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S.C.S Chapter 369: Chess

Ian couldn’t help laughing when seeing the burly man, wearing a golden warrior’s helmet and had two mustaches facing the sky, was escorted back by the Kuja warriors.

“Thank you for your hard work!” Ian first moved toward Boa Hancock and thanked the Kuja warriors, then said to Judge: “Vinsmoke Judge, we finally met! Did you expect such a horrible day when you attacked my island?”

“Humph!” Judge coldly snorted, looked at his petrified ribs, and gritting his teeth, he said: “This time, the Germa 66 admit defeat, but what it worth gathering four Shichibukai together!”

“That doesn’t matter, now let’s talk about compensation!” Ian was too lazy to talk about the fight, he directly said: “How are you going to compensate for my loss?”

“I can recompense, but where are my children?” Judge asked.

Ian waved his hand, ordering his crew to open a little way, revealing Reiju and the others who were being compressed by Fujitora’s ability. Judge looked at them calmly, and suddenly said, “Where is Yonji? Why is he not here?”

Hearing this, Ian was stunned for a moment. Didn’t Yonji just escape? Didn’t he return to Germa’s ships?

Although he didn’t know what happened to his kid, Ian didn’t care much and said: “How could I know? Maybe he had run away after realizing how bad your situation was… don’t worry we didn’t kill him! All the members of the Vinsmoke family who were caught are here? Are you satisfied now!”

Judge had no choice but to say: “Tell me, what kind of compensation do you want?”

“I want Germa’s scientific and technological research materials!” Ian said: “I want the armed suits on your bodies, as well as the information on the transformation of the human body!”

“Hahahaha!” Judge burst out laughing and said: “I can give you those, but even if I do, can you understand them?”

“You don’t have to worry about this!” Ian snapped his fingers and said, “Look who this is?”

Judge looked over Ian and saw a man coming out of the crowd behind him. Although he looked at this person with a familiar appearance, he couldn’t remember who it was for a while.

“Long time no see, Judge!” Varua started to talk: “When you were in the research institute, you were a daring person, but I didn’t expect you to be even more daring at this age!”

Judge’s pupils shrank, he immediately remembered and couldn’t believe it: “You, you are Varua!? You are still alive!? Your face…”

“Of course, I am still alive!” Varua said with a smile: “It’s surprising, right? You were not the only one who escaped from the research institute!”

“How did you survive?” Judge was speechless and asked in disbelief: “Didn’t the research institute get bombarded by the marines?”

“Look at these scars on my face!” Pointing to the densely packed scars on his face, Varua said: “This is what was left when the explosion occurred, but I still survived.”

Judge went silent, and when he saw his old comrade again, he was not happy at all.

Germa’s technology is indeed coveted by many people, but not everyone can understand such kind of black technology, so when he heard that Ian wanted his armed suits and human body transformation materials, Judge’s first reaction was “You inferior pirates, even if I gave you all the needed information, can it be of use to you?”

However, the plot took a twist. He never thought that an old colleague would appear here, and he has already joined the opposite side, which made Judge unable to get up.

Varua is also an excellent scientist. When Germa’s research materials fall into his hands, he will soon decipher them. By then, Germa’s secret weapons would no longer be the only ones in the world.

What should I do? Is it really necessary to make the last move?

Judge’s mind was entangled, kept his mouth shut, and said nothing… Ian roughly guessed his mood at the moment, couldn’t help but grin, and said: “Your Majesty Judge! You should also know that even if you go back on what you said, we can still find figure it all out from scanning and analyzing the equipment on your ships, it will just take a bit more effort.”

However, what Ian did not expect was that his words prompted him to make up his mind.

“Start!” Judge suddenly shouted.

The next moment, Ichiji, Niji, and Reiju, which were suppressed by Fujitora’s gravity, suddenly opened their eyes and struggled up, then kicked the ground violently…!

The jet shoes suddenly burst out with huge force, and they blasted backward, away from Fujitora’s gravity suppression range.

Fujitora closed his eyes and sensed their movements, but did not make any reaction.

Since he was on the ship, Fujitora did not exert too much gravity force on the children. Otherwise, he would crush the deck of the ship, so he only maintained a respectable amount of gravity. Considering the steel body of these three, the force field was only two or three tons of pressure. Fujitora had long noticed that the three had actually woken up, but he didn’t speak because of Ian’s instructions, which led to their successful separation.

After Reiju and the others broke free, they immediately flew into the air. Ichiji, Niji and Reiju, as arranged, respectively jumped over three of Ian’s ships…

“Overload operation!”

The three roared in a low voice at the same time, then in midair, they waved a punch at the ships ahead.

From their fists, an invisible and powerful shock wave was ejected. This shock wave was far stronger than what was shown during the battle. These three shock waves split the water on the sea surface and directly hit Ian’s ships.

At the moment of the hit, the three ships were immediately pierced, and a big smashed hole appeared in various places of the ships!

When Reiju and the other attacked, Judge did the same. He also used the overload ability to greatly improve the output of his armored suit. Then he made an electromagnetic smash, stumping with one leg and hitting with the other the person in front of him… Jinbe!

Jinbe had already taken a defensive stance when Judge’s kick came, but what he did not expect was that under the overload operation, Judge’s attack was so powerful! Moreover, there was a strong electric current on his legs. when Jinbe was kicked, his body got paralyzed. He was kicked out by Judge and broke through the ship’s side!

In the short moment of the fall and rise, the Vinsmoke family showed an extraordinary synergy. After Judge kicked Jinbe, he immediately jumped into the air, took Reiju and the others, and turned around towards their ship.

They are going to escape!

In fact, Judge knew from the very beginning that the Germa 66 would not have much chance of winning against the four Shichibukai, especially when the other side restrained the Germa fleet everywhere…

Therefore, although he sent his kids to attack them, he didn’t have much hope of winning the battle, but only buried a backup plan…

He was captured in the battle by Boa Hancock, which was actually expected. He just wanted to meet Ian and know what compensation he would ask for.

Judge knew very well that if he made enemies with the four Shichibukai at the same time, then the Germa 66 will stop thinking about appearing in the Great Route in the future, and they will always remain in the North Blue. So, he didn’t want to really go to war with Ian, because these pirates are Shichibukai, not ordinary inferior pirates…

Therefore, if the compensation cost is small, then he will agree immediately.

However, he did not expect Ian to ask for the crystallization of technology that the Germa are proud of! He even found an old colleague, Varua, who is a great scientist and can make use of his technology.

This is what Judge doesn’t want to witness. He has devoted his life’s energy and hard work to these achievements. These science and technology are important bargaining chips for the revival of the Vinsmoke family. If they get leaked out, they will lose everything. How can he agree to such a demand?

So he had to take risks…

He felt that Ian had won the war and was in a relaxed state of mind. If they make a sudden strike, they had a great chance to succeed. Although Ian and the other were very strong, they had a weakness, which was the number of ships! As long as their ships were destroyed, they would not be able to pursue them.

This is the order he conveyed to Reiju and the others before, let them pretend to be injured and unconscious, and then take the opportunity to attack back.

So, when Judge saw his kids succeed in immobilizing the enemies, he was delighted, and the reason why he kicked Jinbe was that he was concerned about the Fishman’s capabilities in the sea! As long as the counterattack could be delayed for a while, so that Germa’s ships start sailing, then the rest would be easy!

Things are developing according to Judge’s expectations. When the three ships were punctured at the same time, the seawater began to pour into them. The people of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group and the Fishman Pirate Group hurriedly wanted to rescue the ships.

After Judge took his children, they quickly returned to their main boat, they immediately ordered the soldiers to start the engines. Ian could not detain their soldiers and ships because they had insufficient manpower, which was tantamount to giving them a chance.

Germa’s fleet soon moved, turned away, and left.

Sabo looked in the direction where the Germa fleet was leaving, walked to Ian and said, “Nice, the direction they left to is where Dressrosa is located!”

Ian smiled slightly and said: “That’s good! Let’s repair the ships, then slowly catch up and drive them to Dressrosa!”

Judge thought that his plan was going well. He managed to escape, but he did not know that Ian was deliberately letting them go.

Otherwise, when they caught Reiju and the others, they would have directly stripped off their armed suits. How could they give them a chance to fight back?

And if the Germa 66 doesn’t escape, what excuse does Ian have to go to the island where Doflamingo is located?…… (Are they playing chess or what!)