescent arc, and at the moment when Reiju’s long leg touched Ian’s hair, the blade came whistling in her direction.

But in the next second, she saw that Ian’s sword was about to hit her leg, so she used her other foot to kick the upcoming from the side without hesitation, directly knocking the blade away!

With a bang, Reiju landed back to the ground and failed to land a hit on Ian, but the same goes for Ian.

Germa’s scientific troops were not that weak after all. What Reiju showed now was the mobility effectiveness brought by the jet shoes!

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