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S.C.S Chapter 368: Captive

All the children of the Vinsmoke family, except for Yonji, were captured.

Ichiji was drowned, Niji was toasted, and Reiju was put down by Ian’s blade. It can be said that this victory was easy.

When the three members were captured and thrown on Ian’s ship, Fujitora came over and pulled out his sword, imposed strong gravity on the three, and imprisoned them, then Fujitora started to talk: “It feels a little strange. When they were on our island, they were more difficult to deal with than now. Or am I hallucinating?”

Ian glanced at Reiju, but couldn’t answer Fujitora’s question. He actually sensed something weird about this. When she was on Travolta, she used her toxin ability, but this time, she didn’t use such a thing.

Did they feel hopeless or are they hiding something? But what could they be hiding?

At this moment, Robin came over. She was not wearing her cowboy hat at this time, just a pair of sunglasses were hung on her bangs, and she held her arms saying to Ian. “I don’t know if you have seen the kids’ book of the WENP, but be careful.”

“Oh? WENP? What are you talking about?” Ian was stunned for a moment.

“The World Economy News Paper!” Robin explained: “Since I discovered that you wanted to go after the Germa group, I specifically checked some information about them. In the WENP, a popular comic strip was published a long time ago… It tells the story of the battle between the evil armies of Germa 66 and the hero ‘Sora’, Warrior of the Sea…

This story is said to be based on the real experience of the marine heroes. Although every time, it ends with a victory for the marines, however, almost every story, the evil army Germa 66, forces the Hero Sora into a desperate situation by wicked means, showing how astonishing their strategies were. So if their stories really tell the truth of the Germa 66, then this won’t be as simple as it seems.”

“Are you worried about what they might be planning?” After hearing this, Ian touched his chin thoughtfully and asked Robin.

“I’m just giving you a warning!” Robin said with a smile.

Ian nodded and stopped talking, Robin’s reminder is timely, which made Ian more alert. However, in Ian’s plan, he was originally planning to let the Germa go!

Turning around, he asked Fujitora: “Is there still no movement from Aokiji’s side?”

“No, he has been watching from a distance!” Fujitora shook his head.

Yes, when Ian and the others went out to sea to intercept the Germa 66, Aokiji still followed them from a far, but this time because Fujitora accompanied him, he immediately sensed his existence!

For those who specialize in Observation Haki, and when such power reaches the high end, it will exhibit different characteristics. Fujitora’s Haki is characterized by an unparalleled wide range. He could even perceive meteorites in outer space. In such a huge range, Aokiji can’t escape his perception naturally.

However, Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki could reach far places, but not very subtle, In the same way, there is naturally a fine Kenbunshoku Haki like Enel’s, who can hear people’s voices in every place on an island, and others, who can “Predict the future” and so on…

Such a phenomenon can only appear after reaches extreme capabilities…

Unfortunately, Aokiji’s ignorance of Fujitora led him to reveal his whereabouts, and it was under such circumstances that Ian learned that Marines had sent Aokiji to monitor the actions of the grouped Shichibukai.

Just monitor them from the back, but Ian still doesn’t care much. Even if they were not followed by Aokiji, the whereabouts of these Shichibukai have already been exposed. Ian doesn’t want to cause conflict with Aokiji, resulting in additional variables, so he didn’t mind leaving him behind.

However, because Ian is not sure what order Sengoku gave him, Germa is still a member country of the World Government alliance, it is difficult to guarantee whether the Marines will come forward to protect them or not… Therefore, when Ian ordered the attack, he didn’t let uncle Fujitora get involved, but kept him guarding against Aokiji. If he thinks about interfering, then Fujitora will deal with him!

However, when the battle started and peaked, Aokiji still didn’t make any movement, which made Ian relieved.

What Ian didn’t know was that when they were chatting about Aokiji, Reiju, lying on the deck, heard their conversation.

The communication between the two was very quiet, but the four children were more like superhumans.

“Aokiji? One of the marines’ three admirals?” Reiju closed her eyes and did not move, but she was frustrated and thought to herself: “Even an admiral of the marines can’t interfere, father, what do you want to do?”

It was actually Ian’s first time dealing with the Germa’s people, so he didn’t know that the four children not only had bodies of steel, but also had such strong resilience… Although he slashed Reiju, it was not a fatal injury, it just made her lose her combat effectiveness. For others, such an injury might indeed make them faint, but for such a strong girl, it wasn’t that bad!

She stayed quietly at this time, and her wound was beginning to heal.

Not only her, but even her brothers… at this moment, they have actually recovered their mobility, but still pretend to be in a coma, and did not move.

One is because of the gravity suppression imposed by Fujitora, and the other is because their father, Judge, has conveyed the next instructions to them through the headphones on their heads!

Right now, they are just waiting for the opportunity…

On the other side, Hancock has led Kuja pirates and attacked Germa’s snail ships.

In the sea, Fishman pirates were also helping in the battle. Jinbe’s group used the unordinary strength and area advantage to attack the snails from below.

Of course, this can’t be done on the ground. A snail ship, along with the buildings on its back and its own weight, was quite heavy, so it only takes ten Fishman pirates to sink one of the snails.

After seeing this situation, the Germa soldiers above the snail’s back were desperately firing their weapons at the sea below, trying to stop the attempts of the Fishman Pirates.

This led to a reduction in the number of soldiers encountered by Kuja pirates when attacking the enemies.

The flagship of Germa Fleet was a black giant snail ship. Boa Hancock discovered this from the beginning. When she took her pirates and attacked, she saw Judge standing there…

His children were modified superhuman, but Judge is not! Although he has also received some bloodline factor modulation, he is not like his children, who are the perfect crystallization of Germa’s countless technologies since they were kids, moreover, Judge’s strength is actually weaker than his children.

At the moment, his opponent is the only woman in Shichibukai, the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock!

To make matters worse, Hancock hated the look of his soldiers, used her Haoshoku Haki to stun them when the war began.

Under this circumstance, the accident caused the commanders to be unable to use the “wall” trick.

The so-called “wall” trick means that when they were under attack or needed some defense, their soldiers will take the blow in their places. These clowned soldiers have been instilled with the belief of absolute loyalty to the Vinsmoke family from the moment they were born, they will not hesitate to resist the damage for their master, and even their expressions would not fluctuate in the slightest.

Even if they know that the upcoming blow will kill them, they won’t be shaken!

This is another terrifying aspect of Germa technology…

However, it was a pity that Judge was dealing with Boa Hancock. Facing her petrification ability, he didn’t even have a way to crack it. After struggling with her for more than a dozen encounters, he was kicked in the right rib by her majestic leg.

As soon as her petrification ability came into effect, Judge was captured and had to surrender to the enemy obediently…

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