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S.C.S Chapter 367: Ian in serious mode

Reiju landed two or three meters away from Ian, Ian holding his sword, and did not take the opportunity to pursue her, but just looked at her with a dignified expression.

He found that he still underestimated Germa’s scientific power.

What comes from their technological equipment was different from the previous physical fighting ability he encountered. Originally, Ian thought that the Marine Six Powers (Rokushiki) is a peak representative of physical combat, but he didn’t expect the Modified Bodies of the Germa 66 was more advanced that than of the elite marines!

When Reiju kicked Ian’s blade from the side, Ian felt a very strong impact, which should be the powerful bonus effect brought by jet shoes.

Ian looked carefully at the armored suit she was wearing, and he found that she had a few things worth noting besides the shoes and the gloves.

First, the cloak behind, when he observed these kids carefully, he found that all of them had one, but hers had a unique shape, like a butterfly’s wings.

Another thing in common is that they all seemed to be wearing headphones, which Ian has his reason to believe that it may also be part of the armed suit.

If these gears, like the jet shoes, have unexpected uses, then Ian must be careful.

In all fairness, in fact, the four children of the Vinsmoke family can never compare with Shichibukai in terms of individual combat power, but their powerful scientific and technological equipment offset this weakness.

“Come again!” Ian became a little interested, and said hooking his fingers.

“…” Reiju looked at Ian, without saying a word, and as she stepped on the ground, the bubbles sprayed from the sole of her shoes immediately brought her a strong rebound force and made her come to Ian in an instant.

‘I don’t know if it’s genetic or not, but she likes to fight using kicks…’ When she rushed to Ian, she lifted up her knee sharply to hit Ian. When Ian dodged back, she followed and swung her long leg… This time, Ian slashed directly with the Senbonzakura towards the upcoming attack. As a result, when the blade and her long leg collided, nothing happened except for a spread of metal slashing sound.

Reiju’s skin showed no signs of damage at all. As the other leg supporting the axis, under the activation of jet shoes, made her twist and spin in the air, moving towards Ian’s neck with another kick.

This looked like her whole body was floating in the air and rotating rapidly, then ending with another strong kick… This was an action ordinary people simply can’t do…

Finding that ordinary weapons did not seem to be of any use to Reiju’s body, Ian immediately wrapped his blade with Hardening Haki and blocked the flying kick.

His current Busoshoku Haki was far more superior to the past. This time it finally worked. During the counterattack slash, Ian’s blade cut Reiju’s calf.

But to Ian’s surprise, the hardened blade only cut a crack on the shin guard on her calf.

Being slashed by Ian, Reiju had a pained expression on her face, but she gritted her teeth, activated the jet shoes, and lifted her leg directly facing Ian’s chin in the air…

Ian raised his head to avoid it, but Reiju took advantage of this opportunity and punched Ian at close range!

Ian put his left hand on the top of the blade, and raised the sword to block Reiju’s punch.

But then, he felt that an extremely strong force suddenly erupted from Reiju’s fist, launching him backward, sliding for more than ten meters!

“Shockwave!!” Ian was amazed.

Could this be the special effect of her gloves!? What a surprise!

At that time, Ian realized that relying on his strength alone won’t be enough! Whether it is the jet kicks or the shockwave of her gloves, were a bit annoying but not enough to pose a threat to Ian, whose power attribute has skyrocketed…

Turning his head, Ian glanced at the battle between Ace and Niji on the other side, and found that she was not Ace’s opponent at all!

After many days, Ace brought Ian a little surprise. He showed him his current flame, it was no longer the orange-red fire, but a blazing white with a bit orange!

Ian knows what this means, which means that Ace’s flame temperature has finally been raised under the intense exercises!

Ace listened to Ian’s advice before he left the Whitebeard Pirates, which made Ian extremely happy.

In other words, the current Ace is much stronger than in the original story, which led Niji to have trouble fighting against Ace with such a higher temperature attack.

Perhaps the bodies of the Vinsmoke family are all made of steel, so ordinary blades and bullets couldn’t hurt them, but the high temperature is the nemesis of this steel body. After Niji fought with Ace for a while, his clothes were almost burned out.

“Damn it, damn!” Niji rushed to Ace while gnashing his teeth. At this time, half of his supposedly stylish hair was burned, and his front end was bald.

On the contrary, Ace seemed to be fine. Although Niji was able to land some hits on Ace’s body, Ace was agile… With a wide range of blazing attacks, Niji was forced to jump around with the help of his jet shoes from time to time.

Aside from Ace, this was also the case with Jinbe… Although in the battle between him and Ichiji, one was in the water and the other was in the air, Jinbe had the upper hand. When Ian turned to look at it, he saw Jinbe using a Karate punch against Ichiji’s powerful Gloves.

The Karakusagawara Seiken vs. Germa’s Shockwave!!! The result was that Ichiji was shot by Jinbe and flew out… He rolled several times in mid-air before he stabilized his body.

As for Crocodile’s battle against Yonji, there wasn’t anything worth noting. One was that Crocodile didn’t devote himself to fighting, and the other was that the fighting environment at sea limited his abilities, but even so, Yonji couldn’t take him down, it was a balanced match.

Therefore, Ian made a judgment. The strength of these children created by regulating their blood factors is slightly lower than that of Shichibukai. With the help of scientific and technological equipment, they may give them some advantages, but if the battle lasts for a while, they will surely lose.

However, it would be unfair to say that the Germa Group is weak.

Not to mention anything else, Ian and his comrades seem to occupy a crushing position against Reiju and her brothers, but if Ian did not bring Jinbe and the others, he would’ve to deal with them alone. At that time, Ian won’t find it as easy as bringing some helpers, right?

Moreover, looking at the four of them, Ian finally figured out what was the real power of Germa’s technology.

How many Shichibukai are there? Seven people only, including the abdicated uncle Kuma, eight in total, and as Shichibukai, they all have a remarkable level of power, but it still grows up little by little, and many of their experiences cannot be replicated.

And what about the Germa Group? They are only four guys close to Shichibukai Strength!

Yes, the real power of Germa Technology is that it can be mass-produced!

Imagine, what would happen if there were ten such combat powers close to Shichibukai. How about a hundred? A thousand!? Even… 10,000!?

After realizing this point, Ian couldn’t help but feel horrified. No wonder why there are many people in this world who want to lay a hand on such power or even try to replicate it. Who wouldn’t be tempted by this kind of black technology, producing countless powerhouses!?

This is the easiest way to conquer the whole world!

Seeing that Ace and Jinbe were about to decide the outcome of their battles, Ian felt that it was time to get serious. Although he was very interested in Germa’s armed suit, now was not the time to explore, ‘Focus, Ian! Finish your plan as soon as possible…’

Thinking of this, Ian’s aura suddenly changed, his eyes got fixed on Reiju, bending over and holding his sword.

At this moment, Reiju felt as if she was like a lamb being targeted by a dangerous hungry wolf…

When Ian’s Killing Intention firmly locked her in place, Ian launched out, his body seemed to turn into a streaming light, flashing toward Reiju.

As soon as she found that she could not escape, she gritted her teeth, and had to fight back. She also made her move and kicked against the rushing dragon.

At this moment, she was glimmering with lightning.

This is the Electromagnetic Smash, the trump card hidden in the jet shoes!

However, Ian’s speed was much faster than she imagined. When her leg was half lifted, Ian has already passed her.

Ian stopped, and the Senbonzakura in his hand maintained the waving posture.

Then the Senbonzakura spun around in Ian’s hand and gently inserted into the sheath. The blade’s guard collided with the scabbard, making a slight click.

With this sound, Reiju had already turned her back to him, and a splash of gushed out from the suddenly appearing slash on her chest. Reiju slowly fell to the ground with a terrified expression on her face.

The strength gap is too big between the two. Today’s Ian, the new Shichibukai, can be regarded as the top level. So what if Reiju’s body was made of steel? For him, everything can be cut with the right amount of energy!

“You’re really cruel! Did you have to go so hard on the poor girl?” Fujitora has been observing the battle from the back through his Observation Haki! At this time, he came up and smiled at Ian.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t kill her, that slash was very shallow!” Ian responded with a smile.

At this time, Ace and Niji were also divided, and the winner was decided!

“Pyroburst!” With Ace’s roar, a spiral-shaped fireball hit Niji’s abdomen, and the fireball exploded instantly, swallowing his whole body. After the fire dissipated, Niji fell to the ground scorched and black smoke was still coming from his body…

On the other side, Jinbe also shot Ichiji down into the sea, and before he could fly again, Jinbe dragged his body directly to the bottom of the sea, and then threw him deeper with another Thousand Tile True Punch.

Ichiji’s body was thrown at a very fast speed, and crashed into the rock formations on the seabed. At the same time he was hit, he also choked after a lot of water entered his body. Under the huge pressure of the sea, Ichiji couldn’t resist any longer, and soon fainted…

Jinbe actually drowned Ichiji directly… after that, Jinbe slowly dragged him to the surface and then threw him on the boat.

The two big brothers and the elder sister were defeated in just a few minutes. Yonji, who was fighting with Crocodile, realized how powerful his opponent was, so he found an opportunity to break away from the battle and flew towards the Germa fleet.

Crocodile did not pursue him. He returned to Ian’s boat and said with a displeased expression, “Is this all it takes?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Ian patted Crocodile’s shoulder and said, “I can tell that this old bag of sand can act very well!”

Yes, Yonji had to deal with Crocodile, which was Ian’s plan from the beginning, because he seemed to be the weakest of the brothers, and Ian has suspected that this would happen…

In this way, Judge should appear, right?

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